How You Can Help The Northwest Grand Jury Resistors

  • Posted on: 28 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Katherine Olejnik, was imprisoned today for her refusal to cooperate with the ongoing witch-hunt and grand jury convening in Seattle that is investigating anarchists and other political radicals. She is now the second person to be imprisoned for invoking her fifth amendment right to silence and she, like Matt, may be held until March unless we turn up the heat on this campaign to get them out!

For those who were waiting, thinking that this would all blow over if we did nothing, thinking that this grand jury would be reigned in by a lawyer with a quick wit and the simple rule of law, this is the time to act!

There's a couple things you can do below please remember than when dealing with prison/court officials and writing to prisoners, what you write and say can adversely impact our prisoners even though your comments may not have been solicited.</td><td><img title="Matlock! and All Power to the GJR!!!" src=""></td></...

<b>1. Call and Fax the District Attorney Jenny Durkan</b>

There's no fax machine required, see the below link for more information on how to do this and suggested things to say
Fax: (206) 553-0882
Call: (800) 797-6722

<b>2. Call the judge who jailed Matt and Katherine</b>
Call Judge Richard Jones who jailed both of our comrades for refusing to testify and closed Matt's original contempt hearing to the public (an unprecedented misuse of judicial powers). Demand that Matt and Katherine be unconditionally released for invoking their fifth amendment rights.

<b>3. Call The Jail</b>
Call the jail FDC SeaTac and demand that Matt be given vegan food as required by federal law and court rulings. Matt is heading down a quick path of malnourishment if the jail can't satisfy vegan dietary needs. Refusing him vegan food is legally tantamount to torture and puts Matt's life at stake.

Jail Phone (ask to speak to the warden or medical staff) 206-870-5700

<b>4. Write/Send Books to Matt and Katherine</b>

Katherine Olejnik #42592-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198
You can also mail them books from any book publisher such as Amazon. If they get too many books (there is a limit), they just end up in the prison library where they can swap them out for other books so keep sending books! Please remember that when writing to prisoners, what you say or include in your envelope can adversely impact them even if your communication was unsolicited. Please be cautious yet fearless in your writings and remember they will all be read by prison officials. Also consider this when composing your return address. Remember: No magazine clippings, staples, or anything else except for paper, pen, and photocopies. For more tips on writing prisoners see

For more information on mailing regulations, how to send books or commissary directly, etc please visit

<b>5. Send Money to Matt and Katherine</b>

For those who have never been to prison or who don't know much about prison, it is very expensive! Commissary items are ridiculous and given our prisoner's diet restrictions they must go there frequently. Everything from soap to toothbrushes must be bought and at prices that would make the owner of a mining town jealous. Prisoners also need to buy stamps and stationery to write back their supporters. Most importantly, we want them to be treated like rockstars everywhere they go for their commitment to supporting our movements. To see what they can buy with this money, see

You can send money to Matt and Katherine through the "National Lockbox" program. This means you can mail checks, money orders, western union, etc to the prison and they will make sure it gets deposited. For instructions on how to do this, see:

Matt has a support team you can paypal money to at

<b>6. Act in Solidarity</b>
There's a million things you can do to bring attention to this case and pressure the DA, the judge, and the entire circus behind the witch hunt. Be creative! Let's use this as an opportunity to organize and build our strength! Some flyers have been created and are available at

<b>7. Stay in the loop and Spread the Word</b>
Take a look at the following sites, follow the case, spread the word, and act in solidarity!

For more information, see Matt's statement at:



Point of clarification: Matt and KteeO could be held until March of 2014, not just 2013.

"He also made it known that congress passed the law ruling that someone can be held for no more than 18 months in civil contempt as a coercive strategy for a reason."

I don't know what law is being referenced, but this would indicate that the maximum is not the full duration of this special grand jury (which lasts 24 months rather than the 18 months of a normal grand jury) but rather 18 months from the date of incarceration.

PS apparently this GJ had been in existence since march 2, well before May Day. Soooo take what you will from that: could be about something else, could be a total witch hunt......

fuck grand juries! attack!!

"Established that the end date for this grand jury is March 2014."

"Matt Duran had a hearing on the 26th. He is still being held at SeaTac FDC on contempt of court for an undetermined amount of time. He could POTENTIALLY be held until March of 2014."

8. Wreck anything and everything.

That was supposed to be an 8.

Imprisonment for contempt of grand jury is meant to be coercive, not punitive. What this means is that the imprisonment Matt and Katherine are experiencing is meant to induce them to begin talking to the grand jury. It is not meant to punish them for not talking.

Matt and Katherine have made it clear through their words and their actions that they will not cooperate. The more comfortable, engaged, and supported Matt and Katherine are the less weight the prosecutors' argument carries that their imprisonment continues to be coercive and not punitive.

If the judge decides at Matt's next hearing that Matt is resolved to his commitment to not cooperate, that is, that Matt's caging is not going to force his testimony before the grand jury Matt could walk free. We can help the judge see the Matt's unwavering commit to not snitching.

Material solidarity in the form of letters, commissary funds, reading and writing material, and a big old pot of cash waiting for them helps to lift the spirits and break the isolation of the silent ones. It also helps undermine the narrative of coercive incarceration. The same thing applies to calling into FDC SeaTac; contacting the judge's office by fax, letter, and phonecall; and contacting the prosecutor in the case.

While Matt and Katherine continue to be hidden away from us under the logic of coercion then perhaps we can limitedly adopt this logic towards our ends. This means attack. Attack with the aim of coercing the unjailing of our teammates. If at first our diffuse conspiracy does not succeed in coercing their release then aim higher and strike harder.


I'm not sure it's correct to say that imprisonment is meant to be coercive rather than punitive. What is the intent of the Grand Jury? Is it to indict people for crimes? Or is it to destroy an entire community of radicals and dissuade people from rebelling? I'd say it's much more the latter than the former (and the former only inasmuch as it helps with the ultimate goal of destroying radical groups). In this sense, the Grand Jury might do its work just as effectively by putting a whole bunch of people in prison for contempt as it would if it got a few people on crimes leading to longer prison sentences...


Might I suggest that "FIGHT THE GRAND JURY!" as a more appropriate sign off?


FUCK THIS and FUCK THAT are pithy cliches we hear bandied about everyday about everything from FUCK TRAFFIC to FUCK THE WORLD. The slogan FIGHT GRAND JURIES is a rally-cry to take action, to resist.

I called the number provided and the operator told me that the warden and medical staff does not accept phone calls. I told operator I was calling out of concern that matt get vegan meals as required by federal law and court rulings, and they told me that "that was not public information and that it was between the institution and the inmate."

What should I do?

Keep calling.

This is some regular run of the mill bullshit. The best you can do it ask them to take a message and keep checking in with them. They can't tell you much about an inmates situation, but that doesn't mean that can't listen to your requests.

Just keep calling. Everyday when you brush your teeth call the FDC and demand vegan meals for Matt. Do this until we hear from Matt that he is getting vegan meals.

Treating them like rock stars seems like a little much. Resilient or not, I don't think making prisoners a cause celebritè does much to strengthen the fight against prisons everywhere.

Solidarity with all prisoners! Solidarity with all victims of state violence!

No one is being treated like a rock star.

This special grand jury has no recent precedent. Even the Green Scare grand juries were qualitatively different than this one. The special grand jury is an actual witch hunt, one that has more in common with the McCarthy era than anything we've seen since. Resistance really is heating up around these parts and the state cannot abide.

The special grand jury is a calculated, general attack on the region most actively resisting domination. To support Leah, Matt, and Kateeo is to support the rebellious activity of the whole region. You can be sure that if there wasn't this outpouring of support and attack that there would be a federal special grand jury coming to your neck of the woods sometime soon.

"...on the region most actively resisting domination."

As measured by what exactly? How many newspaper boxes are thrown in the streets?

Yes. Plus broken windows.

Again, " Most importantly, we want them to be treated like rockstars everywhere they go for their commitment to supporting our movements. To see what they can buy with this money, see"

I'm from the PNW and there's plenty breathing on my neck already; the subpoenuts are only one set of people with possible consequences from this wave of repression.

Unwavering solidarity with prisoners and GJ resistors doesn't mean uncritical discussion of rhetoric...the way these struggles are framed has a lot of influence on how we as anarchists (and whoever else reads it) understand prisons and repression. There's a difference between GJ and those incarcerated for criminal charges, yes, but a broader emphasis on all the overwhelming repression in the region (and all the inspiring unafraid responses to it!) does more to strengthen the fight against prison than championing the actions of a few brave souls. AND I think it's a much more enduring form solidarity!

tldr: Boohoo, I'm oppressed and from the northwest too! I'm jealous of the rockstars!

:) REpressed, silly! If you were from the PNW too, your identity politics would be more finely tuned and you would know the difference!


Despite your poor command of English*, I'm sure you know that the GJ is for finding more evidence to bring more people up on criminal charges that carry way more than 18 months (or 2 years, or more if they get double contempt like Jordan Halliday) and how quickly @ do move from one hip prisoner to the next...

Plus, Pax is still facing 10 felonies, jus' sayin'.


These people are in fucking prison. How are they being treated like "rockstars" exactly? I would guess that any one of the folks involved would trade all this "fame" for their lives back.

Its a little different when you're in close proximaty with these people. A lot of the people here are third degree of seperation from these people.Treating them like some abstract concept isn't any better.

Treating them like rock stars seems like a little much. Resilient or not, I don't think making prisoners a cause celebritè does much to strengthen the fight against prisons everywhere.

Solidarity with all prisoners! Solidarity with all victims of state violence!

sure, but the point of all this is that it isn't about them. grand juries cast extremely wide nets, and, as a poster said above, they are coercive, not punitive. it's not just the people in jail that they are attempting to coerce, it's all of us. if we all support specific prisoners, this shows that none of us are being intimidated and coerced, in addition to the prisoners themselves. it's not making rock stars out of them. the state is trying to use them to fuck with everybody, so we use them to fuck with the state.

" Most importantly, we want them to be treated like rockstars everywhere they go for their commitment to supporting our movements. To see what they can buy with this money, see"

This is a failing in rhetoric rather than in sentiment.

We do want the silent ones supported everywhere they go. At least Matt does need commissary money to eat vegan at least for now. All of the silent ones will need help reintegrating into prison society when they are released from prison.

Immunity has been thrust upon all of them. As a result, and like it or not, there is an element of individual sacrifice to the actions of the silent ones. We must support these individuals as they continue to support us with their sacrifice.

That's my point, comment above...

are you saying we should buy them crosses?

Well, speaking personally, I find these two to be very inspiring. Anarchist omerta needs to be more widely practiced. I live somewhere very remote and far away from where these two are at, but I'll definitely try and send a donation or something.

well now that the state and capital have established their omnipotence, how about y'all fight the real fight for better wages and conditions under the state and capital? I mean, if we can't break out of these chains and cells, we might as well ask (er, i mean demand) for longer chains and bigger cages, right?

everyone knows anarcho-syndicalism is only true anarchy.

BTW, here's an example of an excellent action we (the leaders of the underground network of transphobe hierarchacal ecology cellz) initiated:

Thank you DGR for protecting the noble native peoples from alcohol. Three cheers for the saviors!! HIP HIP HURRAH! HIP HIP...

IGTT: 1/10

Syndicalism represents an intermediate stage between capitalism and antiauthoritarian communism, a social re-orientation within the context of the existing world. It is a strategy for building momentum towards a goal; it is not the goal itself. To get from point 'A' to point 'B', one finds that in all but the most unusual circumstances, one must walk every step in between. Even a toddler know this.

In what language does 'Abolition of the wage system' mean "the real fight [is] for better wages and conditions under the state and capital"?

1 - spread the ethics of non-cooperation, generalize it to every situation.
2 - make the names of the incarcerated haunt our enemies.
3 - deploy all means of criminal tactics to expropriate as much as possible, share it with resisters and with one another, so that our bonds are tighter than their means of separation.
4 - remember that that flight is the corollary instinct to fight. Imagine ways out, paths of trust, lines of departure. How do these become a material reality?
5 - make them pay. make it the price of this grand jury too high for them to continue. intensify.
6 - emphasize our commitments to one another, tell your loved ones that we are all we have. Don't wait.
7 - everyone must understand the gravity of this war.

long live conspiracy, long live chaos

And don't forget your spartan warrior costumes, people!


But I want to eat cake and watch some football....

Shit, I've been ready to attack these mother fuckers for awhile now! I don't know what the rest of these people are waiting on...hahaha...a bunch of cowards that sit on their couches all day hoping for something that won't happen unless they act upon on it.

I fully support these grand jury resistors, but I don't really understand why they're pleading the fifth amendment and taking prison time instead of just lying to grand jury.

They should watch some tapes of the Iran-Contra hearings or any similar political scandal hearings for tips on how to deal with this.

Yeah, you don't really understand.

Because federal prosecutors are professionals at catching people up on contradicting themselves so they can land perjury charges which are worse than contempt charges, and because giving misinformation to the grand jury is not necessarily going to help others when the Feds try to use that misinformation to pinch other people anyway. Silence is the only respectable position.

And they're not getting time for "pleading the fifth." They might plead the fifth initially but that's basically a postponement, since the fifth only protects you from incriminating yourself and not others, and they are refusing to incriminate others. Before they are held in contempt they are granted immunity from prosecution, which makes the fifth amendment irrelevant.

You should think for a minute before butting in with your dumb advice on how to deal with this.

You're rude and talk in big circles that don't lead anywhere.

The fact is that they're getting time for the silence that everyone is telling them is the only "respectable position." You can try to explain it however you want.

Federal prosecuters are only professionals at thinking in the same rigid way you seem to be. Rigidity is it's own worst enemy. If we're not smart enough to use that, then there's no hope for this big idea of ours anyway.

All anarchists must know how to lie first and foremost.

Yeah you're an idiot whose ideas would not hold any weight outside of anonymous comments in anarchist news.

easily the dumbest thing I've read all week

Its called ethics jack ass. Think like...Jesus, er some shit.

If you want to help them, start killing people. Kill the prosecutors. Kill the judges. Kill the jailors. Kill the cops. If these people start dying, things will change.

why *you* show us how it's done, instead of posting such preposterous remarks?

^^ liberal douche ^^

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