Immediatism podcast 80 & 81: Elpis Journal

A journal for pessimists and pessimist sympathizers

Immediatism 80: Interview with a Nihilist
This delightful interview is found in Elpis, a journal that lives in the space anarchism cohabits with nihilism. Whereas prior entries in this space concerned themselves more with fierce questions about who and what to destroy and less about what is political about hating everything and having no hope that (individual) human agency can effect enough of the change one would wish upon the world, Elpis is different. This journal emphasizes the latter rather than the former, and is for pessimists and pessimist sympathizers.

Immediatism 81: The Sacred Conspiracy, by Georges Bataille
Georges Bataille shines when he writes in his symbolic, poetical prose like that of “The Sacred Conspiracy.” He is a philosophical giant, yet unfortunately I’m not sure many anarchists would say they were, or are, influenced by his thoughts. I hope this changes.

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