Fuck Restitution, Vancouer Solidarity Smashy Smash

  • Posted on: 4 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Last Night Several windows of a CIBC were smashed.

This small attack was in solidarity with Anti- Capitalist comrades worldwide, Grand Jury Resisters, the silent ones, and Pax(Bryan Michael Wiedeman).

We are unstoppable. We are everywhere. The night will always be ours.</td><td><img title="Plastic sheeting? Metal plates?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/bearleaf.jpg"></td></tr></t...




Fire to windows
Free the window washers
For the win.

pax couldn't say they loved this, but i bet they do.

Why is Pax? Do windows catch fire the same way every time? What does vegan fake duck out of a can taste like? Are ships really the only whales we can trust? Are bears always blurry?

How is Salad Bar does Snack Mansion?

Why do kill it like a bed?

Why are hallways? Why is my squat so expensive? Do dog crotches get blurred out every time? Do you really have knowledge of that feeling? Do hashtags make a cake taste better?

What is hot dog? How does YOLO?

Hey! How do you don't, sweet Jersey?

Brolly brothers FOREVER!


Love is a dachshund
Anarchist dressed in all black
Licking his butt clean

let me smaang it girrllll


the troletariat.

Excellent! I have stocks in glass futures, so every window smashed makes me money. I love symbolic walt disney tactics, they make me rich. If you're "unstoppable", capitalism will continue. Thanks!

Yawn. Besides, I had the idea of anarchists starting up a window replacement company long ago, so quit stealing my ideas, Jack.

Helluva way to save the sinking boat of capitalism!

One broken window remaining till the Great Night.

apparently the greek anarchists love to 'smash windows' as well. http://my.news.yahoo.com/greek-radical-anarchists-claim-arson-183656906...., so we're all allowed to do it too.

We've been over this already. The logic of this equation is faulty. The physical, economic, and metaphysical damage outweighs the profit of the glass repair company, and in any case, shattering windows =/= the rev.

Well the metaphysical part is dumb. But the other parts only pertain to the store that was smashed up, right? In capitalism there are always losers, so don't you think another company will just take its place? You ain't gonna scare people out of capitalism in an era when capitalism is totally dominant.

When did "we" go over this already? I didn't get the meeting memo.

Let's see your calculations that prove the "physical, economic and metaphysical damage outweighs the profit of the glass repair company".

And who's talking about the profit of the glass repair company? I thought this action was aimed at banks? Do you really believe a bank is going to go out of business, or even be scared, or rethink their views on what they do, because of a broken window?

So anarchists have their own version of the 'broken window theory', and it's just as false.

I don't think that anyone is really claiming that smashing windows alone will bring down capitalism, nor do I think that was the immediate aim of this action.

And FYI there actually are examples of banking institution changing their behavior after being the target of sustained and targeted property destruction (in conjunction with other above ground "pressure" tactics). The SHAC campaign has a number examples of this. Then again that is not the case with this action (or at least it doesn't seem to be) and getting banks to change their behavior is obviously not the end goal, though it can have some strategic short term benefits that could theoretically assist us in the struggle against the state and capital.

Real restitution would be paid to the businesses, not to the state.

The state is a scam, a protection racket if there ever was one.

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