Greece: Powerful Bomb Blast Rocks the Athens Court of Appeals

  • Posted on: 22 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

via Insurrection News

22.12.17: A powerful bomb blast exploded outside the Athens Appeals Court in the early hours of Friday morning causing extensive damage to the building and forcing the court’s closure for the day with all cases suspended. Nobody was injured in the bombing.

A warning call to police gave them 40 minutes to evacuate the court and surrounding area which is located right near Athens police headquarters.

A witness reported seeing two people pulling up on on a motorbike and placing a bag containing the bomb outside the court. It has also been reported that the attackers fired shots at court security while making their escape.

The Athens Appeals Court has recently been the focus of protesters trying to stop the court from auctioning off repossesed homes, sometimes for sums of less than 2000 Euros. The attack took place only hours after Parliament voted to crack down on the protesters who regularly gather at the court.

So far no groups or individuals have claimed responsibility for the attack.

(information gathered from various corporate & independent media sources)


Shit.... Greece still is definitely NOT Standing Rock.

What do you mean by this? like, it's not a place in america? could you elaborate please? thanks.

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