Greece at the precipice of Insurrection

  • Posted on: 19 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">journal hors service</a>

The specter of the revolt of December 2008, which shook the country deeply after Alexis was murdered by the cops, has haunted minds for months in Greece. Indeed, faced with the unprecedented poverty in the country, with the impossibility of “improving” the economic and social situation, faced with the turning of the screw on the whole population in the name of upholding the system and power, many people have put in their lot for the return of that specter, for a vast revolt against the State and capitalism without compromise or mediation.

After the vote went through on the nth package of austerity measures, which among other things stipulated a 30% reduction of the minimum wage (with all the prior reductions, this adds up to a 50% wage reduction in less than a year), it’s not “just” that specter that’s taken hold of Athens as it has of several other cities – it’s something more: that night, after the vote, a breeze of insurrection blew in. Dozens of buildings were burned to the ground (banks, institutions, supermarkets, “historical heritage sites,” ministerial buildings,...), hundreds of businesses were pillaged and destroyed, barricades were erected, aside from the heavy confrontations with the forces of order, building occupations, etc. But that gust blew away all attempts to make “calculations” about what was happening too… the sheer vastness of its scope, involving dozens of hundreds of thousands of persons, every one of them charged with their own load of rage, desire, ideas – every one of them ready with their hands. No politician, no manager, no “politics” could lay a finger on it without the risk of getting burned.</td><td><img title="and it smelled like rotten eggs" src=""></td></t...

Every country in Europe has been made to swallow the pretty pill of austerity, the only difference is in the dose and the rate of administration. Everywhere, the last ramparts of the “social contract” between the exploiters and the exploited are collapsing… and they’re being replaced by resignation, the cynicism of surviving on the backs of other poor people, depression, suicide; or by the anger, the rage, and the life that is starting to throb in people’s hearts once again. What’s happening today in Greece proves at least one thing for sure: an insurrection on European territory isn’t really so unimaginable after all. Moreover, it is quite possible, and there’s no reason to hesitate in making it. The transformation of the authoritarian and capitalist foundations of society, the construction of another world based on freedom, solidarity, and self-organization will come about by total assault on what exists now, by its violent destruction, by vast insurrections.

We cannot allow this new breeze to be shut out; we cannot allow this new upsurge of revolt that has spiked in Greece to be suffocated. Letting that country’s revolt be isolated means digging it a cruel and bloody grave; the revolt there must be expanded, must tie in with revolts here (which are certainly far more modest for the time being), and must encourage us to intensify our attacks against everything that suffocates, exploits, and oppresses us. In Greece the possibility of a real future has cropped up, just as it did in the still ongoing uprisings and confrontations in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and elsewhere in the world. It is a possibility that can take on body and soul here too, right in the heart of the European capital, where the rage is latent, the tensions palpable and the “adjustment” slight. Today is no time for waiting, if ever there was a time for that. The conflict is there, now, it is everyday, and it’s up to all of us whether we want it to explode in vast movements of revolt and insurrection. The fear that keeps so many of the poor frozen in the ranks of social order can change sides here too, like it did in Greece. Soon it will be time for the other side to tremble with it: the powerful, the rich, the exploiters.

Let us arm ourselves with the courage and determination to face this world down, let us rid ourselves of resignation and acceptance, let us embrace what was unimaginable yesterday, and is today entirely possible: insurrection against the existent.


I swear it’s almost there, guys!


little bit more groupthink from the fanatics

too bad pcwc are liberals

Just four more broken windows and we win!!!

...and two egoist newspaper boxes kicked in the street!


I believe in the Insurrevolution.

it could end up like Argentina in 2001. but it seems more volatile, less resolvable than Argentina to me. which means either fascism or civil war.

We've been saying this since 2008. The situation in Greece honestly hasn't changed much: the economy sucks, everyone hates the government, and once a week or so some people break some stuff. The only serious shit going on over there was the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, but I don't believe they've been very active since the government arrested a bunch of alleged members.

So what in the fuck is so serious now? Yeah the austerity measures are making life awful for Greeks, and yeah the Greeks have proven that they're not afraid to fight cops, but what spark is now finally going to set things off in a way that they won't come back? Are they going to bring the riot to the house of parliament and capture the members of the government and declare it null and void? Are they going to claim the streets and begin actively defending them against the police? Are they going to do something else so unexpected and so great that it tears the government to shreds?

No, they probably won't.

It's a question of scale. The mindboggling amount of people who participated in the most recent waves of street actions, not just marching, but more pro-active stuff, it represents another watershed event. The authorities used to say things like "we blame 2008 on the greek population of approx. 500 arch-anarchists" (I always loved that term) but they can't say that anymore.

It's outgrown ideology and subcultures and become something else.

Arson, massive economic disruption, looting and street-fighting with the cops.
Specifically thousands and thousands of people comfortable using these tactics and tens of thousands more who no longer fear these tactics but sympathize with them. That's a population that can only be ruled by the most naked force and represents a constant massive threat to the state and the social peace.

If you're asking "where to go from here?", that's valid, but dismissing it entirely? Put down the pipe.

Why would they make that leap if they knew the rest of the world would isolate and betray them? With the exception of the comic book heroes you've singled out as singularly "serious," most of "the Greeks" probably view survival vs. revolution as practical rather than aesthetic positions. The majority of the population has shown a tremendous capacity and willingness to attack, but at this point there is nothing to gain by doing so.

they've repeatedly tried to break into the parliament and i have no doubt would have killed all the politicians inside. they were stopped by the authoritarian communists (sound familiar? spainish civil war...) and the police.

i have no doubt that they will try again and again and eventually succeed. and parliament burning will probably be the start of the real civil war there.

you are being defeatist and glorifying a few clandestine actors over a social insurrection. get your head out of your ass. open revolt not clandestine action.

the open revolts to come in greece are the only hope for freeing your super-hero fantasy warriors, dumbass.

Well... I suppose that building would make a nice new anarchist squat. Now very far from the anarchist neighborhood as well.

Punk concerts in the main assembly room? Hmmm...

"No politician, no manager, no “politics” could lay a finger on it ..."

what about the ones who are already involved in it? this is like the kindergarten insurrection mentality from a couple years ago, "any extreme activity is inherently anarchist! the crisis is irrecuperable!" really? isn't that what led directly to the great increase in marxist influence over anarchism here in the u.s. for instance?

"the great increase in marxist influence over anarchism here in the u.s."
lol whut?
hang with the proles and not the grad students. there are plenty of anarchists not turning into marxists in the HOOD, my gangsta.

Well that seems to be the problem in North America, and the richer parts of Europe as well. The so-called revolutionary/anarchist circles are focused on these damn philosophy/social science students, which is completely nonsense.

Takes years for these idiots to understand the basic insurrectionist principles that the basic prole at technical school gets in a fraction of second... There's an issue with connection with reality.

that's why most anarchists in Greece are from technical school, or just high school.

How funny... Journal Hors-service is indeed "hors service" (out of order)

their site seems to have been taken down

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