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  • Posted on: 11 June 2017
  • By: rydra wrong
no fucks

Listen here:

I once got into an argument at the anarchist study group in Berkeley, CA about where our anarchy came from. As I usually do, I loudly proclaimed that all anarchy means to me is “No!” and nothing else. To some at the group, this seemed an immature and childish sentiment, reminiscent of Crimethinc. and reeking of anti-intellectualism. Some shared their displeasure at this claim of mine, while some sat silently, as they usually do at the study group, being voyeurs, being takers, giving none of their energy or effort and absorbing(or not) the work others do in attempting to explain their thoughts and feelings.

No, I said to my parents

No, I said to my teachers

No, I said to every job when I finally found it within me to leave.

No, I said to every possible lover, despite what my body and mind said yes to

“No,” is the essence of my being, which of course has no essence. No is the arbitrary value placed at the center of my non-existence. From a deep blankness, from an imageless center, exerting from formlessness comes the inertia of “my” no. For in rejecting form, coherence, stability, and self, I am the embodied and foundationless no. I float above the heavens and below hell, for I am everywhere and nowhere, a duality and yet not duality, rather something else, some sound in the distance barely audible, scarcely real, am I a dream? No is One single arbitrary abstraction to open all others. My no grants everything. My no allows everything, for nothing requires permission. My no thunders out of chaotic non-forms to allow all possible forms and realities, all possible configurations and composites. My no gives birth to singularities and reduces the multiples to single points in a non-existent space and time. My no turns contradictions into each other, smashes them together into a roaring and rageful sea, and reveals everything that we cannot see, taste, hear, touch or feel, because my no overloads these false senses. It is the stimulus of creation, of negation, of which all possible forms are lied into existence, for all we know are lies. Our temporality allows all, every immoral “choice” and amoral philosophy. We become sheer terror. We are the haunting and resounding echo, no….no….no….no….that destroys all forms and returns our humanity to creatureliness, back to the body, back into an imaginary form which only exists as a creation in our mind, for there are no boundaries. Moving toward boundlessness, toward darkness, towards the everything/nothing at the false center of every false boundary and false form.

So I say no. And that is all I say. I owe me nothing, I owe you nothing, for you are me, an extension of me, a tentacle waving in the sea. The tentacle explains nothing to the beak, they are together yet not together, they meet yet are separate, they are alloyed in the strangeness of being. And so I say to you, to you all, to me, no. And I become everything.

0:00 The Pest by Charles Bukowski

14:23 My Own Business by William S. Burroughs

23:08 Misanthropia by Anton Szandor LaVey

32: 30 Fuck You All by Lawrence Labadie

37:30 Freedom + Solitude by Marilisa Fiorina

40:30 On Vagrancy by Isabel Everheart

Voiced by: rydra wrong & aufheben

Editing And Production: rydra wrong

Originally collected and Published by Enemy Combatant Publications

For more by them click here:



Lol...slinging insults at ppl who didn't engage w you and just listened. Idk u but I have a clue why maybe ppl don't bother engaging w you: you sound like a complete dick. Ps it is childish, you child

"So I say no. And that is all I say"

if only....

All I say is no no no, no matter what
I say no to head and I say no to butt
And everytime I step in the study group
ppl be like "what"...or just sit there
They just sit there
They just sit there
No, no! No, no! No, no!
Cause all I say is "no, no, no"
So if you think something, I'm against it, cause I say "no!"

Yes, the true essence of egoist nihilism! A half-baked attempt at politicizing your boring mental illness.

Egoism and nihilism are two stupid ways of sounding deep and sophisticated for dorks that don't get laid. If the highest dreams you have in life is bad blow jobs and herpes mouth, keep up with this nonsense and your professor might fulfill your fantasies and fuck your face.

Best part is, I happen to have a massive ego and a strong sense of nihilism but why even bother saying "Fuck everyone else but me." or "I'm extremely skeptical of most ideas." out loud? Like, who's the audience? Why even talk? Why not just sit there with a really smug look on my face?

Because then how would my parents know I'm a rebel?

Ultimate expression of egoist nihilism = STFU forever

say NO to saying anything

Supercilious looks on the face can be scary and intimidating. I walk around with one on my face all the time, people get out of their way and make a clearance for me when I walk through crowds. I go to the front of the queue at the pizza shop, its very uplifting,,,,,,

suuure they do

I was a post-leftist interested in nihilism and wondering if I should read up on egoism before I read this post. Now I'm going to go become a Marxist because this is some dirty diaper quality thinking.

Go all the way and become a meglomaniacal nazi, I dare you!

No! I said to an irrelevant internet eccentric with incoherent thoughts.

Ha! Egoist writing is so cringey, I converted to the church of marx out of spite

I find a brutally cold and nihilistic egoist text you should print in your journal, no-boy:

Just think how easy it would be to deal with this guy.

At the study group:

"So I said 'no' and the ocean and the sky cracked and their binary revealed they are the sameness of the void that I create and am and destroy in the not-being I am perpetually no-ing. No, I said, to whatever my mind and body got yessy to, and I float on the pink fart bubbles of non-being that no up into the inky no-ness of the nothing...."

"Please stop with the ridiculous platitudes"

"No! So, anyway...."

"You're being childish."


"...please stay and tell us more."

"NO!" *silently starts leaving*

"...please come back next week."


Problem solved!

"Don't enter the burning building!"

or talk group explains the technique of Harri-Kiri and offers samurai sword

"Do not commit Harri-Kiri!"


Problem solved

you show my main problem with anarchists today: your sense of humor is as lacking as your politics. Take it easy, maybe dip your toes into the ocean and have a laugh at yourself

Rydra, you make an apt point about, I would say, the need to be able to laugh at existence. I know of no living being that asked to be here. So here we are and SOMETIMES one has to laugh...and at oneself too, a sort of what-the-fuck laugh! And Rydra, keep up your podcast too. Cheers

Are you fucking kidding me? You got roasted on this thread and it's hilarious. We're all laughing. You're the humorless one if you don't see that.

Rydra goes fishing and he reels you in!!! Jokes indeedy. Check out the tune by Dawn Penn called 'No No No' Great tune too

Politics are lacking with anarchists? Wut? So you mean there's not enough identity politics or partisan totalitarian appelistas politics, or not enough of any other types of managing people around?

For having been personally exposed to "anarchist" management several times, that's a weird thing to claim, but I get that you had a different experience of anarchists than I have.

My take is that they were rather aberrantly missing any economics, not politics. And I don't mean ancap Bitcoin shit. I just mean mutual aid-driven economics... in the real world.

There is nothing I despise more than IDpolitics or appelista politx. When I say politix I just mean a general overall outlook. More like aesthetics.

Really? Whiny college liberals with grim futures is the thing you despise most?

is thinking that you (one) will ever have the last laugh...

as the last laugh, not even death.

I beg to differ. You are into audio. Listen closely.

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