Incomplete round-up of May Day chaos in the Bay Area

  • Posted on: 5 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Based on media coverage of the past week, here are some highlights:

---Monday April 30th, San Francisco, nighttime---

-Several hundred people march from Dolores Park behind a banner reading 'Strike Early; Strike Often.

-First police cruiser to respond is covered with paint bombs and has its windows smashed by a garbage can, forcing it to retreat.

-Police who attempt to respond are forced back inside the Mission Police station when the crowd arrives and begins attacking. Windows are broken. the building, several vehicles, and a few cops are rained upon by paint bombs.

-Roughly a dozen yuppie business on 18th street and on Valencia have their windows broke and/or are hit with paint bombs. </td><td><img title="Retreat!" src=""></td></tr...

-The fence is torn down from around a multi-million dollar condo construction site, which then loses its brand new windows.

-Several cars are have their windows broken and tires slashed. The vast majority of which were luxury cars. One luxury SUV is set on fire.

---Tuesday May 1st, Oakland, daytime---

-Snake marches leave strike stations and attempt to force the closure of several banks, businesses and government agencies (including CPS). Several scuffles break out with police and do-gooders. One such bank is entered and trashed from within.

-Police attack, fire crowd control weaponry, arrests, de-arrests, all out brawling.

-Several banks and ATMs suffer vandalism. As do a handful of businesses, including Mcdonalds.

-Windows smashed out of Police van which is trying to make arrests.

-Windows smashed on one news media van parked at Oscar Grant Plaza, tires slashed on another.

-Plaza is temporarily re-occupied and the surrounding area covered in graffiti.

---Tuesday May 1st, San Francisco, daytime---

-Building at 888 Turk is re-occupied and declared to be the SF Commune once again. Banner dropped from the facade reading 'ACAB'.

-Individuals on the roof of the SF Commune fight the police who are attempting to evict it. One throws several pipes at SFPD vehicles, breaking their windows and otherwise damaging them. Another masked individual throws bricks at the police, knocking down officers and those standing too near to them.

---Tuesday May 1st, Oakland, nighttime---

-Police attack demonstrators at Oscar Grant Plaza, all hell breaks lose. Running battles between police and demonstrators all throughout downtown. Police use snatch squads and brute force.

-Many dumpsters and trash cans are set on fire along Broadway.

-Banks are attacked by demonstrators evading the swarming riot police.

-Two OPD cruisers are set on fire.

-CalTrain building is attacked

-Four Fremont Police vehicles have their windows and/or tires taken out.

Strength to those arrested in relation to the May Day events in the Bay, and elsewhere.

Freedom for Pax, and all other comrades imprisoned and awaiting trial.

Love to all the rebels who demonstrated their ferocity this week, including those who carried out targeted attacks in Bloomington, Portland, Memphis, Denver and NOLA.

Particular affection for the comrades in Seattle and New York: Seattle which made us cry in the face of pure beauty; and NYC which tried its hardest to do the damn thing, in spite of having to confront the world's seventh largest standing army in order to do so.

Everything for Everyone! Let's abolish this absence!
Death to the existent!


I love this!

after all, what's the point of actually explaining what happened, when you can just enjoy your fantasies of what happened?

i hate this kind of shit. this was a low energy event, with a low turn out (even the permitted march sounds like it had less people than jan12/28). from morning to night, it was just another activist festival in downtown oakland. not even a block away from the plaza, all the businesses were open, and yuppies were doing their shopping. there were many attempts to close businesses, but as far as i know, not a single one was successful (...?). workers pushed the strikers out and gates were shut against them. CPS was hardly shut down. police were heavily armed, heavily militarized, and excited to pick off some militants from the crowd (using new methods). at night, there were about as many cops as non-cops.

occupy's spring offensive looks like its turning out to be a dud. maybe the "99%" has figured out that it was a waste of time to try to improve their situation by camping in city squares with a bunch of whiny signs.........?

glad to hear some fools got their rocks off, brah! great report! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Seems as though very little of this had anything to do with 'occupy'. And yes, the vast majority of the official #occupy events were lackluster. All the excitement happened in spite of #occupy. But what part of the above is a fantasy?

go kill yerself, brah

But first, make yerself useful and strap a bomb to yer chest and take out a CEO...

Get some perspective. If this is a down time--and it's not surprising, those happen--this is a much higher level of activity than we had before during comparable periods. That bodes well for the future.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who made inspiring things happen!

you're right. the day was a failure. but look at how we fail out here. fail big!!!

also, this is just a description of what went down. it's not analysis. if you want analysis, write it yourse

Stupid comment. This is a very factual report-back. It is not sensationalistic at all. It doesn't claim that May Day in the Bay was the peak of hitherto activity. What's your point?

If #occupy would try and get people to like it more, stop turning people away because they don't subscribe to the same view points as you, and build broader support... that might help.

Long live the Oakland Commune!

Long Live the Seattle Commune!

Long Life the Traveling One Man Freak Show!

Hmm no mention of the couple Lamestream Media vehicles (*cough* CBS *cough*) that got decorated on Tues? @ news, I am disappoint.

naw they're in there.

Ah i see... but i am still disappoint.

i too am dis appoint

me like this; thank you!

Sure it's anarchist "triumphalism" but why not?
The capitalists and pigs celebrate every little innocuous thing they do, why shouldn't we?

Because anarcho-curmudgeonism is the only true anarchy.

God, we cant even get the fuck along on May day. Who the fuck are you "brah?" I hope this isnt more weird copycat shit.

This article is awesome. Solidarity with the act and the snide fuck of a political prisoner.



what about the disabled person's van you smashed up on Valencia? shitheads

oh no! something sad or unruly happened in a riot! gee, I wish riots could be more controlled!

except we all know the black bloc is not actually a riot, right?

seriously if a 30 person black bloc can't get it's shit together enough to not slash all four tires of a 1990s minivan and paint a circle a on it... fuck, y'all deserve to rot in irrelevance and scorn.

Not everyone in black in a friend.... methinks that was provocateur.

can I just say that the minivan thing is over. people forgot it happened. that means it basically didn't happen. lets hope it doesn't not happen again. poor minivan owner is poor. life sucks. we suck. move on dot org.

"can I just say ... "


this comment is predicated on the assumption that all people who participate in something have cohesive plans, and consult with one another before individuals take actions.

things that were awesome about that demonstration: dozens
things that sucked: one

What happened in Seattle? I'm out of the loop.

They partied like it was 1999.

the media are police infiltrators! thats the first true Agent Provocateur rumor to play out to be right.

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