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“But where the danger is / also grows the saving power” (Holderlin). While the corona tragedy manifested “danger,” a new dimension of “danger” opened. There’s no “saving” after this without looking into the depths of this “danger.” The newly published Hapax 13 is an attempt at the insights of this crisis and “saving.” Most of the included texts were prepared half a year ago, and for various reasons they’re being published late. However (sadly) what’s presented here hasn’t aged in the least. “What the Virus Said,” which got a lot of responses on this blog, Bifo, Vaneigem, and others are as fresh as ever, and paired with “Two texts regarding contact tracing applications,” Lee Jingkyoung’s submission from South Korea, they should convey a new dimension of politics. Discussions from Murasawa and Kouso reveal what dimensions of life and thought are opened under the conditions of pandemic, and the interview with Egawa Takao which occupies the most pages in this issue suggests how we should think about climate change and corona while appealing for us to consider not just creation but the reality of extinction as well. It’s the “absolute refugees” that Egawa informs us of that appears to be our future. But this isn’t “danger,” it’s likely our “saving power.”

Table of Contents:

What the virus said (tr. Hapax)
Beyond the breakdown - Three meditations on a possible aftermath (Franco “Bifo” Berardi, tr. Kazuya Sakurada)
Coronavirus (Raoul Vaneigem, tr. Goi Kentarou)
Against the virus and the opportunism of the state (Crimethinc., tr. Kagemaru Shigou)
What does philosophy mean? Towards the pandemic and the coming people - interview with Egawa Takao
Foxes, invasive species, virus - Infectious diseases and the anthropocene (Murasawa Mahoro)
The synergy of crisis and catastrophe - What's combined by the mask machine (Kouso Iwasaburo)
Coronavirus and the new shape of biopolitics - South Korea’s health-subject system and real-time contact tracing model (Lee Jinkyoung, tr. Kagemoto Tsuyoshi)
Two texts regarding contact tracing applications (Lee Jinkyoung, tr. Goi Kentarou)
Boycott in Pandemic - What does the coronavirus change about the UCSC strike? (Anthony Alessandrini, tr. R/K)
Minneapolis: Now this fight has two sides - What riots mean in the COVID-19 era (Crimethinc., tr. Ha Hou Shan)
Racism on trial - ULTRAPROUST
A kiss with misfortune - Simone Weile in the pandemic - Hori Shingou
A virulent insurrection - Nezumi Research Society
A self-assessment and rehabilitation program for anarchy - The Shinbutsu Conspiracy

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