Guelph, Ont. Halloween Eviction Party in the Streets

  • Posted on: 9 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><blockquote>"It is not just a condo or a jewelery store displacing us. It is political and money power represented by the City of Guelph and the capitalist class, building the City in their own image"</blockquote>
-Oversized poster left outside the Social Centre.

On Halloween Night, the Square Print Shop & Social Centre had its <a href="">'goodbye party'</a>, but lets get real, when a Social Centre can't get its lease renewed because the landlords chose to rent it to a jewellery store, it is really an eviction party for capital, therefore, we'll call it an 'eviction party'.

Anyways, the eviction party went well & whateves, babes & costumes, local music, sing-a-longs and the such, and tons of <a href="">@ superhero's in the crowd</a>. the night went long and the music was hype.

The final track of Test Their Logic led the party out into the downtown square, accompanied by a sound system. As these comrades spit their rhymes about some shit, posters & graffitti went up around the square, on the banks and bus shelters. Some of these posters were hype, critiquing the city budget and it's strategies around development, gentrification & then some other @narchyrhetoric.</td><td><img title="spit" src=""></td></tr><...
once they were done, a dance party took the streets to the sound of Big Freedia's, 'Gin in my System' and began its slow roam through Guelphs itty bitty downtown. Shit started to get grease and gay about a track in.

Due the constant stream of golden showers, (and some mess up on the part of the sound system operator) the sound system died in the middle of Rhianna's 'We Found Love' which cued the pigs, who arrived hooting their horns & trying to push people with their car out of the street. But just as some riled up faggots started to smooch on the hood of the car, the chorus burst back in from the sound system, shit got hype again and the crowd got all aggro on the pigs. It was a great moment. lulz.

Sometime after that moment, a bud was arrested :'( another sober moment for the AM. But it didn't take the steam out of the party, as it led a caravan of cruisers down some road, people screamed 'suck our faggot cocks' & 'ftp' and such. The crowd cruised around the downtown, listening to pop, queer hip-hop (shout out's to Mykki Blanco) and bounce for another hour. At another point in the evening the crowd wonud up stopping a cruiser so more queermo's could make out on the hood, and then chasing it off in reverse. A special moment for a little city.

The party finished off with TV on the Radio & Dead Prez 'Staring at the Sun (Hollertonix Remix)" as folks cruised back to the square to head off to our other Halloween plans and basic mall bitchery. The rest of the evening saw more graffitti and posters once the riled up faggots had got a taste for the deviant night.

All in all, it was a fun little time. Shout out to all the basic bitches, queers, anarchists, performers & participants for making the ending of our social space feel just like that, some social shit. It felt awesome to leave the space as a roaming (queer) dance party in a city which suppresses our deviant bodies & shit, screaming along to 'Breakdance Hunx' by Kids on TV in the centre of a bar scene that doesn't even have a gay bar to critique.

In conclusion, we did it for the lulz and will keep haul ass for revolt, bitches.
sorry it took us so long to share the news with you bores on the @narchyNet, but these bitches have been busy party rockin'.

-some insurgent mall bitches


How can everything about this be so false and trve at the same time? I fucking dig it.

this is whats up. im hard 4 u.

Party rockers in the house tonight

I loved that night. FAGGOTS!

At what point do you lost artistic license when you write the report back? as Johnny Cash said, "I walk the line."


being from Milwaukee i take this as a compliment.

go pack

Beer canz 4eva.

Obv they will overthrow everything by blaring Rhianna and reifying their sexual identities!

IGTT 5/10

Cruise control is a dead give away.

lol wut?

For a less "mall bitch" recap of the night, and a photo or two, check

Yeah... The whole listing tracks and using 'Young mall bitch' language reads as trying really hard and kinda pathetic... Maybe just tell us what happened, it sounds like you had a good action, you don't need to pretend to be a shallow high school student.

You folks make me feel so old! I can't understand all the hip, street, kool, contemporary lingo. But my old instinct tells me this is the kind of anarchy i'm talking about! Take it to the streets! Don't be victims!

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