FRR Mockasts Episode 2: The Brilliant!

  • Posted on: 5 March 2018
  • By: rydra wrong
Big Men Problems

Listen Here:
Or here:

The goal of this podcast is total absurdity. In this podcast we discuss anti-fascism, freedom, and have a special advertisement for the LBC internship program! Enjoy!

And for the first time ever FRR enters into video production with our first short film!

Watch here:

Or Here:



The video is funny.

Am I missing something with the Bellamy imitator stuttering and stammering all the time? If anything, you should be making fun of Bellamy for being hyper-formal like he is making speeches all the time.

Oh laugh now you primmie nihilist scum. But I will will, like, laugh last. You're mad at me because I oppose borders/police/racism/intellectual property? So happy to lose you as a friend, Rydra! So proud of my choices in life! I didn't think I'd lose you, but now I'm relived to. But don't worry about me. Everyday I move closer to fellow Portlander, Alexander Reid Ross, and will soon forget you entirely.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar but sometimes it's better to repel the flies. To perturb the overconfident flies. To make it very clear to them that they are not welcome in polite company. That they'd better hide their fly asses because we're fucking coming for them. The only ethical path is to cosplay as graffiti tracer, break into Blizzard and steal the server code.

Everybody knows this.

Shut up Willie Gilly.

Shut up 'Silly Willie Gilly' to give him his full title.

The video is funny. Have you peaked too early?


Damn, I thought you and LBC were friends... but after this? Is this how you treat your friends?
It's hilarious tho. ARAGORN AS KING.

haven't u heard? rydra negates everything, even friendship. the desire for human companionship is only a compromise of your true self.

for real though i wish someone would make a mock FRR podcast. it'd be so easy and too funny.

Needs more Aragorn saying "in other words "

I didnt realize lbc's book slaves were such a thing.

rydra tries to get attention by being mean

wich is worse?

The internship is a real thing (they advertize it on lbc's site during their annual review thing) but obviously this is hyperbole and half made up.

As someone who has done the "internship", I gotta say: a room at the bolo would otherwise be around $900 a month, but is free for the intern. The "work" associated, working in the print shop and actually making almost every book LBC sells, amounts to maybe 10 hours a week, but no one enforces any kind of structure. Mostly, I came away with an impression of the bolo as being a "punk house for adults", where really anything flew, and where great conversations in the porch were available nearly all day, every day. As a younger anarchist, relatively new the ideas, it was an excellent opportunity to have access to people who had been in the game almost as long as I have been alive. I had my disagreements with A!, leona, and others, but these disagreements were always friendly, and always lead to further, interesting conversations. Rydra was actually one of the folk I met while there that I enjoyed arguing with the most, because they argue with humor, with a very tongue-in-cheek attitude, and they don't take much, including themselves, despite appearances, overly seriously, which is far too rare in anarchist circles. The friends I made there, I am still friends with, and I suspect I will remain friends with them for the foreseeable "future".

This is easily the funniest thing I've seen in 10 years of reading this page.
The cadence, phrasing and rhetoric are spot on.
The Facebook frenemies bit had me laughing so hard.
This is probably the perfect piece of niche comedy for at most like 10 people in the whole world and I haven't met 8 of them so maybe even less.

I hope Rydra and FRR haven't given up their day jobs.

yeah, better to sit on the sidelines and shit on it all

described what rydra and friend do better myself.

i doubt they take themselves that seriously either

loved it. the fucking sound of the loud typing on the keyboard had me howling.

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