IGDCAST: Civilization, Climate Change, Resistance, Hope

  • Posted on: 18 January 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From It's Going Down

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Everyday seems to bring a new sign of the coming apocalypse, as even mainstream and government institutions proclaim that human caused climate change now seems inevitable and we must prepare to suffer the consequences. Some even widely proclaim that there is in fact nothing we can do to stop the climate catastrophe, and even if we were to stop burning fossil fuels we are still going to see the end of human existence in our lifetime. Meanwhile, elites and governments prepare for meltdown, as mega-cities are expected to spread amidst growing social inequality and pollution. With all of this in mind, how do we navigate in a world that is past 400 parts per billion of carbon in the air and in some places there are now air refugees? How does this reality inform our resistance movements, and how do we find the hope to continue to fight for a different way of life in the face of so many unknowns?

Wanting to know more about industrial civilization and the climate crisis, we reached out to long time anarchist Kevin Tucker of Black and Green Review. Kevin contends that hope is still needed and we in the first world especially don’t have the luxury to give up and sit back while indigenous people across the world fight for their land and lives. “We should not get lost in the notion that we should mourn the loss of something that isn’t dead,” Kevin powerfully states. In the middle of an exploding movement against pipeline and industrial resource extraction, Kevin’s words give hope to those on the front lines fighting against the industrial monster.

In this interview, we cover a lot of ground, talking about the growth of nihilism both in anarchist ideas as well as the wider culture, climate change, collapse, peak oil, as well as the new issue of Black and Green Review and some of the articles contained within. We end by talking about how people can take ideas of living and fighting, rewilding, and life outside of the current industrial framework, and fit them into resistance movements as we continue forward.

Check out Black and Green Review here.

Music: Black Sabbath, Severed Head of State, and Sole & DJ Pain 1.



Any plans for a transcript?
Here is the one of the John Zerzan interview pt 1 on Modern Slavery Journal

Why was that interview cut off after 10:44 min.?

IGD's usual response: (....)

No, sorry, I mean the interview with John Zerzan by Jason McQuinn from Modern Slavery.

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