Help us make the 2012 South African Anarchist Bookfair awesome

  • Posted on: 15 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>**Dear anarchist friends from around the world,**

On the 8th of December we'll be hosting the second annual SA Anarchist Bookfair in Observatory, Cape Town.

The first bookfair (on the 5th of November last year) was a resounding success in every possible way; we're really keen to make this year's event bigger and better, but for that we'll need more funds than we've so far been able to scrape together.

Specifically, we'd like to raise some cash to do the following:</td><td><img title="Isn't this what the tablers are for?" src=""></td></tr>...

<LI>bring out one or more international speakers</LI>
<LI>ship over lots of books</LI>
<LI>print lots of zines</LI>
<LI>print decent promotional materials</LI>
<LI>rent decent AV equipment</LI>
<LI>pay for a decent venue</LI>

If you can help in any way, it would be deeply appreciated. We have an Indiegogo campaign running at:

If you're part of an anarchist group / organisation / publisher / etc., and would like to participate (or send over some books, or a speaker, or whatever) please get in touch with us via us [AT] anarchistbookfairDOTcoDOTza!

*Solidarity, Love and Anarchy!*
*The Organisers of the 2012 SA Anarchist Bookfair*

PS: Here's last year's site, in case you'd like an idea of what we're going to get up to this year:


In a country with so much genuine working class struggle, the sheer amount of focus on lifestyle among South African anarchists is very disappointing.

lifestyles are for the living

Really? How much do you know about South African anarchists?

Last I checked most of them were Genuine, Black Flame Approved Class Struggle Manarchists, all radical unions and Makhnochismo.

talks shit about IA on anarkismo.

begs for money on @news.


I suspect you're confusing me for somebody else. I don't post on anarkismo.

aw sorry dog. my bad. i thought this was being posted by some platformy types. haste makes waste, i was a fool to assume.


No, that's just some lifestylist.

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