The Grey Clouds Come Rolling In: Words from a Grand Jury Resister

  • Posted on: 10 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td> Today was the first day where it actually felt like the rainy season I've grown to know over the past five years. Today was also the day that the third grand jury resister, Leah Lynn-Plante was taken into federal custody. Most of the time when thinking of this situation words fail me. I can speak at length about the things that are physical happening, who had their contempt hearing, who was taken into custody, these are all pieces of information that are easy enough to pass on. They are facts, they are static, they are a person being transported from point A to point B. But broken hearts are not static, and being ripped from your life, your friends and loved ones is something that words can rarely describe. For some, they may see a light at the end of the tunnel, this can be wonderful. But for others the overcast skies and ever-looming fog of the northwest render visibility nearly impossible.

In silence, we roar. In solidarity, we attack. But in despair, we cry. We break down because our friends and loved ones have been torn from our lives and because the threat of more being caged is rather imminent. But we also hate, we despise the cops, the judges, the politicians, the journalists. And all of this becomes really complicated. A flurry of emotions comes over us all at once, and in any given moment we sometimes impose contradictions. To feel weak or strong? Emboldened or defeated? Whether we are more inspired by our love or hatred of this world? I don't really think these questions always have answers, but that doesn't make their effect on our lives any less real.</td><td><img title="Commence crying" src=""></td></tr><...
I stood on a balcony today, 26 stories high I watched as the clouds swept in and covered the water. I tried to take it all in, for Kteeo, for Matt, and preemptively for Leah. I know the only difference between our outcomes was as simple as an address change, but I also know that there's no way I can understand whats going on for my three comrades. I thought about how inspiring their acts of resistance are, I thought about the chance that if I was in their situation I wouldn't be going down alone.I would be going down with three other beautiful fighters.

To be honest, I've never really been a fan of per-zines or anything like that, but I think that being so close to this situation has made me want people outside of the northwest to get a small glimpse of the personal aspect of what's occurring around this grand jury investigation. A side where while we appear strong, emboldened, and uncompromising, we also appear as devastated, terrified, and sometimes, alone.

For now, I guess the Grand Jury has already seen all of the people it's served subpoenas to. It's no use in speculating on whether or not there will be more. It's far from over, and we don't know the future holds. But as of yet, despite their attempts the state has failed. It has failed to break our spirits and it has failed to break our bonds. May we rejoice in all the future failures it will have, and may we do our best to avenge it's victories.

Don't stop loving. Don't stop fighting. And fuck it, don't stop crying.

A Fellow Resister.



What resister are these words from? It doesn't even say! Haha how stupid! Justin briber prolly wrote it.

this made me cry.

death is the only way to escape the pain. suicide is the only liberation.

If you're not actually a cop, there's a cop in your head. You should kill it.

Just do it and leave the good people alone.

This whole situation makes me depressed, but not as depressed as when I heard the news that Oregon State quarter back Sean Mannion will be out for the game against BYU with a torn meniscus--talk about a downer. Although BYU's offense leaves alot to be desired, their defense is top teir. While not a death sentence for the Beavs the loss of their starting quarter back will make this already difficult road game even more challenging. At least the Beavs have got a running game and a quality--but inexperienced--back up quarter back in junior Cody Vaz. If the Beavs lose this weekend to the Cougs it will officially be the WORST week in the history of the world.

One of these days people won't have the privilege to give up when they see stuff like this happen. I suggest you get used to it because a revolution with out doing time is no revolution. All our hearts go out to people who get sucked up by the system but we just keep chukin along edging away at the seams. It's all we can do. We could be more organized to avoid arrest and being caught. We could have greater game plans for the future. But bigger projects like that would require work to be done not in the future but NOW!

Well if it makes you feel any better the Trailblazers just beat the Lakers (minus Kobe and Dwight Howard) in their first exhibition game of the season. Damian Lillard dominated with an impressive 14 points, seven assists and five rebounds. Did I just hear someone say Rookie of the Year?!?

Sure our houses are getting raided, our friends are being subpoenaed by federal grand juries, and we have comrades sitting in prison, but at least we can look forward to a great year of Trailblazer basketball.



Gosh people from the PNW are such cry asses..

IGTT 1/10

That's true.

-a PNW cry-ass

So you are not real.

I should have learned to stop reading the comments. Think for one minute, from the feds to local law enforcement to the media of what the community in PNW is going through. Think. Its every week and has been for two months. They're trying to decimate us. You jack ass.

Well said.

-a person who grows ever weary of experiencing friends being kidnapped by police.

Man, it's hard to believe people would troll on something as dire as this. Fascism shows up on your front porch and people try to troll on it.

Gonna cry about it?

You could be called in to testify and imprisoned for keeping your silence. You don't HAVE to cry about it- that just gives you extra brownie points- but you could at least be aware that this could happen to anyone you know who might happen to even just have a friend that was involved with occupy, reads marx, lives in a commune, etc. . .

Here's a hint: people for whom this is all just a joke on the internet wouldn't have kept silent because a joke on the internet isn't worth anything to anybody.

your entire life and career is a joke on the internet.

Done crying?

Tears for you, comrades, so so many. You are beautiful.

someone asked why they didn't just run... because by running they would have eventually spent far more time in jail when caught. because it could have led to more people being hauled in looking for them and this shit ain't serious enough to go on the run for. because a strong gj resistance benefits these peoples ultimate goal of creating a culture of non-cooperation. because the jailing can be used as an educational tool to spread their ideas. because a strong resistance can be a powerful means through which local scenes can repair some of the unnecessary ruptures preventing necessary collaboration. because the jailing will lead to an escalation of attacks against the system these people are working to destroy. because the anarchist movement got quite lucky that the first major gj sweep targeted people and communities well positioned to fight back. the impact of the time served here is a lot more than someone getting nicked on a night march or other bullshit.

you're life isn't serious.

YOUR LIFE ISN'T SERIOUS. YOU AREN'T SERIOUS. your ignorance is seriously terrifying.


meaningful? don't make me fucking laugh.

nobody cares what you do. Laugh, cry, kill yourself, nobody cares.

I DO however, care about the latest manifestations of the new red scare.

lots of people care what i do. please kill yourself.

I meant here, where you're completely anonymous and flinging accusations around.
But thanks for saying please! You seem like a sweetheart. :)

i know, you're the "nobody cares" troll. we got. and yes, i know exactly who you are.

I don't.

I care, but only because I want to see how far you are willing to go to keep losing at the game of internet commenting.

Please, continue.

*makes popcorn*

all you care about is your witch hunt, and who you can manipulate and brainwash into thinking you are relevant or righteous in your sociopathic, fascist false activity.

You're a crazy person, screaming in to the void. I'm just some random anon, same as you

no, i am not crazy. and you're lara glenum or ariana reines trying to make sure feminism is set back 50 years. yawn. you are so fucking boring.

... nope. I'm just some anarchist from the west coast trying to make sense of your rant.
Something about how this GJ stuff isn't what it seems?

yep, it isn't what it seems. see 'the great dictator' charlie chaplin-good stuff. i have awesome things to do today now, goodbye troll. have a wonderful day ruling your minions of talking pizza cats, and promise some people trips to disneyworld and lots of ice cream to get them into the van....there mom is too poor for that shit, besides being a known porno star and cia agent.

... yeah. Get help.

har har har. ok psychopath. you do that now.

seriously? Go to the chatroom lunatic.
You can berate me there without spamming the comments.

no way jerk. if you want to be verbally humiliated there's lots of better places for that. of course here and the david icke chatroom might actually be the best place to get your fascist s&m yaya's and pretend they are "political", after all. let's not confuse the two too much, though. doesn't seem like a very good idea.

see ... this back and forth, however amusing, would be better suited to a *chatroom*. Not trying to tell you how to act insane, but there's better mediums for your gibberish. Give it some thought, maybe expand your horizons? Anyway, I'm not going to bother explaining how you've mistaken like ... 4 people for 1 person and stuff unless you go to the chatroom.

the real world is calling for me. have fun though.

so we'll finish with the smug assumption that I'm a basement dweller who never leaves this site. ok then, bye now.

Dina? This is Michael. Leave Lindsey alone!

All these comments were written by the same person.

Lindsey? This is Dina. Leave Michael alone!

how on earth can you guess that that person is either lara glenum or ariana reines!

"because the anarchist movement got quite lucky that the first major gj sweep targeted people and communities well positioned to fight back." these are petty bureaucrats and sociopaths using the power of the state and patriarchy to wipe out "the competition" on the basis of them being feminists and not of the correct class. and then calling it "anarchy"...

please don't make me fucking puke. get a clue.

Nihilists GTFO.

don't you mean 'Nihilists or GTFO'?

We wont stop the attcacks we wont forget about you! In May we rejoiced after the symbols of capitalism and Authority were shattered in citys across America! Dont forget why the State is holding you it is because of these mighty actions that struck fear into there heart they see what anarchists can do they know how strong we have grown from the ashes of occupy and the anti capitalist movement the past year! Keep up the attcacks kick capitalism when its down and then smash its till it breaks into dozens of little pieces! Long live Anarchy! Long Live Equality! Love from New York Comrades!

Won't stop the banner drops!

hey that's catchy

To bad dropping banners is soooo fucking lame.

More banners in NYC!!!

And I thought NYC was hard as fuck. Nope just a bunch of banner dropping weenies.

NYC IS hard as fuck for dropping banners.

NYC are a bunch of hard weenies.


@news sucks

NYC is awesome. Banner drops are awesome. @ news is awesome.

March tonight in solidarity with Leah, Matt, and KteeO; and against the prison society! 8:30pm at SE 35th and Taylor in Portland. Bring friends.

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