Immediatism 94 The Manifesto of the Happily Unemployed

The Manifesto of the Happily Unemployed


This slender book contains four texts:

* The Introduction, which is featured in Immediatism podcast 94, and describes how The Manifesto came to be, how a movement started around it, and how it went viral globally!

* The Manifesto

* An interview with the author, or I should say one third of The Collective who authored The Manifesto, Guilllaume Paoli, best known for his Demotivational Training,, 2015. "A sharp analyst of the pathology called work, he does not lack a sense of humor."

* A bio of Guillaume Paoli

From the book:
"[W]ork is desperately called for because there is a workforce and no one knows what to do with these workers...."

Available from 58 p.

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