Greece: major attack on the offices of Micro$oft

  • Posted on: 27 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">BBC News</a>

Armed men have rammed a van full of gas canisters into a Microsoft office in the Greek capital Athens, setting it alight, but nobody was hurt.

They threatened security guards with guns during the attack on the office in the Athens suburb of Maroussi at around 04:35 (01:45 GMT), police said.

The van was destroyed and the floor of the building badly damaged.

No group said it had carried out the attack. Arson attacks have become more frequent during the economic crisis.</td><td><img title="Ram!" src=""></td>...
They are usually blamed on left-wing extremists but police said it was too early to draw any conclusions.

Microsoft said it would shut its office for the day.
A Greek investigator examines the charred office of Microsoft in Athens, 27 June The van was burnt out in the attack

"Staff were told not to come to work today, and probably also tomorrow," company spokeswoman Lia Komninou told Greek channel Skai TV.

The US corporation is the world's largest personal computer software company.

Police quoted by Reuters news agency said at least two people wielding pistols and a machine gun had kept security guards away during the attack.

The attackers drove the stolen van through the office's entrance, the Greek newspaper Kathimerini reports. According to the newspaper, three men were involved.

An investigation has been launched by Greece's anti-terrorism squad, it said.

The fire brigade estimates the damage to be worth about 60,000 euros (£48,000; $75,000), Reuters adds.

Previous arson attacks targeted official buildings, banks or symbols of state power with small bombs or incendiary devices.

They usually happened at night and rarely caused injuries.


Apple fan boys? Or is this the new open source strategy?

Install gentoo; burn buildings.

Install gentoo, and it will set you aflame! Really... Gentoo is terrible.

Must... not... make... pun...
Too bad M$ doesn't have better firewalls, looks like they're going to have to reinstall windows.

It made me laugh, you can forgive yourself.

That's correct, the anarchist revolution is definitely open source.

Apple is for liberal yuppies & other idiots. The company went to Hell when Al Gore became VP.

I guess Scooby Doo and the gang got tired of solving groovy mysteries and started attacking capitalism.

Mystery Machine vs. IBM!

They've been fighting corporate vampires in Chile and nuclear sorcerers in Italy. So yeah, they're like that.

And that's because anarchy is the place where fantasy comes true.

Why the fuck is Greece so awesome? Seriously, what the fuck do we have to do to get shit like this to happen stateside?

just do it ;-)



Makes sense!

Now where's my chopper...

delete system 32

1. Let the economy go to shit
2. Unfortunately more middle class people will come to your meetings and demos while still preserving middle class values, and pushing them on you
3. But some of them will turn radical
4. People get pissed off
5. Some join anarchists
6. Some join white supremists groups (what can I say, extremism of all types become more popular in bad economic times, and centrists lose all credibility)
7. burn shit, destroy shit everywhere
8. wake up next day, do it again
9. ????

too many steps

1. Trampoline
2. Sprinkler
3. ???
4. @news
5. Troletariat

I thought they would have had a concrete bench infront of the window, like in Demolition Derby, they can stop a truck!

...but they CAN'T STOP THE CHAOS!!!

I am considering the notion of making an account to upvote this.

Yall remember the conclusion of the social justice or social war talk? Called that shit!

You can't blow up a social relationship


... but you can ram a van full of gas-canisters into it and apparently escape unscathed.

Last time I rammed into a relationship, I didn't escaped unscathed...

But yeah with society, you can ram as much as fuck! The higher in the hierarchy the better.

Well microsoft is pretty up there, maybe next time they'll upgrade to apple.

Jesus, dramatic enough? I mean, the $$$ of the damage actually pales in comparison to the sheer theatricality...

That's the spirit, bro!

When at war against the Society of Spectacle, you gotta damage the image more than you actually damage the concrete infrastructure. And in finance, the spectacle means SPECULATION. All those who get that are on the right path of war.

I can't wait until some liberal complains that it was a locally owned small business.

There were working class secretaries in that office. And working class security guards got held up at gunpoint...

I was almost able to type that with a straight face.

I thought it's conservatives who do that... anyways they're pretty much the same these days!

I won't even shop outside of a mile radius outside of my apartment I'm so fucking local.

If it were a locally owned business I might indulge you, given the business, it's practices and blah blah blah, but it wasn't, it was Microsoft, in a foreign land at that. A symbol of imperialism. Not Shanty's House of Beads and Shitty Teas in Northbeach. What this was is a little different than a bloc indiscriminantly trashing small businesses. And I"m sure a lot of these businesses that get trashed have genuinely shitty business practices outside of the conventional capitalist "we all suck fuck us and everything we stand for," model. But I'd rather have these assholes bland and obsolete than sneering everytime an undercover cop busts an Anarchist. More power to the insurrection.

oh wow yeah, a foreign land, like they crossed a border and are violating national sovereignty

sudo make total destroy

Control All Delete

Save me from my humanity
Save me from my human self
I will submit to computer god
And give myself away to you

Double click for friendship
Double click for love
Salvation is under my palm
Click here for serenity
Double click for security
Bliss was here all along

Blessed with this new gift
Bestowed onto me
Everything I want
Within my grasp
Nothing but self
Is sacred to me

Click here for power
Click here for sex
Email to make sure I keep all my friends
Double click for comfort
Double click for all
Cyberlord you heard my call

Giving a window for them to look through
Sacrifice privacy, all that you do
How you live and what you think
Delete your freedom
Click by fucking

Click here
Click here for all life to fall
Click here
Click here for the enslavement and death of us all
Delete environment
Delete the mind
Humans will kill themselves given the time
Cries of "what happened?"
Or did you forget?
Your fingerprints are human
And you are a piece of shit

When a comment section goes down to poetry, it's a really bad sign.

Lol poetry = copy + pasted crust punk lyrics

Dystopia kicks ass btw.

Check your privilege, manarchist!

sudoku total destroy?

fuck you, you annoying paperclip thing!

fuck this i love my computer


Federation of Autonomous Goofballs

platformist scum

Here is the translation, the cheap (g)oogle translate way,,

At dawn Wednesday, June 27 car bomb attacked the headquarters of Microsoft. Did you get into the main entrance and detonated the bomb van inside the building, the filodorontas with 150 liters of petrol. Throughout the course of business made sure that nobody would run any risk while the claims of various publications did not use guns to immobilize the staff. It was an act of war against the insidious silence and generalized captive produces the modern world.

"Stuck in society-prison ..."

Growing up and wasting the time and every minute of our life in the great prison in the city drowns in anxiety and stress, millions of people. It's crazy, contradictory synostisthikan people who like zombies into each other in giant cities. In the factories, the jobs, the artificial green, in front of televisions in unemployment queues at checkouts. In need and extortion.

The rhythms here are predatory, extortionate dilemmas more than ever, psychiatric drugs on the shelf and antidepressants cure each patient's lifestyle.

Psychiatric hospitals, psychiatrists and psychologists, prison; but do not sichamena cages and compartments of cannibalistic who blocks their way to imprison the human emotion, vitality and vigor?

Does not the crowded malls, the sounds from the horns of those constant hurry, hurry to win even one minute to get faster to work, to school them in their important appointments?

Do not watch all this around you?

Do not bars suspensions and fears, there is a cool white cell execrable the individualism which shuts its eyes and does not listen?

Is it not a jailer and the motherfucker time imposed on life with the most violent manner? The program, schedules, breaks cut up experience and domesticate?

Do not handcuffed and personal egos of everyone, the egopatheia and self-promotion? Those who sell berries to cover their weaknesses, to cover up even the temporary cheapness of the oppressed themselves.

Nobody here is free. Illusions of freedom numb everyone. A look around enough, for anyone who turns a blind eye to perceive visible and invisible handcuffs.

True, the modern world has done a great extent: it has established in the minds of citizens, in the hearts of all slaves. Which makes us parallels the existing building with a boat that without captain and crew chief of the rota continues smoothly without problems thanks to the good sailors alienated.

Within and outside its walls, parallel societies, worlds seemingly so ourselves seem so distant.

"... Prisoners in prison society - tearing down the walls"

The hit was organized as an urgent action in solidarity rebel Ikonomidou Olga. Olga when the attack took place in 54 days Microsoft complement to isolation because of unrepentant refusal to accept the humiliating strip search.

Unfortunately we did not act in critical situations in the previous period:

-Her hunger strike victorious revolutionary anarchist Rummy Syrian who also was in torment because of the isolation of the same attitude toward the strip

-The hunger strike of anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas, Alexander and George Karagiannidis Mitrousis demanding the immediate release of the companion Anthony Stella by health problems and remove categories to weigh.

Round-the victorious hunger strike of members of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and the anarchist Mavropoulos Theophilus held as members of the Silver and Panagiotis G. Tsakalos refused transferred to the prison where the bully Domokos Kliaris sergeant and his minions attacked and beaten companions also refused because the strip.

The choice of target was apparently unrelated to the judicial institutions and repression, but we know that the struggle is common aims and everywhere, as is the single system and vibrate around from small and large shocks of our action. We feel that repressive attack constantly receiving the active rebels must not only directs the action to suppress but to use the occasion to broaden our range of attacks and the revolutionary discourse.

On both sides of the wall against people who go to jail, you do not bow their head. The high and if the wall that separates us, either one side or on the other hand will always communicate with our brothers from the opposite.

NEVER ALONE-PLYWOOD a punch in the concrete.

We send power to all the fighters in the inhuman conditions of inmates. Power to all rebels captured.

"The embers of a multinational"

The building was chosen because then Microsoft is one of our strongest companies in the field of computers, these magnificent and terrifying machines began to substitute for the human mind and now lift capitalism on their backs. The software developed runs the vast majority of computers or to stupefy the kids in video games or to give impetus to computers States, tax offices, armies and capitalist firms. Goal for us is every company involved in complex technoviomichaniko regardless of contribution.

And do not forget, the funds accumulated by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, now decided to invest in nuclear energy, for example, made to finance the construction of a new and promising nuclear reactor even after the events of Foukosima. Also investing in genetically modified products, a modern threat to human health and nature, giving hope but selling death-one example among many: thousands of farmers committed suicide because of the inefficiency of the products of Monsanto, in some cases even eating them. To medicines, vaccines and "intervention" of the genetic code in order to support the sick ideas for reducing the population by increasing the low birthrate and the weakening of the immune system of humans. All this of course with the showcase of fighting world hunger, charity, better health, better living standards, environmental protection and tackling climate change.

Either way, the property allows the system to buy and sell power to any-one likes simple example? The bloated funding the largest news agency in the world by the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates to promote investment. Mashing so any argument separation innocent and guilty in the urban world of technology.

"Death in technoviomichaniko cluster"

"There is nothing wrong with violence as such. In any case, if the violence is something good or bad depends on how it is used and the purposes it serves. So why modern people see violence as something eminently bad? have been a huge brainwashing. Modern societies use different methods of propaganda to educate people to be terrorized and shudder before the violence because technoviomichaniko system needs a population kathypotagmeno, fearful, docile, timid, and a population creates problems and will not disrupt the smooth functioning of the system. This power is directly dependent on the application of physical force. Educating people that violence is wrong (apart from the violence exercised by the system through the police or the military) the system maintains a monopoly of physical power and so keep the people hostage. " (Ted Kaczynski)

The technology today is the power of psefdoviomatos with simultaneous continuous pursuit to realize the impossible. With the twin sister of science having put the pursuit of knowledge in the service of domination are the highest paid prostitutes of power-the art definitely jealous. All these companies technoviomichanikou complex is inextricably linked with economic and political system. Having the role of the creator and manager of the modern world power conferred on the availability and use of products with a common purpose the imposition of totalitarian control, maintaining the balance and contradictions and of course profit. So we do not know if the product is harmless, useful or beneficial, is available but it is certainly clear, precise targeting. And they target with great precision. From entire lives drenched in animal torture for the animals in laboratories, by testing and nuclear attacks by tapping the preferences of the consumer and man-selling them to corporations, to the theft of personal data to outline the social and political conditions and selling them to secret services, the continuous subjugation of the individual in jail until the technological destruction of the planet ...

The computer, the practical application of mathematics is now able simulation of reality in a virtual environment. The lack of emotions and pleasures, the estrangement and alienation, emptiness and futility of existence can no longer drowning in illusions machines produce. Once pliktrografo this text next to me dozens of people of all ages are stuck on a screen, adjust their behavior in a game, some even live through it. Looking for personal contact, friendship and love acquaintance in a social networking site. And all this in one corner of the planet, and these corners we are increasing exponentially every day. If we now control the emotions and sociability us if now direct our attitude and our thinking, how far is the time to completely control and our senses? How far is the time that we think we see a beautiful landscape, smell a flower, you will hear the waves of the sea or touch him / her partner us but behind all this lurks a digital code and construct a well-written program? should not be wasting our time waiting for an answer ...

Starting from ... the tools and machines, development planning, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and sociological techniques such as propaganda and control of psychology ...

Pills that alter mood, buy and sell virtual items, computers built within us to control our health and to provide appropriate treatment and military robots that are trained in combat tactics. Machines mind readers, chip implants in the brains of animals and humans, control of emotions through electromagnetic waves, are directions for research, not to a sunless dungeons intelligence, but sunny in laboratories and research centers, universities and laboratories of multinational technology giants . An exciting and scary at the same time approaching the future with this speed.

Thousands of minds have been sold and think about the power bill. To make the status quo stronger. On the pretext of medical benefits, improvement of living standards, protect the environment and exploiting the natural tendency of man to create awareness of the technology through the subordination of thought control, the powerful smart weapons, both to their economies flourish through massacres and to hit those who resist the revolutionary vision of making even more distant. As long as our angers else so we regret the sacrifice of the propensity of human evolution and creation, for the sake of sovereignty and enforcement. Not envision a world where everyone has to catch a gkasma to work the land, nor seek to turn back thousands of years, which is impossible anyway. We want to develop the capacity of the person to complete in a world where knowledge and experience freely and there will not be a privilege and an authoritarian clique tool of an economic strategy. In a world without masters and slaves, without specific and unskilled. We firmly believe in the greatness of the achievements of human intellect but our awe turns into frustration and anger when we see how easily deceived last.

All the modern way of life but without completely collapsing physical infrastructure that nourish and sustain the ever expanding monstrosity such as electricity or oil. The thread of life so it remains so powerful that it can sow death with the push of a button-nuclear warheads, and so powerless to break completely with chaotic consequences if the supply is cut off. The reign of terror and artificial arrangement happiness depends on the position we take on new challenges military empire. Rebellion or submission, human or subhuman, war or suicide.

The deadly culture identified with the monstrosity of modern technology, you should not have a civilized death. Deep breath to the end and we begin ...


'' Almost independent even for a few hours, then give voice to the detonator, you find out who my enemies are about you just by being clean and I will be wanted, but now that I look to myself, that is they wanted.''

Revolution, movements, perspective, words that come from afar to remind what OR WILL BE DONE. Words that the meanings of vague substance exiled to the distant realm of past-or future. What matters is how one lives in the here and now. What matters is the effort of each individual character to defeat the greatest possible power within him, beside him, around him.

As has been written many times, the theory simply confirms the transaction. Hollow words, theoretical acrobatics, fanfarize proclamations. In the words all of us we win. But when it comes time to act to seal our theoretical then practical inhibitions impede deferrals displace, conquer fears.

Action means a rupture. Break with your fearful self, break with the prevailing value, breaking with the inertia. Removal from the reality as it is given to him. Action is not just an arson, a performance, a course. The action is defined as the effort to implement the concepts in relation to themselves or to others in everyday relationships.

For us anarchy IS A LIFESTYLE. Does not begin when the employee finishes work or student finishes the program or course of some hours, posters or even aggressive action where "the work done."

Whoever fights does not need any aftoanadeixi from any profile to "sell your face." The race is on anarchist 'selfless nature, not a type thymatopoiimeni Christian humility, BUT AS AN ATTITUDE THAT "SAYS FEW AND DO A LOT." The race is on topic kafeneiaka gossip, gaps in the student / working hours, to Mouratis "anarcho"-gamiades of Exarchia.

Away from elitism.

Away from the lifestyle of mastouras that has plagued the revolutionary circles.

Away from the public or guerrilla psefdodilimma, fetishism and insipid media ruptures near the diversity of race and enotikotita.

Opposite ideas who want to justify the means and therefore undermine partnerships / friendships to revolutionary benefits.

Opposite leveling perceptions inciting people underestimate the prospect of their development, applying universal norms to interpret the submissive attitude of society as a whole, not tsouvaliazoume skoupidosakoules people.

Moreover 'Let the sinless throw the first stone. " Whoever thinks and believes himself undefiled / net has become ill without knowing ...

Our fight "racing" every day through the minds of those who are still thinking. Fermented from / to infinite personal characteristics of each person. Enriched in different range of concepts in the social field. Reaches a dead end and commits suicide at the walls of fear and resignation that rise! Until someone else to continue to fight ...

At the forefront of the race meet, even mentally, people from all over the world who fight fiercely for the impossible. Whatever their political identity and respect all those who give their lives because we love and know how dangerous a free and life is worth more than a life smothered slave to the compromises with authority ....

It is ... the rebels in the Niger Delta who fight against the multinational giant'' shell'' that infects and destroys vast areas, militant subversive movements that developed in the U.S. claiming space and time from the state dictates the economic dictatorship, armed Palestinian resistance fighters are armed FARC in Colombia, the land occupations in Brazil forcibly evacuated in view the Olympics, the rebels in England, the bums of ghettos of France, the conflict of miners strikes in Spain and the insurgents of Egypt and Syria that despite the thousands of dead and repression filled the streets and squares of cities, collide with uniformed and armed hogs against the regime ....

It is ... fighting the spread of anarchy and the establishment of practice at all levels of the cocktails in Santiago by arson in Athens and the armed attack in Italy, is the dissemination of anarchist-revolutionary speech dozens of unknown partner ... .

The points that differentiate us are many. As the party hierarchy of the armed parties. Apart from the individual choices we recognize something deep in common with the rebel base: Race and resistance against the dominant-passion for life and freedom.

Even with their anarchist comrades there will always be points of controversy and tears because anexousio in our world there is no common line and everyone different places the dividing line between contracts and rebellion. The challenge is to remain a punch against our common enemy.


Life is struggle and revolution. The revolution and the struggle is life. Life here is as live as we fight, as we look to the sky ... When this all ends off. Together and red and black flags, hammer and sickle and ideologies.

Our struggle is hard, painful and simultaneously limitless and enthusiastic. Source of rebellion and we were is the experience.

Our struggle is polymorphic. Exploding like bombs us, it smells like pure lead bullets our fires spreading like us, speaks to the heart like our texts, infects the decaying city like the posters our smiles to our friends, falls passionately in love many times closed to itself like the misfits and timid.

Our struggle is the "contribution" to our global underground war rages daily in and against the social machine.

Our struggle is not aftoanadeiknyetai, lacks ANY REVOLUTIONARY PURITY.

Our struggle does not serve anyone and no. Reflects only the wishes and wants us. Hatred and hope. Joy and our sorrow. Thoughts and feelings.

Our struggle breaks the walls of the prison-brothel that build and communicate with our brothers around the world keeping the company in the difficult hours of confinement.

Our struggle is first and foremost in the struggle against OUR OWN contracts, ITS OUR DIKOUS fears MEETS OUR imperfections.

Our struggle is beautiful and exciting because it gives us moments that will never be felt if we had followed the familiar rut of a student or worker.

Our struggle is illegal, whatever means is used, it exceeds the bounds of bourgeois legality. Why completely opposes everything in Power and Culture was, is and will be outside the bounds of the law.

Our struggle is proud and will not be a bargain in any police or courtroom.

Our fight is watered by the blood of so many and so many dead comrades. They commemorate the day continuing from where we left having in mind that you will eventually get the "blood back."

In the end our struggle is our attempt to live in anarchy now, to leave behind our contracts, to create real relationships with our partners, stabbed to the perfect image of their world.

It's because we envisioned a world very different from theirs, in a world based on solidarity and companionship where knowledge grows freely in contrast to the slave-by state, military and capitalist investment-science.

A world where humans live in harmony with the natural world in a symbiotic relationship with living creatures on earth. In contrast to addicts from prison people who produce the cluster technoviomichaniko constantly attacking that lives and breathes.

A world that we are building the foundations of the now anarchist communities through struggle, a world that is illegal to think and to dream, let alone attempts to make the experience in the here and now.

Obsolete patterns give us their position in the radical imagination. Let each mold his life away from patterns and molds.

Let's drive the policy and its supporters in the trash basket. But who really dared to give a political tinge to the perception and human behavior and emotion?

'' Scholars of today, tomorrow's stupid,

Give me the mind that is enough to move my hands

Prophets and acrobats of the revolution

Today I'll do it on my own without lessons''

'' About the electoral carnival''

The blow came just after our elections. The mapping of the incentives of voters or not is surely impossible. Surely we have the illusion of a big shift to the left just as some saw light and went into an attempt to change the political scene. The only point we differ in any of these elections with all previous politicization is a big part of society than the old era of totally indifferent to vote (of course with the late "civic" came on the scene and the accumulated stupidity through dilemmas such as "golden dawn or Syriza"). And most certainly a large percentage of abstinence just does not translate into boredom of the electorate but in reaction or dilution of the process, two words we speak of "politicized" abstinence as politicized can be sure.

For those who went on the road rage giving flesh and bones, for those who feel the need to vent more than ever it is our opinion that not enough votes in a bubble of regime left neither sterile and harmless "protest" through abstinence, options are a decompression valve and relief. Preceded the radicalization of all those not replace the mind by a TV and looking for a meaningful way reaction and resistance. The radicalization of the action in schools, workplaces, in popular assemblies and where no one but operates mainly in the piece of road. Where the minds enriched, thoughtfully meet and share concerns. Where the experience takes the place of virtual reality and opened roads that have been carefully buried. In street fighting and barricades. In this area considered the most fertile for the dissemination of anarchist and practice.

As for the voters of the Golden Dawn had the opportunity to see what becomes louder. Excuses like "to feel safe" or "to make the Texas House" is not enough to appease the enemy our intentions towards them. The continued growth momentum of the fascists in no way should be indifferent because we are not even a seemingly serious risk because we will be surprised and will not be something pleasant. So the members of the throat portion of this let's not reassured because most cops are guarding them. As the saying goes: with one stone, two birds.

"Swallowing fire ... I xernontas unintelligible "

The system has not only managed to keep his power by force but through his dozens of languages ​​who speaks has managed to diffuse and to reproduce the ensemble of social relations, so we as anarchists are conducting a revolutionary war, to beat must not only destroy the institutional and informal power structures, but also to build FREE HUMAN RELATIONS in the here and now, the relationships that will build and defend the barricade in our body at any cost, because it reflects our whole is with blood and pain, happiness and sadness, with smiles and tears, love and hate. Relationships that reflect one thousand and I want both. And all this we are describing is the cement of human emotions will never break, because it knows the transaction and the necessity of the struggle, because he breathed air of freedom and let lies buried in the dungeon, because the harsh accounts meet the ardent hopes, because yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever, these relations were and will be the embryo for something better to ignore whether and when to come, but fighting fiercely for it because we believe deeply in free people.

For even if we break his face in the course of our individual victory came in building these relationships and our struggle for the collective is to spread their anarchist revolution. Because if we were late to our appointment we may have missed the storm the sky. We aim to build a solid foundation of the foundations of creative destruction. With material disgust and hatred for everything that keeps ourselves prisoners perverse world of dead objects, inanimate souls of stray consciences, calculated the genetic horror, the cold acceptance and bloody images. Let us ourselves in the midst of the senses and dangerous desires.


Shit this communique seems awesome... just that the translation makes it only half intelligible. GOtta look for a way to translate that long text.

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