Happy Birthday to Anarchist News

  • Posted on: 12 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>This comes as a shock to us as much as it will to you but... two weeks ago Anarchist News celebrated its EIGHTH birthday. While the spike in notoriety has only been in the past 3-4 years over the past 8 years Anarchist News has averaged 4-5 stories a day, every day, resulting in nearly 20,000 stories. Yikes.

Over the past few years this has also included (on average) over 100 comments and several thousand unique IPs every day. Given the fact that even many anarchist blogs, forums, and sites will not link to Anarchist News (ostensibly because of embarrassment at what other anarchist say when they are not moderated) this is an amazing amount of traffic and content. We applaud you for making the site interesting (if uncomfortable) day in and day out.</td><td><img title="I am talking about you" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/workers.jpg"></td></tr></ta...
We need some of you to chip in on the cost of running this place. It costs about $100 a month to keep the lights on. We would LOVE to build up a bit of a nest egg in anticipation of future legal fees. We would love to be capable of building more infrastructure. Help guide those decisions.

To those who have donated recently... Thanks!

LBC: http://littleblackcart.com/Anarchist-News-Donation.html
Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=AIUqzMRoJUtjz...


WOOHOO! That's awesome. :D

fuck yea!

Yes, congratulations on creating a repository of texts and stories that you dislike, Worker. The troll army you're able to put into play is deeply impressive.

Is that the troll army displayed in the accompanying pic? Great of worker to think of his trolls when celebrating the sites' birthday. We will never stop trolling for you worker, the troll army trolls on!


"Be the crisis"

The Anarchists suck better.

Worker also swallows

his pride

while he swallows

his lunch.

What! This got voted down! Haters gunna hate.

this video is the final assault of the crypto-maoists. seriously, its a chairman mao workout video. wtf.

C'mon, it's crypto-hilarious what's wrong with you?

And that is why you will never be a dancer.

you ain't no punk, you punk

This is literally the only good thing that mao ever did. what a hoot!
I bet this is bob avakians only record

As a Jehovah's Witness anarchist, I am offended you are celebrating a birthday!

It's funny how worker wrote this in the third person.

You must not know what the third person is.

Its the only way he can keep all of his secret identities straight, they all blur together if he says "I."

I am against this anthropomorphization of technology.

-Derrick Zerzan

There's only 3 people on @ news. Me, you, and some other guy who posts A LOT!

we are forever condemned to the margins.

die with us if you have any dignity!

Wonderful, important work. Happy birthday comrades! x

Eight years of doing a solid bad jacket disservice to the anarchist movement.

Here's to eight more years!

no u cant get a payment. i'll keep mooching off ur services. thank you.

yay for free anarchist news!

Happy birthday, and keep up the good work!!

This site would be better if people actually wanted to plan things and spread word for what we need to do in the future coming of this this all instead of just "stories" of this and that happened. We need to uprise together and use action because as we see our words aren't getting through to the Elites and obviously they do not careing whilst knowing the fact they are the ones resposible for doing all and on purpose even. So someone tell me when is the Revolution? Is it after Martial Law when they evade our streets and take away our weapons or before so, so we can be a step ahead and can make moves as well.

But anyways congrats, keep this site alive...I enjoycoming here reading anways finding out whats new.

oh hilarious! i love that whole retro 90s "the elites are listening" grunge-outrage! so chic!

Cong rats from professor rat - many happy retards!

Holy fuck, talk about a party pooper. we got it already, we're all useless.

Now back to the warm beer and naked computer party. seriously, you can't tell me I'm the only one. Right?

8 years of creating a fabulous in road for cointelpro operatives to study us and stoke hostilities. Thanks.

No thanks to this.

common pound

oh! is that why anarchists haven't done shit in the last 8 years? they've all been on ANews reading the comments!

We've been doing shit since 1936?

"embarrassment at what other anarchist say when they are not moderated." Poor deluded jerkoff just doesn't realize that the embarrassment (really its disgust) is caused by no one but his own self righteous self and his Gang Rape Jesus pictures and editorializing rollovers. The bad comments are caused by these things not the reverse.

somebody call the wahhhhhhmbulance!

Jesus Christ!(pun intended), worker now moderates the images and comments. Somebody hold a god damn grudge. Yes, I thought it was offensive. Did worker take responsibility? Yes. Did shit get better? Yes. We've all fucked up in the past, but it's okay as long as we WORKED on our shit just like worker did. I guess that's why he's called worker.

fucking accountability trolls.

Maoist self-critique: "We've all fucked up in the past, but it's okay as long as we WORKED on our shit"

remind me why jokes about jesus getting gang raped arent funny?

oh shit i forgot American anarchists have a deep seated leftist pc moralism - even if you go on about nihilism n egoism n shit LOL fucking hell.... ;) "wouldnt want to upset someone would we??!!" Your whining is upsetting my stomache

^another misogynist^

Why the hell didn't they throw him to the lions? Such a glorious end, and just the idea of turning the cheek to a paw of ripping claws, somehow the expression 'I forgive you' sounds mute. But hasn't the whole of Christendom been mute when the loudest objections were needed?

Have you considered mirroring a-news as a Tor hidden service or eepsite?

Seeing as the point of those services is to hide who is hosting the sit, I have to ask:

@news is like that awkward moment when you have to shit, and you're in the pool. There's no time to swim out and shit in the toilet, NO TIME. So you swim over to the deep end and shit, holding your suit in such a way as to not let the turd escape. It's a big turd though, really big! So as you are trying to swim over and deposit your shit in the correct place, it slips out through your leg hole and floats away. Every sees this happen, and knows you fucking shit the pool, and then the lifeguard screams at the top of his lungs "CODE BROWN EVERYONE OUT" So everyone has to get out of the pool because of you.

That's @news.

hahaha omg what? I demand you compile more like-minded poetry and submit it!

To the trash!

Or to anarchistnews.org, same place, right? *drum roll* *cymbal crash*

wait has that really happened to you?

Good writing happens when writers "write what they know."


You need money? From people like me? Only $100 a month?

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