Immediatism 83&84: An Anarcho-Satanic Reversal

The BASTARD Chronicles 2017


As an Anarcho-Satanist, I envision a reversal of the polarity of biblical mythological symbolism -- seeing Satan as the "good," liberated rebel, and seeing God as an "evil," authoritarian fascistic dictator.
In many ways, the State acts as a surrogate or lieutenant sovereign for the assumed abrahamic deity. The State leans heavily upon the authority of a supposedly "good" God in presidential speeches, oaths to office, flag pledges, "manifest destiny," printed currency, the swearing-in of witnesses in courts of law, etc. The hierarchical authority of the State is informed by the hierarchical authority of religious institutions which predate modern statecraft, and so by envisioning God as an "evil" character, the State is similarly implicated as "evil." ~Introductory remarks by the author

An Anarcho-Satanic Reversal: The Polarity of Moral Signifiers in Biblical Mythology, by Gabriel, was given as a workshop talk at the 2017 BASTARD Conference, an annual conference on anarchist theory. The theme that year was evil.

It is now available both in The BASTARD Chronicles 2017 from and, read for you, aat as episodes 83 and 84.
Part 1:
Part 2:
The Bastard Chronicles 2017

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