How meet and "network" with other anarchists

I don't really know any anarchists right now and would like to get involved in activism and meet people with similar interests. I am not the most social person, I can function but I'm no social butterfly. I am also interested in the anarchist scenes around Portland and Seattle if anyone knows anything about that.

You mean like posting online tips that aren't helpful to undercovers? That's a bit complicated...

Find the local anarchist spaces (social spaces, infoshops, book stores, cafes, co-ops, etc.), go to events that interest you. If there's a music scene that interests you that can also help, tho not as much as it once did.

I dunno... if you hang around in milieus talking to people about "anarchism" you're likely to attract the wrong people in the first place. Maybe that's one of the reasons why NA anarchist scenes suck, as anarchism isn't a covertly understated (if even understated) through some relations defined by actually anarchistic activity, but a storefront item used for meeting with other gay people who think they got somethin special n shit.. in contrast with that other big gay sauna full of liberal hipster dudes. lol

The majority of Portland's scene is based around antifascism so going go events around that. There's one on November 17th I think but other than that shows are your best bet

All the more reason to not network or join the 'scene'.

Fuck Fuck Fuck, please everybody, let's not use this ridiculous fuckin' word. Let's use anarchist space/s instead and please don't use 'the anarchist community' either. Fuck, that's it. I'm done. Thanks.

Got the copyright for its use here. ;)

I think that even though it's a strange term, it's much better and sociologically-accurate than "community", which is the worse thing to hear in such a dissolved social tissue of disparate interests and people. Most claimed communities are not, and those that are, well, they tend to suck ass, kinda like in the worse tribal, sectarian way.

Like, say... that absurd PASC crowd of burned-up petty-bourgie activists who just won't quit just because they still got their government subsidies... lol What a bunch of living SPOOKS.

hahaha, look ma, i'm contributing! AHAHAHAHAHAA

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