The Guillotine #2: 2: GOP Tax Bill, Net Neutrality, Police Brutality, and Beyond

  • Posted on: 20 December 2017
  • By: thecollective


On episode two of The Guillotine, Dr. Bones from the Conjure House and Brett from Revolutionary Left Radio discuss the new GOP tax bill, the FCC decision to dismantle Net Neutrality, the murder of Daniel Shaver and the acquittal of Phillip Brailsford, and the Santiago Maldonado Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation.

We also take live calls from listeners.

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I hate hearing anarchists talk about us politics.

Listening to anarchists

Don't worry they're not anarchists by any stretch. One is a Marxist-Leninist and the other is a yt WIZARD of cultural-appropriation.

You both need to watch Gary Yourofsky's presentation on disgusting humans such as YOU TWO fakes: Listen to how you two hypocrites use sentient beings on a daily basis without a second thought. Brett and Bones demonstrate just how little you understand about domination! I'm sick of assholes like you two who promote anthropocentrism in the name of compassion. You're fuckin' clueless. We have the internet to thank for these two attention seekers!

90s-vegantroll, rolling out a classic today!

gary is a dick bag in real life

He sure knows how to treat his "comrades!":

Find both these "attention seekers" cheesy and hilarious. Obviously we have a fairly hostile audience here (and/or dedicated trolls) but I enjoyed it.

Which one is Cheesy and which is Hilarious?

Both in equal measure! Although Bones appears to be channeling Alex Jones' delivery, blowing out the levels on the mic. Highly entertaining stuff! Not to mention it's entirely appropriate to the topic.

Much obliged, IGD comrades! Thank ya kindly for helping to popularize our podcast!

As a gesture of wizardly SOLIDARITY with RoYava, our NEW monthly membership rewards MAY include an enchanted gator tooth that will summon the spirit of Jules Bonnot to perform ancient Taoist-Egoist DRUNKEN immortal invocations to the GREAT Saint, Jesús Malverde, for his assistance in building the NEW revolutionary UNION of Communist-Egoists as is modeled by the great Underground Railroad Anarchist thieves guilds such as the Hells Angles MC!

So Don't miss out!
Limited tooths!

Blessed Be!

Bonestroll is the most sincere form of flattery!

If only you'd dedicate at least 1/5th of that well-inspired wisecrack hipster sarcasm to real-life revolutionary commie activity then Trump would get very, very worried. But keep on Red capitalizing, bro, and see you in 10 years from now. We'll see if you're still so lit.

I know warm blooded types when I hear them, I think he'll stick around radically. I can't say I'm a fan due to the fact that he IDs with a symbol that I find a repugnant relic of workerism. He also represents something that was more congruent in the 70s(communist egoism).

Salutations, comrade! Much obliged by your KNOWING that I'm the read deal. It's TRUE! My blood is warm! HOT actually! ALSO don't FEAR! You can still be a FAN! I have harnessed the POWER of the symbol you find repugnant and infused it into my own Unique! I learned how to do this from a VISION granted to me by Papa Legba while I was researching the DESTRUCTION of the TRAITOR, Wolfi Landstreicher! SUBSCRIBE to my Patreon within the next 24hrs and I'll share this powerful magick with you!

Blessed be!

The tax bill and net neutrality too?

I didn’t think anarchists actually cared about things that mattered.

That's because you read too much LBC stuff. The much-hated "leftists" are the ones who might actually be relevant if they got their shit together.

For anyone else that had trouble downloading or playing this, i found the easiest way to get the mp3 was to use youtube-dl and has libsyn support.

Where egoist communism meets straight up Red capitalist attempt at stardom. Sometime next year, expect him to be hanging out with Tai Lopez.

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