Immediatism Podcast Bonanno Episodes

By listener request, a few essays by Alfredo Bonanno are now available as podcasts.
Since "Locked Up" is out in a new pamphlet edition from, I've recorded the introduction essay, in which Bonanno argues that prison abolition is insufficient.
From "Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy the Economy," I've selected three essays.
"Let's Destroy Work" argues for the total destruction of work.
"No More Crises" is of particular interest, as Bonanno uses a discussion of the economy to throw into question the structure of all organizations.
"World Domination" describes "a wall of linguistic and technological choices which claim to be universal, ie a basis for growth and common improvement, for the satisfaction of the universal interests of men, while in effect it is only a defensive rampart, an increasingly insurmountable barrier as the insiders, themselves slaves with golden chains always solidly fastened to the bosses' interests, continue to grow in height and strength."

Episode 140 Let's Destroy Work
Episode 141 No More Crises
Episode 142 World Domination In a Few Words
Episode 143 Intro to Locked Up

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