FRR Audiobooks: ITS Communiques #1+2

  • Posted on: 3 May 2017
  • By: Dirtroll
ITS parcel bomb

Free Radical Radio continues posting dank content for your head holes! Now with the first of a series of audio recordings of ITS communiques. We start with #1 and #2.

Listen here:
Communique One
Communique Two

And the RSS feed for future FRR content here. Expect more, often.

The primary reason I’m recording ITS specifically is personal. I’ve heard many strong opinions about ITS by those around me and as a result, I’ve wanted to read their communiques. Recording them is a specific way of reading that helps me engage with the text in a deeper way than my usual read-once-and-done approach. To record, I have to read it multiple times. I have to actually speak the words with my external voice, to decipher and take on the wild emotions of the text.

Reading them in this way, I’ve been pleased and interested by some of the themes in the communiques. Without spoiling too much, they viciously critique the Left, revolution, enlightenment ideas, city life, technology, science, civilization, anarchists, themselves. They also turn their critiques into violent action, and (in part due to being in Mexico) have been getting away with it. They actually have blood on their hands. They are still at large, active, and talking. That’s exciting.

For me, their use of Nature is hit or miss, but tending towards the wild has recently been a positive development in my life, so I respect a lot of it, and thoroughly enjoy putting on their Wild persona when recording these.

Enjoy communiques #1 and #2. You can read the texts at the library: #1 #2




and why you tagged topic with "terrorism" at the

Lol. A bunch of winners. And when is Trump going to start being this big evil thing he was allegedly going to be? Antifa are stupid. Glad they make porn.

Every President starts from day 1, duh.

Blunderbuss attacks are encouraged while Assassination Politics is ignored. Way to go morons.

Don't you get it? They just want blood from "civilized" infidels... i.e. ANYONE outside their tribalist circles that probably don't even exist.

A woman was murdered by ITS on the campus of the UNAM :

How can people spread the ideas of this fascists ??????????????

do they really critique themselves?

these dudes are so wrapped up in agricultural logic that they dont even know it. that's the ironic joke.

this shit is typical activist perspective that lacks in actual academic thought/work and resides more on really generic, reactive, rubber stamp manifesto garbage.

i still can't believe anarchists are this far behind in ecological thinking/critique.... across the board. not only these idiots.

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