Help needed after anti nazi demo - Eric Desousa Bail Fund

  • Posted on: 1 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Bay Area ABC</a>

Eric Desousa Bail Fund

Eric, along with two other comrades, was arrested at an Antifa action in Sacramento on Monday Feb 27, protesting neo-Nazis at the state capital.

He has been charged with six different counts, and multiples of some. His bail has gone from $30K the day of his arrest to $100K as of today. Video has surfaced showing he is innocent of the charges they are sticking him with — he is clearly being made an example of.

Eric really needs our help. We need to get him out so that he doesn’t have to sit in the horrid conditions at the Sacramento jail until his trial. <a href="">Please donate today</a>.</td><td><img title="We are all examples" src=""></td></tr></...


and gray in the dark

i hate you.

i do.

me too.

He may not be as hot as Flint, but he deserves just as much support!

who is flint?

is flint a political prisoner i don't know about, or is this supposed to remind me that i'm a dumb whore without "you" (and w u 2!!) idgi

If you have to ask...

Yes, I do have to ask. Who is Flint?

1. A hard gray rock consisting of nearly pure silica (chert), occurring chiefly as nodules in chalk.
2. A piece of this stone, esp. as flaked or ground in ancient times to form a tool or weapon.

it's an orphanage. run!

why dont you dorks use private email for this shit?

who are you talking to? cause i don't know who

what's a private email?

Flint Eastwood.

What about the other two?

First appearance saw their charges reduced or dropped and they are now out.

Fuck Cats

Cats are cute, fuck you.

yeah fuck cats

fucking cats >_



anarchy is about debating the value of cats as organisms. are they cute? are they evil? are all cats cute? should we kill them?


i don't trust anyone who says they "hate" either cats or dogs

They all must be destroyed!

nooooo anyone else but the kittehs

After they are dead, I will so joyfully consume their flesh!

i smell a cannibal!

but i am not a cat.

i thought all anews trolls were cats?

I am no cat, I am the most ferocious wolf.

i'm a cheetah, hello, goodbye.


racist !!

Dogs are mutants, intentionally bred over time to be shaped to completely aesthetic ends. They are the tangible, visible epitome of humanity's capacity for control and domination. I feel sick and angry whenever I see and think about dogs.

Pet dogs are for rich people, and neither should exist.

EW, this is what i's not their fault; they're animals. you're directing your hatred to the animal itself...i felt sick when i used to go to zoos. it didn't make me hate the animals there, it made me hate the people who imprisoned them.

your last statemtn is just a lie, and stupid. homeless people have dogs, sometimes several. dogs are very loving. you're not.

"it's not their fault; they're animals."

I didn't place blame.

"you're directing your hatred to the animal itself"

You're conflating "I hate dogs because of what they represent and how/why they exist" with "I hate them personally like enemies." So, no, I'm not directing it to the animal itself, at all, and this notion is a flagrantly arbitrary inference.

"it made me hate the people who imprisoned them"

Dogs were bred for permanent captivity, robbed of their basic nature for non-problematic self-sustainability. Should I hate dog owners for their role in a permanent indulgence of an intentionally constructed captivity and dominance? I think "I'm sorry dogs exist" might be a more suitable elaboration, but feeling that sorrow at their existence and what it stands for lends to conceptually despising the fact that they exist, particularly they way they do, or rather, usually have to do.

"your last statemtn is just a lie, and stupid. homeless people have dogs, sometimes several. dogs are very loving. you're not."

I've met and interacted with more homeless people with dogs than I could possibly count, and even used to be one, dumbass. Homeless people with dogs all think they're the exceptional case where they're the one who doesn't have an ugly situation for their animal. Like how all churches think they're the right one, and they're all wrong. ALL animals with homes are inherently dependent on total obedience and domination, which means even the *best* domestic situation is still a poor, saddening one. Further, most animals with homes don't have ideal situations, which is why one of two reasons I say dogs are for rich people: (1) They're the only ones adequately equipped to put dogs in the *best* (read: STILL BAD) situation possible and (2) the commodification and breeding of the dogs we have today was undertaken BY THE UPPER CLASS as an elite hobby, and the "pet" industry is the trickle down, "you're problem now" situation we all experience everyday.

Not a day goes by that I don't at least see a dog on a short chain, a yard full of unmaintenanced animal waste, someone hitting/abusing their pet, and particularly, well-intentioned people looking to get rid of their animal because they were too stupid to foresee that NOT BEING RICH meant they'd run in to not actually being able to take care of it.

There's a saying that goes "To see who really loves you, put your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for a day. When you open it, which one is happy to see you?" If that's love, you can fucking have that cheap, disgusting perversion of "affection."

I fucking hate dogs *because* a loving person could not view this situation in anything but a light of desperation and dilemma.

my skin is crawling.

people who hate companion animals with this much viciousness are just a step away from serial killer.

listen, whoever you are, if you think you recognize my "voice" please don't reply to me ever again. i've seen people throw cats against the wall (they "hated" cats) - it's an empathy & love void at best - thx for not replying.

That is not the kind of hate I'm espousing, if you'd bother to read.

people who think *pet owning* and forced-reliance are fucking "companionship" are sick.

that's NOT companionship, that's sadism.

and I don't *hate animals,* and I wish you had critical reading skills enough to even begin to critically analyze the content of what I'm saying.

As i type this, I'm playing with a dog, in my house, being fostered by the fucking Pit Bull rescue my partner works at. Caspian (the dog) just bit some balloons and they popped and it was fucking cute, and that fact is not in contradiction with anything that I said. Your, vapid, shallow, myopic emotional investment in "companion (FUCK YOU) animals" clouds your ability to think critically about the situation.

You're a moron, and I shouldn't bother describing the above example because it validate your ridiculousness by pandering to your inability to comprehend.

*re-read what I said*

First of all, you are lying. There is no dog. You made up a story, duh.

You are an abusive, sadistic person who completely lacks empathy. You have proven that over and over again. Go lie to and brainwash someone else; get out the sock puppets and mock up some "authentic human emotion" or whatever it is you do with yourself besides troll the internet - you're not going to convince me otherwise, and you're not going to hurt me with your abuse. Do not reply, EVER AGAIN, thank you.

There is a dog, right here, would you like some links to pictures, or a link to Lost Paws (the rescue my partner is fostering the dog from)?

^definitely has a dog... fucking dogs

is this one of your thousands of internet aliases or one of the pathetic dolts you've brainwashed? well, guess what? I DON'T CARE! Now back the fuck off.

There's some serious drama taking place amongst the ANEWS mods huh? I hate you Cliff.

hate yourself

So long and thanks for all the empathy, dick!


my empathy stops with sociopaths, sorry. it's a basic survival skill. re-read the comments.

Yeah, I was just fucking with you. At the moment, I really don't know what to think, besides sociopaths are mostly a product of capitalist society. As a pet owner, I feel that humans have the capacity to be entirely caring to their pets, so like I said, I disagree with ysakhsrjksa.

well, i'm sorry for calling the victims of sociopaths 'dolts' - but i get angry of the 'victims' of capitalist society just the same sometimes

Comrade, we all get angry with this shit, it's only natural for anyone who is conscious of what is actually taking place.

this is pretty funny ^

^media worm

^text file trojan horse

Thanks, Squee, you're a dear!

I could get an a-news moderator or two to confirm it for you, even, if you'd realllly like.

As much as I disagree with ydkwtfyta's conception of domesticated animals, and find it rather strange, I really don't see a need to disparage them as someone who is prone to be a serial killer.

On the other hand, do you hate proletarians in light of desperation and dilemma?

Thanks for the defense, and thanks for a thoughtful critical inquiry.

I think that question would make me feel less comfortable with my pet-related sentiments if humans were literally methodically *bred* from a drastically different animal (WOLF) for the direct purposes of being more docile, aesthetically appealing, and "ownable."

How I'd prefer to answer is twofold:

(1) Previous clarifications in my comments lent to admitting that I "hate" "what they represent and how/why they exist," and that "I'm sorry dogs exist" would be more accurate and less hyperbolic/casual than a go-to quip like "I hate dogs." I also hate DJs, and that's about the seriousness or depth I'd intend with saying "I hate dogs."

(2) Actually, the same reasons (1) are true are the same reasons I have any interest in possible applications of radical politics... the domination, the systematic control, how hierarchy *has* lent to attempts at selective breeding within our species (racism, eugenics), and things of that nature. Yes, I see the human animal in a dire situation, and more specifically, I hate the larger body of humans being complicit, or being prone to complicity (notice I said "being", not "hate THE HUMANS"). Relating the desperation and dilemma of the human animal TO the pet-breed animals is precisely the origin of my previously stated positions, and so the distinction I'd offer as a response is the one contained in the first paragraph. Another problem is, since I don't "hate the prole" cus it's not their fault, the situation of dogs *is* the human animals fault, undeniably. It was all forced, coercive, and as I said earlier, is actually the result of various rich/elite parties undertaking the endeavor.... So, again, rather than "I HATE DOGS" being an accurate synopsis of my point, "Pet dogs are for rich people, and neither should exist." is more accurate.

Importantly, I'd also add this major differentiation:

I said "a loving person could not view this situation in anything but a light of desperation and dilemma."

... with "proles" or humans, I don't necessarily see plight as desperate or problematic. The pet epidemic is one that is practically solutionless. There aren't enough homes, there aren't enough kind "owners", there's not enough accessible currency for their medical care, there are *millions* of dogs on the streets and in shelters, and more and more offspring being had *every day*.... and there is *nothing that dogs can do about it because they've been bred to not be able to do anything about it.*

Also, all the human-based potential solutions are laden with inevitable cruelty on an immeasurable scale. It is a conundrum, and an epidemic.

Humans have some potential to fix some of their shit, so that's another reason "desperation and dilemma" among them doesn't have me walking around feeling consistently disparaged.

okay, well good luck finding a final solution for the dog epidemic

oh yeah, and this is hilarious because the conversation is all taking place under an article for an anti-nazi demo.

in conclusion - toss as many abusive adjectives my way as you like. your basic mo is to take your hateful crude arguments then "appeal to authority" and "appeal to complexity" perhaps add some kitschy "real true life story" that appeals to the emotions in a crude way, then mixed it all together and voila! death by verbosity. if others want to get into it with you on the finer points, cool. but i don't care.

"I also hate DJs"

I am a DJ and I am what I play.


learn an instrument

so I guess you didn't get my David Bowie Reference.

david bowie learned instruments

of course you would "appeal to authority"

lol k

sorry, it must have really bummed you out to succumb to the fact that I wasn't lying or a serial killer while still holding those positions.


no, you are lying.



No meh, this shit is fucking pathetic.

you just don't know how to party

I could totally out party you, but intra-sect bickering isn't what I would consider partying.

Hahaha, intra-sect... I don't imagine I share much sectarian affinity with my "debate" opponent pal up there.

... but you party your way, and I'll party mine!

So you're a Leninist?

i'm a LOLinist

Lol, later dog lover!

By the way, cats are cute. KILL ALL HUMANS.

Where's your empathy, sociopath?



if you promise from the bottom of your heart not to get all "no empathy for sociopaths" on me and send a letter bomb, i'll tell you who I am so you can actually verify that I am sitting with a dog.

You can also look up that Squee aint me very easily.

Fun times!

Also, I don't think wolves were necessarily subjugated to human dominance, but that they eventually became dependent on human society and were selectively bred for certain traits. That's what I was taught, at least.

There were varying degrees of what you describe, including that which resulted in more socialized (as opposed to "domesticated" in the sense of "pets"), but the *pet breed* of dog originates as I have suggested... at some point, I might go get an human/animaml sociology book I have and source/quote it. It elaborates some interesting shit further about the intentionally breeding of traits like short-hair and flat-faces that are actually genetically defective and put them in what is essentially permanent discomfort, and how many of the selectively bred features are made to more similarly resemble human childlike features.

Fuckin nuts.

Right, but aesthetics aside, I don't think early humans had the intention of breeding dogs with these defects that would provide for physiological impairment. That's not to say that humans at times can not be incredibly cruel to other species, let alone themselves.

The early initiations weren't as intentional, wolf/human encroachment (who encroached on whom?) was a problem... but there was a fairly definitive turn towards what I would argue are the more direct causes of what has become the "epidemic."

(this is my favorite comment of the whole exchange)

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone involved in this argument. I'm not a sock puppet. I'm not trolling. Okay, well... I'm not trolling this thread.
What about ydkwtfyta's argument was illogical? As far as I could tell they were just pointing out that dominating a pet is a form of domination. It's so obvious that it's basically tautological.
The only logical flaw in their whole comment was their use of 'sick', which as we know is nothing but an inversion of the baseless ideal of health.
That written, I'm intrigued about the interpersonal conflict behind this. Could you enlighten myself and other members of the troletariat?
Thank you.

Read the comments as if ydk was talking about humans. (ie Ydk *is* talking about humans.) In their first comment ydk says "Dogs are mutants" then "I fucking hate dogs" Then they say I hate dogs because they are dominated and vulnerable, because they are for "aesthetic purposes". Then they come up with all kinds of bullshit....Ydk has exhibited this same hatred towards vulnerable humans in the past (poor people, women, etc). Ydk is a sociopath.

I didn't read it that way at all.
ydk is obvious incorrect about dogs being mutants because there's no objectively correct form for anything, including dogs. Or, to look at it from another angle, all species, subspecies and individuals are mutants because mutation is a necessary component of all (non-artificial) genetic change. But how does him (?) being wrong about that = him being a sociopath?
That they have been and are bred for aesthetic purposes is just true. I don't think that's any more of an endorsement of the fact than saying that humans all die or that all proles are exploited. Recognising that something is one way isn't endorsing it. Again, I fail to see the link with sociopathy.
The whole hating dogs for being dominated thing does seem pretty odd though. Maybe it is part of a broader hatred for the dominated, but I don't know if you could call that sociopathy or just misanthropic frustration caused by the idealism that fills his (ydk writes in a way that dudes often do, I'm pretty sure this is a safe assumption) comments.
I appreciate you replying.


that wasn't me. you're so strange.

The validity of the arguments being made by that other person, I wish, would demonstrate to you the very irrational comprehension you're employing that led you to interpret my pet arguments in such a way is the same absurd comprehension that led you to interpret such outlandish things like hatred for "poor people and women." I've only ever been poor, never even middle class, for example.

So strange.

I'll leave that for people who know how to read (and read between the lines) to decide. Shove your mock-astonishment and innocent act up your fucking ass.

As the person who wrote that comment, it really wasn't ydk.
Unless you were replying 'You don't know.'
Like, veteran marine style , after seeing one to many flame wars.
'You weren't there, man.
You weren't there.'


You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

how rude

I know, right?

ha ha-have another drink and handful of pills

With pleasure.


... and dogs.

ydk is NOT an "idealist" . Hilarious.

The only accurate thing you've surmised about me.

Seriously, use whatever name you want - lie about whatever you want. At the center of it all is an empathy void and some really creepy eugenics. I'm out of this "conversation". Bye!

There are a few clarifying words that *might* lend more credence to the "dogs are mutants" statement, but not ones that rescue it from being hyperbolic or irrelevant, so you make a good point there. But, more specifically, I meant "Dogs are mutants (originally a sub-species of the grey wolf, now intentionally "mutated" by selective breeding to have various traits not found in uninhibited nature)." Hopefully that's a fair distinction between the problem of "objectively correct" form. My haste results in the appearance of standard, but I have none, no outlook that employs normative expectations.

"The whole hating dogs for being dominated thing does seem pretty odd though."

I made several clarifications and specifications that address the "oddness" of this. Such as intending that the seriousness of "I hate dogs" be taken about as seriously as one might take "I hate DJs." On the internet, "I HATE DOGS" doesn't quite demonstrate the same casual inflection/attitude that actual conversation would contain.

"I don't know if you could call that sociopathy or just misanthropic frustration "

(A) Great point. (B) It's neither, really. Frustration, but neither misanthropic (as hopefully clear by various other statements I made when prodded about the "human" implications), nor species-based "hatred" since I actually am an animal lover, and animal liberation is a main topic of interest and pursuit for me.

"caused by the idealism that fills his comments."

Hopefully my clarifications absolve some of the "ideal"-appearances as being due to linguistic/explanatory shortcuts and hyperbole. If more of my comments appear to have idealized sentiment, I would sincerely appreciate more of them being pointed out, to see where they are either accidental (so I could be aware) or more simply due to language or "for the sake of conversation."


>"nor species-based "hatred" since I actually am an animal lover, and animal liberation is a main topic of interest and pursuit for me." Ha ha. I'm sure it is. I have one word for you : "PRO-LIFE". Anyway, last comment from me. I shouldn't have let you harass me into this mess.


i'm definitely pro-death.

Exactly. Someday I will write something about people like you. Thanks for giving me some more info on your platform.

i'm also anti-sarcasm

I have an honest personal question for you, if you'd be so... kind.

Are you in to what some people call "conspiracy theories?" (like, are you in to 9/11 truth, UFOs/ETs, pyramid stuff, vaccines/autism, chemtrails, that kinda shit?)


cmon, anything like that?

i aint gunna respond or argue about them, i'm just curious

nope, painfully sane. later.

MY use of the word "sick" was conceptual, not literal, and I appreciate the check on use of idealized language. I don't readily or intentionally employ a imaginary point of referential standard from which to source "healthy" or "sick," I only meant to illustrate that "companion" typically is understood by *it's definition* in a way that renders the use of the word in the context of pet-ownership a "perversion" from the definition or understanding of it... any implication that there is or should be an "ideal" form of "compassion" was incidental or accidental, and I will find more careful ways to make the point in the future.

thanks a ton.

been veg. for 10 years, too, by the way, never thrown a cat against a wall as far as I can remember. But that's the last pandering to the legitimacy you'd seek to bother actually considering the positions I've outlined.

hey voters - go read the comments now AFTER I asked psycho not to away!

yeah, you would "appeal to voters"


no, i'm telling voters to suck my dick, lol


does the peanutbutter trick work with voters, or just with dogs?

domesticated cats are basically the in the same boat, they have also been bred over time for the same purposes.

Selective breeding man, it's like, one step away from eugenics and stuff.

it basically is eugenics.


not to get all pop psych, but usually cats=woman dogs=man

did you know that women are from Venus and men are from Mars?


Fuck you, dawg.

I would happily donate a small amount to sensible causes, but I know that payment systems are monitored. I do not wish to get noticed.

Please consider accepting Bitcoins or some other payment method where the donor has tools available to retain their anonymity.

Seems like there's hardly anyone who takes anarchist news seriously days. I like facebook better.

I get the anonymity thing, but I'm also noticing some people getting too paranoid to where they won't do anything, or basically won't communicate in ANY way but face to face.

I miss those folks. But hey, guess they beat the system, even though we've basically been separated, right?

I am not sure what is worse, people who keep replying to everyone's post and fueling these inane conversations, or me going through and reading these inane conversations. Fuck, I guess I just put myself into both categories.

I put myself in to both of those categories, and the third of indulging in them for some flippant reason or another. Take the step... join us... JOIN US.

I want to donate, but only if it's for a webcam to watch mods arguing.

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