Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair

  • Posted on: 6 October 2012
  • By: worker

5th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair december 8th@ Manila community center

Humboldt Grassroots is inviting everyone to our 5th Humboldt Anarchist
Bookfair at the Manila Community Center in scenic Manila (1611 Peninsula
Dr. Arcata, CA 95521), California.

Please come table, at the 5th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair, On December
8th at 10am-6pm. Let us know if you'd like to give workshop or
presentation. The tables are $35 as they have been in previous years for
those who can afford it. We will work with groups on cost if that is an

We are really excited about this coming book fair. We at Humboldt
Grassroots have recently opened the Rhizome info-shop, and we are hoping
to have a second day of presentations on the 9th, the day after the book

Apologies for the late invitation; as usual we are scrambling to get
everything together.

P.S if your group would be interested in talking on a panel about radical
independent media please let us know. Again, let us know if you have a
speaker or workshop at The Book Fair.

Thanks so much for coming to table. Your contribution to The Humboldt
Anarchist Book Fair has an impact on our community that can't be

For ride-shares and housing and any other questions, contact:
Andrew with Humboldt Grassroots

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