FRR Audiobooks Stirner Episode 6: The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner

No system but the Ego-system!

Listen Here:
Listen here:

In episode 6 rydra, big cat, Kahar, and Chuck discuss many things!
What is the difference between a criminal and an illegalist
Liberals want us to assert our weakness!
Might vs Right! Earned vs Taken rights! Rights?!
Can egoism be appropriated by leftism!?
Rydra says we cannot have a creative nothing because we cannot free ourselves from other’s perceptions of us! He shockingly uses Kundera to back up this point in a discussion of imagologues.
What is spookier, society or other people?
Big Cat brings in Daredevil references using Fisk to back her up to discuss love as the ultimate prison, “everywhere you go, you take it with you.” Aw, Fisk!
We discuss Steve Prefontaine and the perfect speech for an egoist to give leading up to a first kiss! We miss you Steve!
Big Cat explains Crab in A Bucket Theory

Sound editing by Big Cat
Drawing by Big Cat
Production and hard labor by rydra wrong
voiced by Kahar, Chuck, rydra, & Big Cat

Regulations- To be me
Lou Miami & the Kozmetix- I live with ghosts
Ghostbusters theme song by whoever wrote that

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