How to: smash the social iceberg of Hate

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Anonymous (not verified)
How to: smash the social iceberg of Hate

Make no mistake, the exploits done by antifa lately, especially around the Inauguration Day, are highly enjoyable, from a distance. And I get to do my own antiracist/antifascist actions whenever I can...

But neofascism, police violence, racism, antifeminist sexism are only tips of a deep, supermassive iceberg that we are all connected to, and we keep making it colder day after day, as we refuse to bring some warmth and open cracks.

The iceberg is still there. It's like that Pink Floyd's Wall. To paint an @ sign, or "ntfa" over it, just like your usual shitty contemporary art/commodity, won't change a shit at the end of the day. May even make it bigger and heavier. And I think it does... or maybe it's just me getting old.

After watching all this is sheer, mute silence, I FEEL that it's not graffiti we need the most these days, neither posters, slogans, banner protests, and smashy-smashy. Not even setting valuable shit on fire or punching Nazis. Just as the countless posters and zines on consent, on stopping sexual harassment, countering rape... No one can argue, negotiate or discuss with sheets of paper and painted walls. But I NEED TO TALK about my sexism, to people opposed to it, and look for how to overcome it. I don't need to be judged, shamed and excluded for it. I don't need your judgemental stone-faced silence.

Neither of these things help break the machinery of ordinary hate that predominates in the capitalist world.

Something else entirely is needed... a human, UNMEDIATED communication. One that leads to a stream of mutual love, understanding and development of our potential. Creating openings on each other. This communication still is not happening, beyond the mostly-invisible walls of hatred that separates us all. Screens are not openings, but walls with nice, colorful moving graphics. And don't look for those smug exchanges, these dehumanizing assemblies and demos were you simply can't have a talk.

But there is a felt need to communicate (I think... maybe I'm wrong), yet only the most socially-skilled achieve to do so. Social selection keeps happening, and thus is causing even more hate in this downward spiral. The lesser socially-apt, the atomized, the dismissed, the dispossed, the freak, the under-priviledged, will keep mass-shooting people around.

How long do you think it will take before one of those Sinked Ones decide to "surface" by attacking one of your social centers, your community projects, your artist lofts, your student bars,

In a world where identities in the form of social categories are enclosing people together and allowing for privilege accumulation. We are going in a terrible direction... and just as Xmas and Valentine's Day are still being celebrated, every year, un-challenged, un-disrupted, as celebrations of the totalitarian order's persistence through time, we are losing grasp on time, on history... we are becoming "useless eaters", waiting to be discarded, at the bottom line of years and years of hard labor and stress to "win", to expand and rise socially.

I know this is not how you wanna end... so why are you pursuing it in the first place? We do not change the world, the world changes us. Nearly two decades of smashing windows did not destroy the world, but it didn't keep us away from destroying each other, anyways...

Anonymous (not verified)
It wasn't supposed to keep us

It wasn't supposed to keep us from destroying each other… I'm afraid you're lost in the spectacle. Don't seek answers in the conflict itself, battle and dialogue are pretty damned mutually exclusive.

Anonymous (not verified)
pacifism and sedatives

pacifism and sedatives

Dio (not verified)

You are hate. The love you touch on is a liberal anti-love that hates hate. As Jesus says, hate your friends, love your enemies. Can any of us heed this radical means? To create a world in the world is to fail or at win by reconstructing a new power dynamic. Love is not a fight like revolutions, it is harder, but so easy, like love, the kind that is not constricted by taking sides before one knows what the whole is. Anti-fa is a gaggle of nazi sympathizers in the cloak of reactive privileged house dogs. Radical tolerance is the solution, not supporting the places you feel safe. No one will take the steps necessary because it is not in the egoic nature of this private property consciousness, it is a radical force of enlightened fidelous choice with no warranty. Use your magic prayer for a doomsday or simply admit you love violence and hate and rock on with your chosen responsibility to fight a useless fight. And that's a dick message from the eunuch, fuckers!

Anonymous (not verified)
Sounds good!

But what about pirates?

Anonymous (not verified)
I love the idea of a day of

I love the idea of a day of reckoning for little shithead trolls who've never had anyone slap the taste from their mouths before. Also hate and violence! Love'em! Mm mm!

Anonymous (not verified)
Normfront, please.

Normfront, please.

Anonymous (not verified)
Is that where obvious sarcasm

Is that where obvious sarcasm goes?

Anonymous (not verified)
Hate is what drives everyone

Hate is what drives everyone in an orwellian, totalitarian regime. A "competitive" society where social dynamics are consisting of hatred is the best condition for any dictatorship to remain unchallenged.

Tho I don't really understand why you are promoting it for free... Didja didja notice this is an anarchist site?

Anonymous (not verified)
I assumed it was pretty

I assumed it was pretty obvious I was just mocking someone for inane hippy nonsense but if you're capable of serious discussion, you'll need to acknowledge that the anarchist tendency has plenty of hatred in it's origins and history.

Anonymous (not verified)
"the anarchist tendency has

"the anarchist tendency has plenty of hatred in it's origins and history" Hums.... sources? You mean, like, according to Mein Kampf, right? Or say... Milo and that gay fascist hipster on steroids who went on punching an antifa at the DeploraBall. Nothing to do with hate, hippie!

Even if you take the infamous Bonnot gang or Novatore, these guys were not about hate. Neither today's most violent elements of the FAI. Not because they were *actively* okay with killing cops and capitalists that they weren't nice people, interpersonally. And where would Malatesta's crazy insurrection campaigns through the Italian countryside have went if there was no sort of love involved, and woulda rather devolved into slander and bitching others all the time? Guy would have spent the rest of his life sleeping alone under bridges, I guess.

I also got the courage to admit having written this text above. T'was a first draft and I also broke my own rule of re-reading and improving a text 1-2 weeks later before publishing it. And it DOES sounds hippy, but make no mistake I definitely ain't a hippie... and dunno where considering the prospect of restoring revolutionary relations through a sense of love (entirely consistent with mutual aid) makes me a "hippie". Probably that the word "love" should be better defined next time.

So... you always go around making one-sided judgements like that? They look like helluva good safety measures against views and people that are different to you.

Anonymous (not verified)
I think it's you who seems to

I think it's you who seems to have a lot of hangups and hazy analysis around the concept of hatred. Sort of "one sided" in my opinion. There's nothing inherently wrong with hate (unless you're a god damn hippy), it's all about the reasons.

player (not verified)
hate the game? what's the point?

there's nothing inherently wrong with anything but there's certainly no good reason for to hate anyone, at least not from an anarchic perspective, anyways. more of a reactionary tendency, if you ask me…
- some non-hip hippy

Anonymous (not verified)
"There's nothing inherently

"There's nothing inherently wrong with anything" ... Wow, so you're just typing things huh? Good for you champ! Gold star!

champ (not verified)
yeah, i'm just typing THINGS

maybe, we have some discrepancy of terminology between us?
like, what do you mean by 'wrong'?; undesirable, perhaps?
if that's the case, then your sentence should read "There's nothing inherently undesirable about Hatred".
now, perhaps i don't know what you mean by hatred but i suspect it's something like a sustained, reactionary anger. i have occasionally (if not all-too-regularly) sensed such an emotional phenomenon arising like some primal, reptilian, fear impulse.
fear, however is the mind killer.
the course of humanity is to overcome such frustration within our developing intellectual capacity to material rationalization, as we constantly evolve. the evolving humane-characteristics to which i'd desire adhere are distinctly-not reactionary impulses. the anarchic path i envision is one which cultivates the pro-active impulse to encourage becoming anew, eternally.
also i kid, because Nothing, as i see it, is exclusively inherent to everything.
proclaiming Hatred implies an adherence to a gradient scale of tolerance, where some things are deemed good while others are bad. and who's to judge!? personally i have no tolerance for anything. rather; i'd either accept a body as good or i would negate it's authority by my righteous love for change. why ride the fence or sit on it ?

walk through walls
emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Anonymous (not verified)
to 14:09

Listen, edgelord... I was in a waiting room today and a girl was freaking out because her roommate, a "bitch" who's been into drug dealing and had a tendency to reduce people to monetary relations, did not allow her to come in her apartment, due perhaps to unpaid rent, or some other constraint, so she'd stay outside in the cold at minus 20 degrees. She was saying that the careless boyfriend of that POS was too lousy to talk to his girlfriend about this issue or any other related to her despotic, hateful behavior, like locking out roommates in the middle of February without notice, just because one morning she felt like it. So eventually a dude, apparently a buddy of her, came to the waiting room to talk to her and they set out to try solving the situation. This happened in a government services office... not in a squat, social center, anarchist cafe, infoshop or whatever meeting places that anarchists may or may not be maintaining, which also is or minor relevance to note.

This kind of stupid, careless, bubble-men HATRED is the kind of shit we've been seeing every fucking day of a god-given week, no matter how miserable the social context is. We know what's generating it... the cult of property, commodification, capitalist relations like renting and ownership, etc. People not just lowering themselves to be system slaves, but making their friends and neighbors suffer the alienation. So it was good to see some sort of solidarity happening no matter what.

But you, are attempting to glorify this socially-produced hate as carrying some edgy virtue, and maybe what you believe as anarchistic, just because you got your praxis from "Sons of Anarchy" or something. Or hey why the fuck not Mein Kampf?

Anonymous (not verified)
You don't know anything about

You don't know anything about me, you rambling sack of hot air ;)

Anonymous (not verified)

We shall smash the iceberg of hate with our Titanic of love! Full steam ahead!




I'd like to see that word come into memetic circulation as a distinction to edgelord/edgelords. Hate is something that should be a release not an initiative.

Anonymous (not verified)
I would prefer it if you

I would prefer it if you would simply tolerate me, asshole.

Anonymous (not verified)
How about edgehogs?

How about edgehogs?

Anonymous (not verified)
If you were kind enough to

If you were kind enough to hand me over your name, adress and a picture of your smug face, I'd gladly bring some EDGE love to your nest of ego's dissemination of flatulence in retort.

rebelllll (not verified)
your mutual love and "This

your mutual love and "This communication still is not happening" will never happen as long as there is capitalism. you can make your own happy community (10 or 1000 people), but society as a whole can't enjoy in mutual love while there is capitalism: system where people are wolves, striving to exploit others to make profit for themselves.

what is the reason to hate?
creating discrimination that produces social accepted exploitation of immigrants/Africans/whoever.
Who profit from the hate?
billionaires. they like to exploit people of color, and they justify it with discrimination.
as long as there are billionaires i.e. capitalism, there will be profit based on hate i.e. discrimination.

individuals can always make their own happy community, Hare Krishna or anarchist one, but the state and its repression is coming before or later. there is no place to escape. the sense of life is fight and only after fight you can enjoy in the result you produced with that fight. without fight, there is only death. that's the law of the nature: for animals, for humans, for birds and fish.

Anonymouse (not verified)
Are you sure you understand Anarchy?

The father of Anarchy Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Claimed being the first republican. Because there were the republicans and the monarchs. In 1848. Then in 1865, the republican party was formed in America. Which was inspired by his theories in response to a confederate government that would assassinate a president.

So if you think the communist/socialists and feminists are doing a verb called anarchy, that's not the same as Anarchy the political movement. The feelings of hate are feelings of self defense hijacked by ideologies. Self defense links everyone on earth together because we are where we are naturally because of pragmatism and what works. People do not want to move from a place they like because it works. We love because we want to trap the things that make us happy and keep them in our life and that creates strong feelings of passion and emotions.

Hatred has no place but aggression, not violence does have a place and it's for self defense only. Aggression is like, when you have a strict time limit and need to move at a faster pace. Violent aggression is hatred disguised as an excuse to act violently.

Anarchy IS society it's not the absense of society which is why Pierre called him self a republic-an. The idea is a society without government where people fill the roles and have society function correctly. Not break systems down that are useful. Government is a bully and the largest most dangerous gang on the planet. I refuse to be okay and let it slide when other "Anarchists" attempt to install a government when the purpose is to have no government at all. All damaging remotely controlled things, controlled by a government does. Is destroy society when the idea is to preserve all of the good and get rid of the bad. Obviously, objectively. If you look at things. Even food. Objectively one thing is always better than the other.

"For money?! A Shaolin Monk doesn't sell him self for a hand full of rice" - Qwai Chang Caine

Anonymous (not verified)
1848 was nearly 170 years ago...

That's quite a stretch even compared to the usual social anarchists who get their ideas from roughly 100 years ago.

Has Proudhon lived through the betrayal of the Russian, German, French, Italian and of course Spanish republics.

Moreover, the government has risen as an answer to the mass society of the industrial age. You can't have one without the other; this is nonsense. Nobody should care doing anything for "society". It ain't only DELUSIONAL, but makes you sound like some fascists I've been arguing with on youtube. Fuck that society... I owe nothing to it, as it didn't provide me with a life.

Anonymous (not verified)
The most threatening kind of

The most threatening kind of principate (monarchy) we're dealing with these days doesn't arise from the monarchy (which still is a thing tho not as a gigantic political force as it still was back in the 19th century), is the neoliberal corporate power. It's Facebook and Suckerberg's dream of a global unified fascist community. It's corporate-produced cell phones controlling everyone's lives from the palm of their hands. This is the undemocratic rule that also pretends to be empowering people and bringing them democracy, to which the proles are clinging like lay subjects used to be bowing to their feudal lords.

That is also an order that Proudhon hasn't been through... the complete subversion and liquidation of his industrial socialist utopia, by the very forces of the machine that make it happen.

You might wanna start reading from contemporary social thinkers like David Watson and Lewis Mumford, instead of complete idealists from a totally different historical context.

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