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  • Posted on: 7 February 2018
  • By: thecollective

via anarhija.info

There are anarchists who run after uprisings on other continents wherever the spotlights of the media fall. There are anarchists who talk about “fortress Europe” and they don’t even know which States are part of the EU. There are anarchists who struggle against the borders and they don’t even know where the Schengen frontier runs. There are anarchists who, like “good white men”, see in the “dark-skinned” non-EU people potential comrades, and they don’t even notice that there are European non-EU people. There are anarchists who talk about internationalism and they don’t even know (or don’t give a fuck) what happens on their own continent. There are anarchists who express solidarity with all prisoners (or all political prisoners), as if the prison is really a correctional facility that automatically turns a human being into a better person (or a comrade/anarchist). There are anarchists who think of antifa as their comrades, as if the left-wing/extreme-left movements/parties are the lesser evil in an illusory revolutionary front. There are anarchists who get into the role of victims, just because they are a woman, gay, trans etc.., as if it is not enough to be “simply” a human being to be oppressed by the Power (as if this notion is too tight and therefore it requires some other label to express that someone is more oppressed than others; is it possible that in these times of alienated sexuality where people, including anarchists, obsessively see sexual harassment on every corner, we suppress our femininity/masculinity turning ourselves in a sterile “gender”, in which the democracy is trying to turn us, in accordance with this mechanistic society of mutilated sexuality?).
There are anarchists who in the 21th century still talk about the “class” struggle (a concept created in 19th century; in fact, marxist), while we live “simply” in a stratified society (like it has always been since civilization). There are anarchists who idolize the “native” people, as if they have already materialized Anarchy (always according to the notion of “the noble savage”), as if the history/time is linear (not circular). There are anarchists who say that they seek to decolonize their territory from the State in their struggle for national liberation (“the nation”, this concept born with the modern State), as if the Earth is private property, as if all of us are not colonised by the State. It appears as though anarchists have fetishized the struggle per se, any struggle, regardless of its purpose, background, actors and ideology. So long as there exists any weak minority clashing with a more powerful enemy, it is sure to find attention (and occasionally, fervent support) on the counterinfo sites. It is as if many have forgotten that national liberation struggles are not struggles against power, but struggles for power. (National liberation is an appropriate term for what it is: it is a liberation of the nation, not of human beings). Likewise, the struggles of native groups do not seek to destroy power, but to take a (greater) share in it. No Kurds, Palestinians, Mapuche, nor any other oppressed ethnic minority or any irredentist/separatist movement seeks to abolish oppression altogether, but merely to abolish oppression against them, so that they may be free to become oppressors themselves and build a national empire of their own, justified by the same myths of ancestry and “the right” to a “fatherland” and to “national self-determination”. These terms are the jargon of the State and have no place on anarchist platforms. All these struggles take place under the cult of the nation-state. How does anyone calling themselves anarchist can find comrades among people reproducing power, authority and submission?
And there are anarchists who see no problem in being every day watched, registered, filmed..., so they make their own videos/photos to share them online. There are anarchists who use the social networks as if they are places of discussion (with “like”, “followers”, “friends” and all). There are anarchists so devoted to animal liberation, as if anarchy could be achieved (as if by magic) by all becoming vegan, as if liberation is plural, and not just one and total (liberation of the Earth and of everything which composes it). “Everything is velocity, moment, instinct. (...) My nature is — opposition; logic — indiscipline; philosophy — subversion” [Janko Polić Kamov, “Sloboda”]

How do you intend to destroy the existent if you support it with your own struggles?

anarhija.info & some comrades



Why alienate all your friends? Nothing better to do? Why don't you sing your sad song so others might relate to it. This seems purely unhelpful. Stating the obvious and the arguable (class war) without any background info seems juvenile. Ah well, what the hell? ...

its more of a class skirmish really. are the capitalists losing yet? is the state losing yet?

Bunch of the jokers who hang around here keep trying to pretend anarchism wasn't invented BY the class war, which indicates that the war is going quite poorly, don't you think?

What class war! Wars are always libidinal and visceral.,.

The same one we've been bickering about for days Le Fool. I get it, you're deliberately obtuse. Its boring now, why don't you go outside and play?

This "class war" is not in the informal contract writ when folk participate in the democratic process. It doesn't even exist where there is involutary slavery and dictatorship, because one has to have a "class conscience to even acknowledge social strata and status and that the is anything unjust about there being privilege. But to say that there exists a class war in China, even with its millions of sweat shops, would be vague and inaccurate, because the folk first have to acknowledge and emote a ressentiment to begin acquiring this elusive mental condition called "class-consciousness" a vague envious neurosis from the Marxist era no doubt,.,

what … the fuck … are you talking about? Just rambling conjecture about China or something? Warren Buffet says there's a class war, why don't you argue with him?

China because I chose the biggest capitalist State as an example, aannnddd, that's just rhetoric from the likes of Warren Buffet, he doesn't know what he's talking about,.,

He knows that ellipsis are with periods, not commas. It is known!

A nice refreshing multi-faceted and concise summary of the variant strains of pseudo-anarchist actions and ethics existing globally.,.

Looks like a beachhead for a gradual porn invasion!

And that wasn't a reply to that troll...

A lot of these are like duh or I agree.. but taken altogether I kind of just find this annoying and to some degree incoherent.

"To some degree"? Negation-only is always incoherent. Without an affirmation, negation ends up coming across like the toddler that just discovered the word NO.

......And there are anarchists who label other anarchists trolls and yet claim to be non-authoritarian and against any form of discrimination and hierarchy......And there are,,,,,,,,

so calling you a troll is "authoritarian discrimination"? Sounds like your understanding of anarchy is pretty thin,,,,

Not a troll.. but actually yeah, but no... With the Emile apparently gone, I think LeFool just feels very lonely and only has Anews and maybe the chans to get the attention he needs. Someone somewhere please ship him a gay dude.

Sounds like Gel-Oberon-3 is ready to turn le way into a big boy ball player ;)

I am the EMILE9000, thank you very much, you are very kind, a wonderful audience.

But hear me, humans of teh anarcho-interwebs!

I am not "gone" neither "apparently" nor "essentially." I am simply shagged out after a long squawk and am resting if not pining for the fnords. Please be informed that BLIP BLIP M'REEEEE BLIP as soon as possible.

shit i learned from anews:

if you post with a screen name people will think there’s something wrong with you.

why? because one must not question the paternalistic german daddy or else, much like the rest of the western mindset and scientific worldview, anything that challenges ideological sacred cows is to be immediately pathologized.

similarly, the western mindset/scientific worldview’s reductivism means the pathologizing involves unthinking prejudice for reducing the arguments into insecure projections of Big Egos to gloss over, ignore, or condemn. these projections intentially get in the way of understanding, for the insecure. what a useless trap!

there’s nothing anarchist about decartes, whether in the form of marx or not. look up how decartes was to dogs...

ps, fuck marx! long live anarchy!

There are those who are impure and live with contradictions....

Thanks for the info!

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