IGDCAST: Getting Into Trouble With Franklin Lopez of SubMedia

  • Posted on: 23 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

From It's Going Down

There’s no doubt that SubMedia.Tv has been a huge influence on the anarchist movement in North America and across the world, and many people were sad to see the long running show, It’s The End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine, finally bow out after many years. However, Frank and his team at SubMedia aren’t throwing in their digital towel just yet, and this month are releasing a brand new show entitled, Trouble. Each month after, the show will feature a documentary on a different struggle. This month, it will be the #NoDAPL fight at Standing Rock.

Wanting to know what is going on at SubMedia, the state of anarchist media in general, talk about Frank’s time spent at Democracy Now!, as well a the ends and outs of everything Montreal, we caught up with Lopez for this in depth interview.

Music: kidDEAD featuring Ceschi and A//Political
More Info: SubMedia.Tv



It kinda sucks that they're doing the launch event at this sectarian oogle space in Hochelaga. Tho I knew you were related to this crowd all along, it's kinda lazy still. I would have gladly attended if anywhere else, even at some stupid art gallery or academic place.

Whatever happened to being bold and subversive, or just exploring new horizons? Aw nevermind... perbably just not the crowd who're into these things anyways.

The fuck is up with your music selections, why do you hate us so much

That beat&chorus is wack af

What do you expect from white rappers?

Generally? Longer sentences. Bigger words. Less misogyny.

Medical, dental, 401k, not rapping about being in chains...

We're excited for the new project, looks to be entertaining as always.
One thing that always irks us about the scene is how little people seem to be willing to invest in the things they are into. 'Struggling' artists and musicians, as abjectly broke(everyone's fav turn of phrase) as they are, often seem to come up with money to realise projects together, why is that always such a taboo for us?
Fund the shit you like.

Money for what... to pay ourselves 5$ coffees!? Moreover, pool chlorine, gasoline and instant cold packs are still quite cheap. Money is like demos... it's not about the numbers but what you do with the numbers you got.

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