Indictment Returned In NYC Computer Hacking Case

  • Posted on: 2 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">NPR (AP)</a>

NEW YORK -- The name of a Chicago man already charged in a computer hacking case aimed at taking out key players in the worldwide group Anonymous was added to an indictment Wednesday, boosting the accusations against him by including him in much of the wider conspiracy to hack into corporations and government agencies worldwide.

Jeremy Hammond, 27, joined four other defendants named in the indictment in federal court in Manhattan in a prosecution revealed in March. Hammond is being held at a lower Manhattan lockup after initially appearing in a Chicago court.

Authorities said the prosecution marks the first time core members of the loosely organized worldwide hacking group Anonymous have been identified and charged in the U.S. </td><td><img title="All prisoners should be freed... herp a fuckin derp" src=""></td></t...
Prosecutors said the defendants and others hacked into companies and government agencies worldwide, including the U.S. Senate. They say they also stole confidential information, defaced websites and temporarily put some victims out of business. Authorities say their crimes affected more than 1 million people.

A message left with Hammond's lawyer for comment was not immediately returned. It was not clear when Hammond would appear at an arraignment to enter a plea to the indictment.

Hammond is the only defendant in Manhattan, except for Hector Xavier Monsegur, a 28-year-old self-taught, unemployed computer programmer who was living on welfare in public housing in New York when he joined other elite hackers in various schemes.

A legendary hacker known as Sabu, Monsegur pleaded guilty and cooperated for most of the last year with the FBI, which built the case against Hammond and four others, who were arrested in Scotland, England and Ireland. None of the others have come to the U.S. to face the charges. Extraditions were being sought.

Hammond is charged in the indictment with conspiracy to commit computer hacking, computer hacking, conspiracy to commit access device fraud and aggravated identity theft.

The indictment adds allegations that the conspiracy included a hack of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a state law enforcement agency in Arizona.



1. Forgot an e in "Case"

2. Can you make the "practices" forum auto-publish and/or publish my forum topic?

Edit: You fixed the e, so how about that forum topic? Could also reduce the forums to just one forum and remove all forum containers, since it is a secondary thing.


shut up.

Hey, check out the origins of "shut up". It is way cool.

Also, I'm just talking about forums, because I'm a bad mother..

Damn, another habit I have to break...

Thanks worker, you rock.

jeez this kid is fucked.
do we forgive him for turning over that evidence tape back in '05 or whenever?
he IS taking one for the A team. very hard...

yes! duh.

Considering it was already public AND he apologized anyway, I think Jeremy should be considered a pretty badass comrade, hacktown or not.

Seriously, he only turned over that evidence tape because his lawyer told him that he was legally obligated to provide it (or else said lawyer would have to drop the case and leave a then-teenage Jeremy completely fucked and without any legal defense). Also, the tape was submitted as evidence FOR THE DEFENSE, not the prosecution.

From what I've heard of Jeremy, he's a solid dude and he's been fucked over by serious snitches on more than one occasion at this point. He's going through fucking hell for engaging in cyber attacks against some big damn targets. Dude oughta have our support.

yeah i hear that.
also hes already been to prison on some real shit and hasn't snitched to get out of it.
seems like if he wanted to REALLY fuck people over he could have by now.

I'm writing him a letter.

I don't think seeking to minimize the breach of comrades trust during the tape incident is the best way to generate support for him now. It's not necessary and it comes across in a way likely to restart old debates. That shit was fucked. He was stupid. People should say that because it's important that the legit reasons to support him NOW not come at the expense of justifying others future snitching. We don't need more people turning over tapes, but I don't see a problem with some people supporting this dude if they want at this time given the context.

Alright, yeah, I agree with you - it was stupid, and it's not really excusable because he was young and inexperienced. I just personally think that people shouldn't spread around the idea that Hammond is a snitch, or that he purposefully and willfully handed over the tape without any coercion.

The tape was a non issue for anyone sane on the topic

yea well it's ain't over yet, is it?

how long did it take brianna waters to flip?

I know Jeremy - he's a stand up guy, both in & out of prison.
From working with him in Chicago's ABC community, Midwest BTP - yeah, he gave a lot of himself for the cause. This brother deserves our respect & support!!



thats a prison id, right?

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