Hard core anarchists expelled from anarchist movement!

  • Posted on: 9 July 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><a href="http://www.anarchy.no/iat.html">The International Anarchist Tribunal</a>

G8: Hard core "anarchists" = ochlarchists, getting the Brown Card

Thousands of protesters are set to take part in a Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh, as musicians perform in Live 8 concerts around the globe (02.07.2005). Police believe up to 120,000 people could join the march, aiming to press home their message to G8 leaders. </td><td><img src="files/pictures/red_bl_small.jpg"></td></tr></table>Saturday's march is one of a number of events planned in the run-up to Wednesday's G8 summit at Gleneagles, when campaigners hope world leaders will make a commitment to tackle poverty in Africa. The events also coincide with the series of Live 8 concerts being held on Saturday in cities around the world, including London. The concerts will span nearly 24 hours, with the first having started in Tokyo at 0600 BST. Organised by Live Aid founder Bob Geldof, they will call for more aid for Africa, debt cancellation and fairer trade.

People on the Edinburgh march have been urged to wear white. Five cranes have been constructed along the south end of The Meadows, which will be used to display a giant banner bearing the message "Make Poverty History". Marchers will leave the rally in The Meadows at intervals from 1200 BST, with the aim of forming a human chain around central Edinburgh. Donald Anderson, the leader of Edinburgh City Council, believes it will probably be the biggest protest Scotland has ever seen. He said: "We know there are going to be other demos over the weekend and on Monday, and that builds up to the concert at Murrayfield on Wednesday.

On Sunday, an Anti-War Coalition demonstration will take place in the city, followed by the Carnival for Full Enjoyment on Monday. The latter is giving us concern because of reports that hard-core "anarchists" will use the event to cause trouble. These so called "anarchists" are not anarchists, i.e. libertarian, but authoritarian ochlarchists (ochlarchy = mob rule broadly defined). Such ochlarchist infiltrators to the anarchist movement get a Brown Card marking that they are expelled and banned from the anarchist movement. We welcome all people who wish to take part in the demonstration, but will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or criminal disorder, i.e. breaking the Oslo Convention, defining anarchist vs authoritarian tendencies. Political extremism is not tolerated.

Anarchists against political extremism.

Political extremism is use of, or threat of use of, violence against persons and/or things, to achieve political aims. Political extremism is authoritarian, ochlarchist (ochlarchy = mob rule), the opposite of anarchist, according to the Oslo Convention. Persons doing political extremism is ochlarchists, the opposite of anarchists, and are thus expelled from the anarchist movement, regardless of what they may claim to be. Such ochlarchist infiltrators to the anarchist movement, get an expelling Brown Card from the International Anarchist Tribunal, for breaking the Oslo Convention.

The Oslo Convention

Resolution unanimously decided upon by the 1st Anarchist Biennial, i.e. the first combined IFA & FICEDL Congress in Oslo 1990

1. Authoritarians notoriously mix up anarchy, anarchist and anarchism with authoritarian tendencies: Chaos, disorder, mob rule*, lawlessness, the law of the jungle, criminality, riots, theft, corruption, drugs, mafia, terrorism, autocratic rule, the right to the strongest, antisocial tyrannic behavior, etc. i.e. different types of superiors and subordinates.

2. The word anarchy origins from greek. The prefix "an" means "negation of" as in anaerobe versus aerobe and "arch" means "superior, i.e. in contrast to subordinates", as in archbishop, archangel, archduke, arch villain, etc. Thus anarchy, anarchism, anarchist, a.s.o., mean coordination on equal footing, without superiors and subordinates, i.e. horizontal organization and co-operation without coercion. This is the opposite of the above mentioned authoritarian tendencies, i.e. different types of superiors and subordinates.

3. The above mentioned mixtures of anarchist and authoritarian tendencies are principal contradictions similar to the Newspeak slogan "peace is war" in Orwell's "1984", and have correspondent repressive functions. Anarchists won't have any of that! For obvious reasons significant mixtures of anarchist and authoritarian tendencies should be denounced, i.e. as a general anarchist opinion, now and in the future. These actions may be taken on individual, municipal or international level, dependent on the situation.

The media may act a) as a free press or b) as The 4th power of the state, i.e. generally give a negative and wrong description of anarchy and anarchism, mixing up authoritarian and anarchist ideas and roles. "The Bureaucracy" as a class concept is all superiors, i.e. criminal or not, in private and public sectors. "The People" are "The Total Population" minus "The Bureaucracy". The part of the people generally following and supporting The Bureaucracy, that is the ramifications of The Bureaucracy. We think a good reporter cannot be a part of The Bureaucracy or its ramifications. Reporters, spokesmen and others, breaking the Oslo convention severely, or several times, will receive the BROWN CARD** as a symbol of free criticism. Authoritarian journalism and similar must be criticized in a relevant way!

*) The Greek rooted word for mob rule is ochlarchy. Ochlarchy broadly defined may also be used as a common word for all the authoritarian evils mentioned in part 1. above, i.e. in general lack of security and law and order in a society as a public sector service. This is ochlarchy, the opposite of anarchy, i.e. based on libertarian law and order and security as public sector services, according to the anarchist (IFA) principle of social justice. The ones doing ochlarchy broadly defined are called ochlarchists, i.e. the opposite of anarchists.Sufficient public service of policing is important. Man is not like ants who cooperate socially, naturally and voluntarely without coercion/repression automatically by themselves. Thus, doing away with the existing rule or tendencies of authority may easily result in ochlarchy, mob rule, and not anarchy, if not a firm horizontal social organization, ideally or practically is established with a sufficient police corps to create security and libertarian law and order and to do away with tendencies towards ochlarchy. See http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html and search for the keywords "law" and "corps". Furthermore it must be mentioned that variation in the degree of "flatness" of organizations/federations of different purposes and aims may be optimal, say, a police or defence corps organization/federation may have a somewhat less degree of flatness than a study circle. And the police corps shall of course be well educated in libertarian human rights and policing and be democratically regulated and controlled, and bully types, corrupt and other "brown", ochlarchical elements should be expelled mainly during the education prosess and thus stopped from participating in the police corps.

**) Ochlarchists, i.e. people and organizations/groups infiltrating the anarchistmovement and posing as anarchists and doing ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined), getting the BROWN CARD, are expelled from the anarchist movement. Thus, receiving the BROWN CARD means expulsion from the anarchist movement.