Hueyapan unanimously decides to settle as an Indigenous Municipality; "We are closer to autonomy"

  • Posted on: 30 May 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

By: Demián Revart ; Ruptura Colectiva (RC)


This Sunday, May 28, the Nahua community of Hueyapan in Morelos, unanimously decided to establish itself as an Autonomous Indigenous Municipality, thus achieving its separation from the head of Tetela del Volcán, a municipality to which they have belonged since its foundation in 1937. The work to forge territorial autonomy "is not something new or something which happens overnight, it is the work of integration and participation that we have had the thought of doing since the 70's", commented with us the members of the Community Council of Hueyapan, a representative nucleus in which a person from each of the 5 neighborhoods participates, these in turn, organized by quadrants, blocks and streets.

The main idea of municipalization is the decentralization of decision-making and political life, a question-dispute which has historically confronted them (adding a whole amalgam of racial prejudices) with the Tetelean government.

Unlike the municipalization and some internal struggles for power in Tetelcingo, Xoxocotla and Coatetelco -localities "pilot" for what has been demanded, the amendment to Article 40 of the State Constitution- the hueyapaneses bet on the autonomy of the civil administration, the management of the public budget for the productive increase of economic activities, education and some public works, but it is important to emphasize and "calderón" four issues that since the beginning of the decade of 2000 have increased the organizational levels of the Community: 1) security - in order to strengthen the Community Guard of "Los Tigres" that managed to expel the Mando Único and its police abuses since October 2014; 2) the right to water - by suggesting a Drinking Water Committee that has drawn its logistic diagram street by street and neighborhood by neighborhood since 2010, because Tetela del Volcán has repeatedly cut off water circulation in the boundaries of both localities- And 3) free communication and participation of young people - since the founding of Hueyapan Community Radio 105.5 FM in January 2017 and 4) the vindication of community -the Council- as a new political horizon, rejecting the idea of the hierarchical model implemented by the State for the indigenous communities - the presidential figure and their respective executive elements.

On November 22 and 23, 2016, the "II International Meeting of Resistors of Latin America and the Caribbean" was held there in Hueyapan, attended by dozens of organizations, militants, human rights defenders and peoples from some countries to form joint works and projects on different anti-systemic lines. Since then, the Community Council for Autonomy of Hueyapan has received the support of various revolutionary organizations and members of popular struggles to spread step by step its new course towards autonomy.


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Where? Mexico? Not trying to be racist, but the country of origin wasn't mentioned...unless this is from the U.S.?

yes, part of the mexican nation-state that they are claiming autonomy from.

Well, good for them. Are anarchists going to support them? This is like, right across the border. It's like, the second time Mexico has made a freedomland not far away, better than a hippie commune. Are U.S. anarchists too concerned with fighting Nazis they can't come over and help fight for the autonomy of the people of Hueyapan?

Yes. There are many radical groups fighting for the autonomy and the self-government not only in Hueyapan (in the state Morelos), also in several communities and rural villages that are making new organizative ways, based in libertarian-communitarian principles (descentralization, seize the lands, free media -radio, TV, social networks- to straight the armed self-defense groups, linke work wit another community struggles, etc.). We need international solidarity for visibilize the revolutionary struggles of México!

You can get in contact with us in: Facebook: Revolución Internacional / World Revolution or in this mail:

there is an interview of january 27th giving some background on the hueyapan indigenous autonomy initiative we have a dream (of becoming autonomous indigenous community)

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