If the elections could overturn this barbarism… they'd be illegal!

  • Posted on: 9 May 2012
  • By: worker

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<em>An English translation of anarchist analysis of the elctorial process in greece with links to the many texts coming from the various Anarchist collectives, groups and assemblies down the bottom.</em>

<strong>If the elections could overturn this barbarism… they'd be illegal!</strong>

After the massive and growing attacks of capital on labor gains, after escalating and intensifying repression in response to the resistance of the oppressed, we are called upon to participate in the game/trap of the parliamentary dictatorship on May 6th. In elections that signal the need of the rotten political system to wrest back legitimacy ad consensus anew, to exacerbate poverty, fear, depression and social cannibalism.

Now more then ever when suffocating misery surrounds us, it's crystal clear that participation in the electoral carnival is actually refraining from action and resistance. It is the relief valve for discontent and struggle against the increasing daily repression of political life, against the political system of exploitation, of inequality, the shaming of those engaging in struggle and generally, against the persecution of people that from victims are recast as victimizers only in order to serve a hunt for votes, as they rename cannibalism "progress".</td><td><img title="I don't know about you but I require relief every day" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/predictcreate.jpg"></td></t...
Voting is abstinence from politics, why entrust the management of our lives to an elite, power hungry minority. The polls promise a new model of multi-party government and parliament will host the Nazi's. So the parliamentary dictatorship has room for everyone, for those who are willing to serve, enough to absorb the growing social disdain for the system that plans to transform us into a society-concentration camp.

We open fronts of struggle in the streets, in work places, in open public assemblies, in neighborhoods, everywhere. We collectively combat frustration with self-organised anti-structures of solidarity that undermine the existing system and aim for social liberation. Our only way out of barbarism is to stand against the intensification of oppression and exploitation. To stem the tides of racism, fascism and totalitarianism. To fight against all those who oppress us. To not get use to the slow death they impose on us!

For more anarchist anti-election analysis, posters and texts see https://athens.indymedia.org/

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