Grand Jury Resistance & Mountain Top Removal

  • Posted on: 5 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Final Straw</a>

This week's show features a conversation with Will Potter about political repression against accused Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. Later, we'll speak with Bryan of Katuah Earth First! about his participation in a recent action in West Virginia against Mountain Top Removal.

Our first segment of this weeks show is a conversation with Will Potter, award-winning journalist, author and blogger at about the JTTF & FBI raids on suspected Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest and the series of Grand Juries now being convened around participation in the May 1st protests in Seattle of this year.

Also, we'll be speaking with Bryan, a member of Katuah Earth First!, based out of Asheville. Bryan was arrested on July 28th during a non-violent direct action under the banner of Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival (RAMPS). This action briefly shut down and brought attention to the Mountain Top Removal style of strip mining being used at the Hobet mine, operated by Patriot Coal in Lincoln County, West Virginia. We talk about the Katuah bioregion, Fracking in North Carolina and getting involved to save our landbase.</td><td><img title="We save nothing but ourselves..." src=""></td></tr...

as re: Grand Jury Resistance:
<a href="">Green Is The New Red</a>
<a href="">Pacific Northwest Grand Jury
<a href="">Donate to
Committee Against Political Repression</a>

as re: Mountain Top Removal
<a href="">RAMPS Campaign</a>
<a href="">Katuah Earth First!</a>
<a href="">Earth First! Journal</a>
<a href=""> Dustin Steele of RAMPS speaking
out before the action</a>

This show will be streaming on from
8/6/12-8/13/12. It can be downloaded from by searching the
show title.


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