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  • Posted on: 24 August 2015
  • By: thecollective

We are a bite-size group of people who agree on many things, including the importance of humor; looking at actions (our own as well as others') with history, context, and imagination; the complicated and contradictory role of technology on human relations; and a desire for a vibrant and diverse anarchy. We will do our best to leave our egos out of the mix in moderating anews, but we also don't expect people to like all (some of you won't even like most) of the decisions we make and that is certainly not our criteria.

Posts will be deleted when they do any of the following: consist of single words or empty affirmation or accusation (eg: "this", "this is great!", "boring", etc) especially when the poster is not logged in; meaningless shit talking of this website; posts that are flamebait (yes, this is a judgement call); talking shit to another poster without actual content (eg: "You suck, idiot" will be removed but not--for example--"Comparing nihilists to literary figures is idiotically simplistic"). In the rare case of a post that is sufficiently worthwhile and yet has distracting and stupid words in it, we might edit those words out in order to keep the benefit of the good part, but in general we think that tone is part of the message, and are more likely to just remove it entirely.

As was briefly touched on in the first of the weekly topics, we will be taking long posts and/or long exchanges--in lengths that are unreasonable for a comment section--and putting them in forums instead. Our hope is that this will both make the forums a happier place, where people who enjoy and get something out of longer posts can run and play, and ease the flow of the comment section. Criteria for when this will happen are still being worked out. We are happy to get suggestions from you all.

We don't anticipate posting on here more than worker did, perhaps we will be even less present, but now you have the chance to ask questions, raise concerns (perhaps other than the ones that have been raised already so many times? but if you must repeat things, very well), and give suggestions.

Rollers may come back. If they do they might only refer to the source of the image or some other logistical information. Worker put a lot of work into being funny over the years and we are not interested in opening ourselves up to the bullshit that he received. Humor will still be present, of course, but it will require more effort to find. And of course roller-appreciators can post their own taglines. Decentralization is a virtue.

Now be unlimited by this forum: go forth and be anarchic!



What about the images used for the stories that are posted? So far it looks as if you are using a limited set of drawings from the same artist.

It will be this set of drawings unless someone submits an image with their content.

Sounds very weak. Why not just reuse the thousands of images worker had, at least gay Jesus roman gangbang..

Clearly, gay Jesus roman gangbang is essential to the anarchist project, and that should be clear to anyone who might visit this site.

Add a feedback forum. You don't want shittalking the site or mods and everyone just be dandy then add a feedback forum.
Also your guidelines are too strict for humor to occur. Perhaps we can get a nice Christian comedian like Tim Allen to make jokes here, but by your guidelines there is no space for even the tame by today's standards Lenny Bruce. You'd definitely cut the edge away from a George Carlin and definitely couldn't enjoy the antics of contemporary comedy from the likes of Doug Stanhope or Andy Andrist. I don't think you understand comedy and I question how anarchist it is to go with guidelines even Chuck Zero would think extreme? Also is this site no longer troll friendly because it was always discussed as such.

Is thecollective a bunch of post-activists or are they techies? I ask because techies can appreciate internet humor while activists are boring kindergarten teachers in how they relate to others usually.

the most perfect rainbow you have ever seen.

made of snowflakes.

We must reject all impotentiality—in secret. It is necessary to commence without illusions; not to dream of new ways to negotiate, but to make manifest the subterranean multiplicities in the heart of each barricaded hallway. Every burning dumpster is a refusal to be productive, a blow against the temporality of liberalism, a recognition of the radical teleology inherent in the articulation of desiring-bodies. In the setting forth of zones of offensive capacity, we negate those who would have us give up the immanent ecstasy of crisis for the catastrophe of activism.
What's needed is not absence, and even far less fossilization of our desires, but a putting-into-practice of inoperative rupture, a rejection in all forms of the logic of banality. Confronted with those who fail to recognize themselves in our festivals of destruction, we offer neither criticism nor sympathy but only our scorn. This is a call to zones of indistinction which need no justification, not an insistence on totality. The pathetic passivity proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with social war.
To those who deride the singular joy in a smashed window or a car set aflame, we propose nothing less than to destroy their homogenous humanism, at all costs. Our need to desire is less the articulation of a plan than the realization of an event.

Will cut and pastes from the automatic insurrectionary manifesto generator be allowed? Is this more substantial than "agreed" or "you're dumb"?

Good luck in making anarchistnews the next infoshop.org with your idiotic censoring of comments as flamebait. Hopefully a new site appears shortly that preserves some freedom of speech.

Governments preserve freedom of speech.

So, in other words, this site will now be just as heavily censored as any mainstream non-anarchist media outlet.

Lol....so much for "go forth and be anarchic".

Just pathetic.

You still got 4chan and conspiracy forums to post your racist, nationalist, sexist, reactionary trolling, you know? Just go crybaby elsewhere, that's all.

But you can also file a complaint to the Anews customer care department at:


(oops! Gotta go on vacations now...)

You think conspiracy, racist, nationalist, sexist and reactionary trolling comments are the only things that get censored on @news?

You must be new here.

Well, stupid or irrelevant or flamebait one-liners too... That also have been a trademark in the chans.

the internet is full of utterances that are not remarkable enough to warrant stating. go add to the din of useless chatter anywhere else (your options are many). i like the idea that to participate in a conversation here you have to say something at least minimally worth saying

All of it sounds good except this, which is troublesome, especially the last phrase: "In the rare case of a post that is sufficiently worthwhile and yet has distracting and stupid words in it, we might edit those words out in order to keep the benefit of the good part, but in general we think that tone is part of the message, and are more likely to just remove it entirely."

Changing words is right at the limit of what's acceptable to me. But removing a post that is sufficiently worthwhile because it has a few cringe-inducing words is over the edge into censorship.



Changing words is right at the limit of what's acceptable to me. But removing a post that is sufficiently worthwhile because it has a few cringe-inducing words is over the edge into censorship, you lil bitch.

Just joking. Please delete this comment. And I, for one, trust your judgment, however much the lil bitches might complain.

Thank you comrade. We, the @news central committee, trust our judgement too. We know what's best for you. Please continue to worship our authority and submit your comments for approval from our secret Politburo moderators. They will decide the fate of your attempt at communication. All their arbitrary decisions are final.

How does this type of poster handle non-anarchist news comment sections?

Prolly get pwned by mods with the laughter of the crowd behind them, like anywhere else. The anarchy behavior would get an extra special gold star from the crowd, the cacophony of rips and put downs would leave this type of poster crying for their lost swag.

What do non-anarchist news comment sections have to do with anything?

Enjoy your censorship.

I like kitten pics on a news. All ways a good laugh. Like black bloc kitty.

So collective, Uneducated and painfully pathetic attempts at straw-man trolling is cool, but trolling/ridiculing those obvious trolls is not? Even when honestly trying to engage with such baseless comments would be obviously as pointless as it would be derailing? Perfect example below (my equally trite rebuttal having been reasonably deleted).

"So you came out of of your anonomity to pile praise on an organizationalist and crypto-syndicalist?"

moderating this entire site for sophisticated interpretations is next to impossible.

i would say doing it consistently IS impossible.

"moderating this entire site for sophisticated interpretations is next to impossible. i would say doing it consistently IS impossible."

I get that but the above is hardly a sophisticated interpretation. It's the continual practice of people hurling unsubstantiated straw men as lame insults and then posturing as if it's actually a sound critique that obviously needs no explanation. Such as maoist, eco-fascist, leftist, lifestylist, crytpo-stalinist, crypto-fascist, crypto-infinite...ect. ect. ect. Is the point of moderation to enable a higher standard of discourse or provide space for more nuance conversation around struggle? Or are these going to persist and it is up to everyone else to keep in mind that they are being moderated and thus must either ignore and or try to engage seriously with such comments?

Or worse but more likely, is it a matter of partisan politics which accept certain strawmen one liners but not others? Essentially making the "non-sectarian" sub header akin to that of "fair and balanced".

People who swing by the site and see the same images that were attached the yesterday's, last week's, last month's articles are going to unconsciously pay less attention to new content because the image is already old news to them. I understand the desire to change the image situation on A-news but at least worker's model repeated images on infrequently. Honestly the standard should simply be no image at all unless there is an image that is actually related to the content of the article. The problem with the images now and before is that the random association or attempts at humor make the front page look like junk news full of stock images.

Hello thecollective,

Where are all the articles? Why has posting slowed so much? I bet you are just one jerk since you can't seem to hold your shit together. Do you need help? I recommend having an open call for new mods posted on 4chan /b/ to help you out. If that don't help, ask your buddies on Facebook or at the next party you are at, you know, when you aren't posting articles here to keep this site going.

Hey! I posted a forum topic not too long ago as an anonymous user. Is there a reason it hasn't been published? Should I write an article to open a forum topic or do I need an account? What gives? I thought it was a sufficient opener to a good discussion that could be had here with all who regularly post comments here.

what was the topic?

You posted it. Thx thecollective!

It was not a moderation decision. The forum module is slow to show new topics.

I think thecollective is just a bunch of egoists. I don't know why everyone is complaining.

Egoist thecollective of unionists pay attention dammit! Your smug world is not important to anyone but you. The only thing we want from you is regular topical news articles and essays of about for anarchists. It isn't that hard.

Honestly, imagine if Sir Einzige became the moderator for ANEWS.

Sounds good but needs better images. Images from the future. Don't be a bunch of damn noobs.

i could give a fuck what thecollective does. i wouldnt volunteer to deal with this shit. "flamebait" is a dumb way to put it tho. just delete spam and let people have their serious conversations in the forums if they cant handle being derailed. anyone that can ask for a babysitter in the comment sections can make-believe that the comments they dont like arent there.

Wow, all this butthurt. Its ridiculous. I'm tired of people like you crying like I should give a shit. I wouldn't volunteer to be you. If you can't handle topics getting derailed, then go to the damn forums and stay out of our way!

Why do people here act like they a RIGHT to post their "waste of space" drivel? Web sites aren't free since we haven't taken down capitalism yet. If you aren't maintaining the code and paying the bandwidth, this isn't *your* website. thecollective is just letting you use it. Which means they are being perfectly reasonable to say what is an acceptable use of their website and what isn't. Don't like it? Get your own website.

It's not "free speech" when the medium is costing whoever hosts the thing.

The collective provoked a dialog on the matter of moderation, if they don't like the comments being posted then they can of course delete them, because like you pointed out, they are currently in control of the means of production. If you don't like people questioning the decision making process of your great leaders (i.e. the collective), then by all means, get your own website and while your at it, get your own country if you don't like this one.

May Capitalism fall so that freedom of speech may flourish.

can i get a haircut in your car? yeah, i like to make a big hairy mess when i'm getting a lift somewhere.
oh what? i can't just cause it's not my car? fuck you, you bourgeoisie capitalist exploiter coercive leader bad bad jailer person!
may capitalism fall so i can shave in your bed!

They are in a far worse position than you acknowledge. Thecollective must compete with sites owned by for profit corporations that have a less friendly reason for doing what they do. Anarchist media is well aware of the draw of Facebook. If you can't compete their is niche and part of that is ensuring your small market keeps the cohesion it had else its delicate balance could collapse and people just find other things to do with their time.

"The collective must compete with sites owned by for profit corporations..."

Wait but why? Since when has @news been a project set up to win the war of ideas or even pretended to be an educational tool meant to raise consciousness or rather educate the "masses"? The project has always been a self-serving social forum for anarchist. SO who exactly is it competing against and why?


Your comment is made up of only one word. I'm surprised the central committee hasn't censored it yet.

Its a powerful response tho. It answers everything and more. Its like zen, but for existentialists.

u guize r just nerds wheres the violence?

"Including the importance of humour". Umm, what type of humour; satire, parody, ironic sarcasm, one liners or long rambling morality jokes of 500 words? *Reaches for jar of vaseline beside the keyboard and fantasizes about the committees' control-freak mothers*

skill exchange now! social revolution through do-it-yrself uber-prog networking. meet new frieds that fuck with sickles. dig easy tunnels to piss off inforbation like which bank to bamboozle next,' fucking nerds

fucking central comittee #smh

Can we nominate potential members of the collective? I'd like it if Mr. Grumpy moderated by putting in edits and corrections for spelling and grammar. That would be funny.

lol @ everyone complaining about the site being taken over by a collective as if that's somehow horrific and a one-guy show was so much better? websites must be maintained, those who run them must make decisions about how to moderate. whine and moan all you want, but lordy that seems like a thankless gig without "right" answers and endless complaints. I sure as shit didn't sign up cuz you bastards are never satisfied and always want to demean the poor schmucks who keep this thing running.

Did you fall on a Woozel wuzzel? Then why so Ass sore? Why don't you just put it in your ear and sing a song! The point was the context. The mods guidelines are horrible and that is the whole point.

and she was talking about working on some show that was the comedic vision of a single person; she argued that it was much better, more likely to be successful, probably clearer to people, etc, then having everyone have an equal say.
i don't know.
but i thought it was relevant in a conclusionless kind of way to this conversation.

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