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Made by anarchists for anarchists, completely FOSS and non-commercial, no platform for reactionaries.

  • Meh... seems like proverbially incongruent Leftards not related to our East Bay gang of gay bookfair nihilists.

    The politics often present on raddit can be kind of annoying, but it's an interesting form of direct action attempting to move discussion off a frequently hostile social media platform (reddit) and into a space that is controlled by people who share some level of values. Yes, there will be posts about inserting direct democracy into the democratic party, and yes, a lot of people like just posting empy hard-as-fuck antifascist rhetoric or outrage posts over whatever police brutality story their google alert fed them that day, but that can be improved by participating, if it's a structure that interests you.

    (improved by participating... considering the comments on here, that may not in fact be true. Or maybe we'll all just get banned for ableism when we say something is stupid and the problem will solve itself)

    The people running raddit are best avoided; the site is administrated by the worst proponents of the from of liberal identity politics reddit is notorious for. I've have seen others accuse the site of being a honeypot.

    That's the reason why reddit is relatively less problematic, since even if both require javasnitch scripts to log-in and post, raddit is quite small and easily trackable, while reddit has millions of users loggin in and out, and often changing user names coz signing up is ridiculously easy.

    Just popped in to say the site now features a made-from-scratch code, has moved to , and there are now active forums for the non-workerist tendencies: , , and . No f/Nihilism yet, but you can change that.

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