Holding It All Together: Wild Roots Feral Futures 2012 Report-Back

  • Posted on: 22 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://feralfutures.blogspot.com/2012/08/holding-it-all-together-wild-ro... Futures</a> - By Cordage

This was my first year attending the Feral Futures gathering. I was originally a bit skeptical of it but in going to the gathering was really impressed with it and how it went. Held in the Weminuche Wilderness in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado, the location was perfect. The Pine River was in close distance to our camp, providing us with water for bathing, drinking and just enjoying. Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Fir and Quaking Aspen trees made up the forest with a diversity of plants that provided for food and medicine. The connection to this place was quickly felt for myself, as wilderness broke down and wildness came forth.

The amount of people who came quickly rose as the days passed, and I found that in no time at all what it began to feel like wasn't just a random gathering of people but a group of people working to create community and anarchy, however temporarily. And although it was a glimpse, it seemed to provide a wonderful example of how people can come together in the right setting and treat each other as equals and friends. What really was great was having conversations with people actually engaged with no cellphones or other distractions to take away their focus, something so rare now.</td><td><img title="If I could create community I would you it to fly away from this place. I'd go to communitystan where everything is awesome." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/balrogyoda.jpg"></td></tr><...

There was a large focus on healing as Wylden Freeborne has mentioned elsewhere; overcoming all of the damage that has been inflicted upon us by domestication and Western Civilization. I thought this was a really important part of the gathering that seemed to flow throughout it constantly.

There was no one taking charge at Feral Futures, and the anarchic nature of the event was definitely apparent. Problems were dealt with as they came up, with not too many being present. There was an issue of sobriety and intoxication and the creation of "sober" fires and "rowdy" fires, with the solution being to focus on the circle at the sober fire being sober, and people having to step outside of it to drink or smoke. Perhaps there could have been a better way come up with to balance the needs of those folks that didn't want to be around intoxication and those who have no issues with it, but the fact that at least some considerations were taken was nice.

There were a lot of great workshops, including workshops on consent, direct action, and discussions on invisibility disabilities and the green scare amongst others. I personally was really interested in the radical parenting workshop despite not being a parent myself, but beyond the discussion, what was really interesting was the actual radical parenting that some folks were engaged in at the gathering and how the children differed from children raised in a non-radical civilized parenting style. I was also really interested in the rewilding workshop which had a group of us sitting around discussing what rewilding has meant for us, our experiences, challenges,and such. A really great conversation.

Unfortunately, events such as Feral Futures are just short lived experiences that are outside of what is happening in civilization where all the destruction continues. There was no forgetting this at the gathering, to everyone's credit, this didn't just turn out to be a party in the woods with a celebration that we're at the end of it and it's time to party. While this system is collapsing, that doesn't take away from the everyday destruction and violence that it is inflicting as long as it continues to collapse, and that the question of what to do to resist that is really important. What Feral Futures does do though is provide a wonderful example of how despite all the fucked up things this culture does to us, we still do have the potential to be as humans, and to come together in positive ways.

<blockquote>The end of their days; is the beginning of our lives. Freed from self-imposed restraints the wanderers will re-arise


why is this here

remember the last report back on this? At least this one contains some actual info

inb4 Derrick Jensen fucks salmon

Spiderhose is primal war.

There needs to be some semi-permanent, perhaps nomadic band of anti-civ folks that just roam around and snowball larger and larger. Temporary gatherings are not enough.

You mean like the Rainbow Gathering?

With swords.

bows and arrows


One practical thing people can do to help maintain a higher level of autonomy and rewild a bit is to plant fruit trees everywhere you can get away with it. Also to make a map of fruit trees in an area to give out to people. It's small, but it's minimal effort for a decent result. You could also learn about edible wild plants in your area and make a pamphlet explaining them so people know.

Of course these aren't enough by any means, but they are a start to thinking about how we can build a strong enough autonomy from capital to fight it from safely.

"everywhere you can get away with it" Huh, 2000kms away at Yellowstone!?

"edible wild plants in your area" ha, yeah, the ones picked and sorted out at the supermarket, ready to be repossessed!!

"can build a strong enough autonomy from capital to fight it from safely." Fighting and safety are not compatible!!


They have to be compatible enough to survive.

sounds like PCU in the woods

Sounds like your best reference points for real world events are comedy central reruns.

And your point may be?

as long as everyone gets laid@!!!!!!!!! @miryte?

I am not an "anarcho-primitivist" but I enjoyed this piece and if I would probably got to a Feral Futures near me.

Banks collapse, central banks collapse, governments collapse under mountains of debt, the economy collapses, local and state governments collapse, morale collapses, liberal do goodism.....

feral futures

too irrelevant; didn't read

I don't know what you DO find to be relevant but increasingly I'm thinking that everything collapse related is pretty much on the cutting edge of relevance from a mainstream viewpoint.

I think it's increasingly ridiculous when class war types try to say "we need the idea of [socialism, class struggle, worker struggle, economic reform/revolution, etc.] because that's a concept that masses of people can actually grasp and work towards..."

Pretty much all of my actual life experiences point to the exact opposite being true. That is, NOBODY I talk to from any walk of life really sees major economic restructuring being a likelihood in the near future. ON THE OTHER HAND, fucking EVERYBODY seems to be talking about "Shit I need to buy guns, for you know, when shit REALLY hits the fan"... and no I'm not talking about some insular anarchist clique, I'm talking about completely apolitical stoner youth, to low wage workers, to my mom's friend's ex-cop husband, to random middle class looking people on the bus... can't seem to get away from it.

If anything I think anti-civ types aren't being blatant enough to tap into the common interest. We sometimes think we have to make ourselves sound all inoffensive and plausible so we guard our speech with friendly sounding words like "sustainability", maybe we should lay it all out and just be more like "look we all know shit's going to go down, let's talk about how to survive through it."

I didn't say anything about class or "appealing to the masses", I just said this shit is irrelevant, which it is. The previously mentioned Rainbow Gathering probably has more potential for ruptures than this.

This entire site is irrelevant at this point.

but you still read it just enough to leave inane comments!

Real World, Southwest Colorado edition.

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