Geneva, Switzerland – Sabotage against the federal camp project

  • Posted on: 9 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

Attack on the office of the architects who are drawing up the plans for the future camp for undocumented migrants at Grand-Saconnex No federal camp at Grand-Saconnex !

Camps for undocumented migrants are spreading inside and outside Europe. In Switzerland, 20 new federal centres for people seeking asylum are being built. This euphemism should not hide the character of their management, control and isolation that is on the increase.

At Grand-Saconnex, near Geneva, a complex of this kind is being planned right now (federal camp, police, border guards, international police). In drawing up its plans, the architects’ office « Berrel Berrel Kreutler » of Basel and Zurich is part of this new regime. Its architecture of an exuberant imagination is actually part of the architecture of the camps in Europe – a cold, brutal restrained universe –  in isolation and cut off from others. These are repressive ideas poured into concrete that are springing up everywhere today. Last week, we confronted this architectural firm with its responsibilities by breaking its windows and tagging slogans on its façade.

Acquaintances of Aboubakar

In solidarity with all those struggling to reach Europe.


[1] Aboubakar was killed by a policeman on July 3 in Nantes

Translated by Act for freedom now!


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