Hurricane Sandy Rips Through Milwaukee

  • Posted on: 1 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On the evening of October 31st, hurricane Sandy swept through the space which once housed the Cream City Collectives. All of the former CCC's windows were smashed by the winds and many beer cans were not picked up.

An accountability process for hurricane Sandy's fucked up manarchist shit will be held at the next Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair.

NO MOAR TEERZ</td><td><img title="you forgot to mention the homeless troll army" src=""></td></tr><...


Sandy is gender neutral. I don't think we can easily dismiss this behavior as manarchist. As to Sandy's preferred gender pronoun, I think it's "it."

str8 thuggin' right ther!!!

--former ccc overlord/creator/leader/gendarchist

p.s. couldn't smash something other than yours and your friends hopes and dreams?

Patches which were screenprinted ahead of time and handed out had OCTOBER NEVER ENDS, a gravestone, and a symbol for death on them. There was a curse placed on the space, on those that removed us, and on the pigs. People started drinking at 6. Bands were playing noise, witch house and black metal. And after 5 or so hours of this there was collective insanity.

Let's be honest. Even with our best hopes and ideas that butterfly flapped its wings a month ago. There was no other way this was going to end.


coulda been on fire...honestly

brb dousing myself in gasoline

in fact, small fires were started and there were fireworks

money was definitely set on fire

the bands all sucked which is why no one was watching them

how does pentagram suck?


The Packers are stupid


Double wrong.

Only manarchists don't pick up their beer cans.

i thought the old mores stood as such:

beers are for queers

Much Goth love, from Raytown. good, right article this time.

it's so hard being an anarchist in america.....

i for one am in favor of organization. coordinating committees too.

Tom Barret should have won!

Who's Streetz? Who's Capital? Who's State?

It's hard being an anarchist in America, let me tell you

So what you're saying is... all we have to do is off this "Who" person, and the shit collapses?

Fuck it, I'll take one for the team. Where do they live?

Sandy got yo back.

Last night actions send waves of flamez through the rivurwest neighborhood that resulted in neighbors coming out and taking pictures of people acting shady. our rage and love totally freaked out on accident and i for one am not sorry. it may have been a selfish attempt to abolish the self, but hey, who cares. I abolished myself into the night with communism in the shadows of drinking other peoples half empty beers. Whoever got screwed over from the should be helped out because SOLIDARITY. if our communism is to live, we have to freak out in other places. for this we will need an extensive propaganda campaign and a large coalition of teenagers from riverside to help us freak out. we're going to need a lot moar wisconsin fists for the union and we are going to sing solidarity songs. calling people out with their real names on anarchist news is stupid, even though we totz know who's luls resulted from the flames of our internets rage. I really liked the CCC and i love the CCCP (cream city collectives posse) KCSW READING GROUP FOR A FUTURE IN OUR WEIRD EMBRACE. tom barret broke the front windows like a total manarchist.


sandy's gettin back at the bosses for evicting y'all

It's this kind of mature and productive activity that will help us organize to destroy capitalism and all other forms of oppression. This is so much better than doing anything that actually matters.

Drink PBR, smash window, write communique- ANARCHY!

-says an adherent to organizational determinism

"we need a formal anarchist organization to recruit people to. once we get more than 3 members per area code, we launch the revolution. that's what's up."

fucking moron.

Don't you got a term paper on Edward Abbey's racist ass you should be working on right now?

meow meow meow meow meow

don't you have nothing to be working on (because you are an isolated loser that is crippled by cowardice)?

"If I can't dance (and drink and rage) I don't want to be part of your revolution. Dance Dance Revolution TM!

apparently fun is now banned by this expert revolutionary.

if it's not in service of revolution, expect ______ ________ to call you out for not sacrificing yourself to the cause.

and god forbid forming relationships with people and fucking up a building owned by a landlord who evicted your ass. i mean, property relations should be respected. we don't want to alienate the landlord class now, do we?

for real though, where will all the trolls live now?

in the abyss

who's got a spare couch?

Some bros.

Hey All,
Mayor Tom Barrett here, just wanted to swing by the tubes here and thank you all for your contributions to our city.

Boots here, just wanted to swing by to let you know The People will never approve of this.

Derrick here,

have you seen my salmon? I´m fucking horny.

I do not understand this post. What is the CCC?


So...if I visit Milwaukee in the next couple of months where can I find radical or Anarchist type literature, discussions, etc.

Is there an actual "Burnt Bookmobile" that drives around town that is on fire or was recently on fire ? Snarky snark.

ask around the Riverwest neighborhood

ask Doug Funny. he'll be looking too.

the next logical step is to start destroying infoshops while they still exist as such.
destroy what destroys you? no... destroys what MAKES you you.
because what we are in this world, how it makes us be us, is intolerable.

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