Indigenous Anarchist Convergence

From Táala Hooghan Infoshop

Bookfair, discussions, workshops, & more.

August 16-18, 2019

Táala Hooghan Infoshop

Kinlani, Occupied Flagstaff, AZ

Food & limited accommodations will be provided.


We welcome Indigenous, Black, People of Color for this gathering.


We will have limited tabling space, our registration form will have more info, but you can email us at taalahooghan[at] if you would like to table.


Open to workshop & discussion proposals [DEADLINE: JUNE, 29, 2019] by Indigenous, Black, & POC.

Email discussion & workshop proposals to: taalahooghan[at]

Please provide the following info:

  • Email address
  • Short bio (introduce yourself so we know a bit about ya!)
  • Name & organization (if applicable)
  • Title of workshop or discussion
  • Please describe the content of the workshop, including the format.
  • Will you need financial support to attend? If so, please describe. (Please note that we have extremely limited funding and will not be able to provide support to all who need it.)

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Who is not a person of color?

That's problematic and also essentialistic. To be not only attributing a "color" that doesn't have to do with a person's skin complexion at all, while also attributing political character to this "color". Is being "Black" or Hispanic (whoa there, especially) keeps someone from being an oppressor, a sexist, or recuperator?

Again, problematic ontologies.

No they're not, they are from the polar region, north of the Arctic circle. In 80,000 BC the African dark skinned peoples migrated into Europe whent was very hot there before the Ice Age. Europe was first inhabited by black folk!

Or is it defined by a sustained regional relationship with the land? I opt for the the latter. It could be the case that Siberians were not the first Americans(Solutrean hypothesis ect) this does not mean that Siberian Americans are not indigenous.

If you want to go by the book concerning the definition of indigenous, then the white people in Europe now are neo-colonialists!

Pinky beige is. But the "natives" of Europe got several shades of beige, or brown. Nordics tend to be from very pale to pink or yellow skinned, while many Mediterrenans (good luck denying that) are as dark-skinned as Arabs. By now, even the Roma people are accepted as Europeans (there's no reason why they shouldn't be), having been around there since at least the Medieval times, so they're as dark-skinned as Far Eastern people.

So again... this depiction of Europeans natives as White is racist. It comes from the very same 17th-18th century imperialist conceptions you'd be supposed to be opposing.

There's no "4 races"... that's just pure Malthusian racist bullshit. Humanity's skin is just shades of BROWN. That is determined by the levels of melanin in the epiderm

You're confused about what race is. Race speaks to oppression, not to ancestry or biology or history. It's not anti-racist people of colour who aren't making sense, it's that the concept of race (which was and is developed by racists, anti-racists just react to it) is internally inconsistent and doesn't make sense.

If you experience racism, you're a person of colour.

"If you experience racism, you're a person of colour."

then my very white friend must be a person of color. she experienced serious racism from black folks because she is married to a (very dark) black man, and gets constantly harassed by black folks because she is white and with a black man. "keep to your kind" and all that typical racist bullshit.

oh, but maybe you are one of those folks who thinks a black person could not possibly be actually racist. yeah, right.

it behooves folks engaging online about super loaded topics to define their terms before getting into yelling matches.
i would define racism as bigotry plus systemic power, which doesn't mean that people of color can't be racist, it just means that they can't be racist against white people. they can be bigoted against white people, which is not fun, but doesn't have the no-escape aspect of racism, as i understand it.
of course, systemic power could be broken down more too, because there are big and little systems, and lots of kinds of power.
if we're all trying to understand how this shit works, then to that extent we're on the same side here, right?

I guess that racism is best understood as identity politics, i.e. framing individuals within the social categories as identifiers. Since in mass society you are meaningless as an individual, it is only through the lens of belonging to racial, gender or age groups that you become "someone" identifiable.

In sociological this is useful for some things, but when it comes to more personal or interpersonal matters IRL, this gets fucked up relationships of identification (i.e. relating to yourself and others through spooks). Then there is also the matter of how politicized these social identities are. Like gay men likely won't be addressed for sexism (where in fact many tend to have an extremely sexist culture), while hetero guys will get all the sexist-jacketing. So is the "kinky" character given to LGBTQ+ people, that is just a polite, hypocritical translation for what is in fact sexism...

There used to be a time when "queer" involved rejecting social identities in the first place, towards asserting a person's sexuality. Then it got diluted into the LGBT+ bullshit category. Like it's a sexual preference... which means it was attributed in itself a sexualized character! Queer now a sexual preference? Whatever!!!

no one should be talking about the decolonization of the American, Mexican, and Canadian territories besides Natives, or using decolonization as a way to push their agenda outside of the Natives who were the victims and remain the victims of it

this has a 99% chance of becoming just another social-activist convention

Decolonization is a term that every radical and leftist misuse to sound as radical as possible, and to sound more knowledgeable

True, because what it boils down to mean is just-- BE YOUR OWN SELF-- and indigenization is a more nuanced term to express that transformation.

What's with all the semantics about this? It sounds great. White guy here. Got lotsa other stuff to keep me busy lol. Good luck with the gathering.

I dunno I asked them a few questions on that dubious part about the convergence being for non-White Euro people. The whole thing's quite problematic, as it also means you can't be accepting Hispanic people... for as you should know are also the offspring of Euro imperialism. Plus what do we do about cheap suburban sprawls mostly populated with prospective migrant families? That too is furthering colonial expansion. I can even show you on the map an example of it.

I'd also want colonization of Turtle Island to come to a halt, and even withdrawal/implosion. But understand it's no longer exclusively a White Euro thing. That'd be great, tho, if that event can help towards building awareness on colonization on this land. If that's part of the goal, then that makes sense.

It's because racism is a thing, and so is voluntary association. People want to have a certain kind of conversation among people with a certain kind of experience, more power to them.

How race relates to indigeneity and colonization isn't clearcut, which is one reason it's a good idea to have a convergence bringing together indigenous and POC anarchists.

people outside of the white-race can and do uphold, contribute and are complicit in the expansion and control of the colonial systems and the continuing colonialism, though it is hardly talked about

once again Natives getting pushed to the back and erased

By identifying AS a race, this then sows the seeds of racism. Race is a construct, and racism an abstract expression of power dynamics.

If people would stop identifying racially there would be no more oppression. That's why I just read Rimbaud, comment on anews, and avoid mirrors.

is your racism is lowkey and non-dogmatic? as in, only as racism as the status quo, not as racist as the fringe pro-racist elements?

I use the far more discerning individual identifying characteristics as culturism and belief, which shows me the consciousness and psychology of the individual, and whether I should avoid them. Skin tone, gender, or surface features mean nothing to me!. Rimbaud you say.
This will be deleted as usual, so cease replying to this!!

It's hard for me to understand accepting all non white people to a convergence like this considering the huge amount of racism indigenous people face from other non white ethnic groups but to each their own. Like, why not just have white people too? It is a bit bizarre. Id rather see an all indigenous conference but whatever.

It is just asking for college liberals who are non white to show up and annoy the shit out of everyone. Not to mention water down the discussion.

Even with the bit bizarre line on race the people doing this are pretty cool so looking forward to what comes out of it.

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