FRR Audiobooks: The Unique and Its Property, Translator’s Introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher

  • Posted on: 3 March 2018
  • By: rydra wrong

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Though obviously can read this book and use it as they see fit, I made this translation first of all for my own pleasure, and secondly as a gift to other aware, willful, and rebellious self-creators as a tool and a weapon in their project of creating their lives on their own terms against all that would impose upon them.

Stirner found enjoyment in writing this. His grin stretches across the pages and reminds all of us who rebel and create for ourselves that this is all one great, wild, joyful joke played on every “higher value,” a book intended to pull the rug out from under everything that anyone holds sacred.

Editing and Voice and Sound by J

Posting to the internets by rydra wrong



Odd choice...what do you see as useful in providing the short translator's introduction without the book itself...?

I like Wolf's intro and his explanations for his translation, nice to know Max's masterpiece is further revised. To read it in its original German would be interesting. Burgers sounds better than bourgeoisie, explains their meathead thinking and values also,.,

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