Identity Politics?

On the cast @ interweb, I see criticisms of identity politics thrown around a lot. Especially when people are just doing things to make the lives of people in a shared situation less shitty. Im trying to get it but don't so maybe you can help. Most of the time no one's pretending what they're doing is the rev or whatever.

Starting a support group for families with family members facing deportation? Identity politics
Arming trans women with pepper spray? Identity politics
Saying cops are killing Black people and racism is a huge problem? Identity politics
Asking other people to refer to you in a way that doesn't make you feel shitty for the rest of the day? Identity politics.

Aw thanks! You're sweet. I kill time here, working graveyard shifts. Keeps me awake and sometimes I learn something!

I agree

That's condemnation enough of it's disastrous Marxist induced legacy. Also fuck all politics.

Ziggy here has autism (another example) and although I suspect that's why thecollective is extremely patient with him, this is actually a form of stigma too because he's an asshole!

I challenge his bullshit like I would anyone else because treating him as a special little snowflake beyond criticism would be ableist IMO ;)

You got your weltanshauung from the lyrics of a Nickelback or Rolling Stones song or maybe just football... living in a crackhead world where everyone you don't understand or agree with is an "asshole".

Fucking moron... get into line and work, work, work.

Nothing so complicated as that, you're just acting like a prick and I ain't shy ;)

That's an inappropriate use of Weltanschauung, you'll give the term a bad name if you use it in that context!

Haven't you heard? Autism is ALL the rage! Soon, with LOTS of help from techie crap, EVERYONE will have it! Many techie employers already openly state they prefer applicants with Aspinger's Syndrome.
I'm SOO passé, all I had was Borderline Personality Disorder.

Uh, this was a reply to #46, i.e. the claim that "ziggy" has autism.
Not sure what's up with this particular techie crap. I see techie crap malfunction or break down everywhere I go. This stuff works so well that Aragorn! recently said 33% of our workforce is employed clearing "jams the gears" (to use a "low tech" analogue).

Ziggy said so himself. I'm just quoting him. I spend quite a bit of time with him, like a volunteer behavioural interventionist.
Every time he starts spewing alt-right nonsense about Antifa, we're supposed to remind him to count to 10 and talk about his feelings instead,

The Right seem to be the main users of Identity Politics. All those paramilitary trappings, demonizations of "cultural marxism" and what about those Odinists? Imagine making up a religion to create their own authentic heritage.

But why misdirect? Take responsibility and you are stronger for overcoming adversity.

They don't have claim. Identity is a basic component of political science and/or social analysis. It has no loyalty, potential to be used and abused by everyone equally.

When you are subjected to definition, it is fine, but to define yourself, that is somehow bad? Your logic is bad and doesn't follow human behavior. More wishful thinking from the idealists.

It's not that it's "fine", if anything, it's shitty. But it happens billions of times a day so it's a reality. You should probably finish grasping the logic first?

Instead of it being a question of whether to proliferate identity or destroy it(gender nihilism essay and my gender egoist response) it should really come down to preference and actualizing the identity you want in an explicit apolitical manner.

I think it's interesting to look at homosexuality and identity over the last 45-50 years clear on back to stonewall. Agents of homosexuality have made it more about the identity then the activity. The result of this is that homosexual activity is not as generalized as it could be especially when compared to the pagan epoch. As Emile Armand says anarchy is about life and activity first and foremost with any identity process being on the means based back burner.

Holy crap ziggy, I think we just agreed on something!

It happens

Broken clocks can still be right but never left! *bah dum tsss*

My version: Intuitive awareness can contribute to the disjunctive syntheses
that make up endless, creative Autonomous Zones. These can help us dissolve the scourge of Identifications as well as their Stultifying Significations.

Idpol has turned into a reductionist view of identity that has limited discourse within struggles of liberation while at the same time being manipulated as a means of shutting down the participation of others through a claim to oppression. It has used feminist rhetoric to justify itself as the most *credible* politic within anarchist struggles and has quite blatantly taken prisoner anyone who questions it. It presupposes that all "identity-oppressed" people understand fully their oppression within the context of an anarchist struggle and have the best interest of their liberation as a collective people in mind tactically, strategically and in discourse. If this were the case, organizing and mobilization would be a breeze.

"Identity Politics" as we understood them before the "new wave" of idpol (what else am I supposed to call it?), were helpful, necessary, arguably imperative in our groups. It afforded people the opportunity to perceive if not even by second-hand perspective the dynamics of state oppression as it relates not only directly to you or I as an individual but to those we fought along side with. Identity politics helped to create an intersectional understanding of struggle that in many cases, if it did nothing at all, at least mobilized marginalized identities into the struggle.

Now its just centrist, liberal bullshit rhetoric, taken as doctrine because nobody wants to question manipulation and abuse of idpol in discussions out of fear they'll be called transphobic, racist, sexist etc.

The last paragraph here is key. Don't be a coward when people are weaponizing identity, let the chips fall where they may. I've been through some nasty "call out" processes and the confrontations are ugly but over time, it becomes obvious when people are pulling this shit over and over again.

identity politics is the politicizing - with everything that entails - of GROUP identity. it is far too often used to control individuals who hold a particular group identity as defining them. or to control individuals who do NOT hold a particular group identity. i think it's all gotta go. it is politics. i am anti-political.

You can be anti-political all you want but identity isn't going anywhere. The best you can do is temper it with an anti-authoritarian analysis so it's harder for the manipulators to ply their trade.

Few would oppose the independent self-organization of oppressed people.
I mean something different when I use the term "Identity Politician": the use of race or gender to SHOUT DOWN any discussion of capitalism (and, dog-whistle or overtly, demonize working-class whites as an entire demographic). This is what Hillary did in the primaries. And there is $$$ to be had for doing it, as it is a tool of the oligarchy. This is a serious problem because as capitalist structural crisis and biosphere degradation deepen, the response is going to be class war, race war, of some mixture of both. You HARDLY need to be a genius to see what outcome the oligarchy wants. Especially in the case of racial oppression, it also shows that these Identity Politicians are not at all serious about breaking this oppression - most of all structural racism. Which you CAN'T do without taking on capitalism. The Black Panthers, and Malcolm X in his latter years, NEITHER of whom were Identity Politicians, were VERY clear about this.

What if it's the other way around? A great many oppose the self-organization of oppressed people but in the last few decades, the perspectives from the margins of society have gained a lot of visibility. Various bad-faith actors have swooped in to co-opt or recuperate their momentum and filled the discourse with self-serving misrepresentations and now, a lot of radicals are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Anyway, if people switched from critiquing "identity" as a concept to only calling out the "identity politicians" like you say, problem solved.

What is the baby throw with the bathwater here?

People using identity to punch up instead of down.

Yes! And the Oppression Olympics will free ALL oppressed people! So will LOTS of whining!
Next: WHO gets the FIRST cattle-car on the freight-train to the cyanide showers!

I agree with you. My 1st sentence was VERY badly phrased. I meant to say: Few RADICALS would oppose the self-organization of oppressed people.


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