Individual communiqué from Oakland 10/07/12

  • Posted on: 8 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The only tears tonight will be for the countless lives that have been stolen.

Comrades when I looked into your eyes this weekend I saw a little bit of your pain fade. Somewhere in between the celebratory feminist vigilante march and the little pieces of civilization that were layed to rest on the ground as the hammers were swung at who knows how many parasitic shops tonight I found something.

Joyful violence against the state is the sanity to the everyday misery.

A misery so deep and so widespread. Countless lives contained, controlled, reduced, stolen, and destroyed by civilization, colonialism, patriarchy, and capitalism. 11 years of war in Afghanistan, hundreds of years of colonization and my entire life of being socialized, categorized, identified...</td><td><img title="therapy on the streets is? cheaper, faster, better?" src=""></td></tr...
Tonight was an intimate experience with the direct confrontation between what is wild and what is the negation of life. It was a little release from the choke of politics, of representation, and order. It's a peek into a proper response to what we face as contained life.

Our symbiotic relationship between each other, our kenesis, chaos, and our ebb and flow outran the law. Our bodies are equipped with joy and it may be our most valuable weapon when under attack. In this most impersonal world where one can fly a drone and drop a bomb killing untold amounts of life, our intimate bonds of life—our animal nature unleashes. Of course The Oakland Scientific Facility got some of our rage.

Yesterday the state took 25 friends away from us. The destruction tonight was in part our response—the struggle continues. Whether staffing the legal call-in center, covering imprisoned friends work shifts, smashing police recruitment stations, raising bail, or etch bathing the Community Policing Centre in East Vancouver we take care of one another. Every day agents of the state take people away and imprison them, and while 25 of our friends were nabbed, about 35,948 other people were arrested and carted off to jail yesterday.

It didn't start with Chase Bank and it doesn't end with City Hall or the Police recruitment station. It all must go, every last vestige of this wretched earth, and it is always a violent phenomenon.

An incomplete list of some of the attacks:
The last big window of the old Obama office on telegraph (The office has since moved because Oakland is to real for 'em)
The disgusting new Chase bank on 14th and Broadway
The whole side of California Bank.
Bank of the West
Some ATM's here and there
Some condos here and there
Oakland Tribune
Kaiser Permanente Office
AC Transit
Rudys can't fail
"Die yuppie scum" & "Gentry" were scrawled on some yuppie condos around 19th and Telegraph
OPD recruitment station
Oakland City Hall
Several BMW's and some other posh cars
The Oakland Scientific Facility, which houses computers and data storage for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

With love and dedication,

for myself
for the silent ones
for the revolutionary comrades behind bars
for the survivors and victims of US imperialism, colonialism, and war in Afghanistan, Palestine, and throughout the Muslim world.

Fight Genocide, Destroy what is civilized.


is there a paypal thingy for the bail fund?

Awesome shit btw. Good retaliatory action and nice write-up.

You're trying to hard with this one tho:

"Our symbiotic relationship between each other, our kenesis, chaos, and our ebb and flow outran the law."

There is, but the bail amounts are hella high (in the tens of thousands per person).

Was this an Occupy action? Or does OO just bail out these awesome people as well?

My understanding is that OO is a solidarity network more than it is a formal organization at this point.

This makes sense , thank you

no hover over?

Lol at the implication that Muslims aren't civilized

That'd be nice. I'd like to be uncivilized myself. Too bad islam is full of just as much colonizer/domesticator mentality as any other abrahamic religions.

I don't believe in god because he fucking doesn't exist.


you misunderstand. the statement comes from the organizers of the march, who are anticiv muslims. there is no implying, only two statements of position: we oppose civilization and we are muslim.

anti-civ muslims are every bit as "real" and "authentic" as anti-civ christians. the city is the birthplace of evil. agriculture is the birthplace of the city. domestication is the birth of agriculture. take every text that directs thought and action to the primordial, when earth was a garden without control/domestication and when every desire was immediately satisfied without control/domestication.

love all anarchy.

Maybe a semantic point, but gardens are definitely a symbol of control and domestication of the non-human world.

in this case it is not semantic. think of the whole natural creation as a garden. humans have to tend it, in a sense. m kat anderson has the nice phrase "tending the wild." setting fires to clear underbrush and enhance the food available to game, casting wildflower seeds, selective picking. it keeps the natural creation abundant. like a "garden" and yet totally unlike a garden as usually thought of. my uncle says "the whites wanted us to become farmers, but we make lousy farmers. we didn't need to farm. we had a natural farm." "garden" in the sense of a "natural farm." anarcho-primitivist "angels" think there is some kind of zero point of pure un-liberated desires with no culture, no abstraction, no language.... it's just the latest version of the white invention of a fantasy called "primitive" that whites an make use of.

i think the point is that the attempt to spin this weekend of actions as anti-civ is kind of dumb. fuck columbus and all european colonizers, but a big part of the story of the conquest was an encounter between european civilization and a bunch of other civilizations (aztec, mayan, etc.) the idea that the americas weren't "civilized" is ignorant as all fuck. and obviously the war in afghanistan is not a conflict between civilization and the wild either.

FYI, Cortez, not Columbus, exterminated the Aztecs.

Columbus exterminated the Tainos, who weren't civilized (city living, domesticators). However they did have cheifdoms.

Not that it matters. In my mind, the point of being anti-civ is to understand the origins and logic of domestication so we can tell where we're going and ways of possibly getting out of this death-trap, not to nitpick about who "deserves it" or not for having agriculture or cities and whatnot.

Ya big dummy.

i was certainly not suggesting some people deserved extermination while others didn't. i was suggesting that the conflation of european colonialism and present imperialism with civilization depends on a misunderstanding of the history.

the civilizations in the "new world" had all of the characteristics of civilizations in the "old." hierarchy, large scale ag and large scale war, slaves, expansion of territory and a religious ideology that defended the elites, etc. primitive cultures had chiefs, but they had no power, and there was no coercion at the root of their politics.

the point is thinking about and creating a kind of order without hierarchy and command/obedience.

well, SORRY then.

"We opposed civilization and we are Muslim."

And this means, what, you've got a lot in common with the Taliban?

Keep up the good fight, San Diego & City Heights love you.

Anyone have a larger version of the lightbulb image?

Am I right in thinking this Boots Riley comment, found on FB, refers to the same march? Pretty despicable of him to come out with criticism with comrades in jail, in my opinion. Plus, not really buying the argument that we shouldn't advertise our anti-capitalism because it isn't popular . . . or that we're "kids" who should be organizing other people (not a segment of the oppressed that's actually rebelling). What's his deal? He's some kind of neo-maoist? Anyway, here it is:

"The use of the blac bloc tactic in all situations is not useful. As a matter of fact, in situations such as the one we have in Oakland, its repeated use has become counter-revolutionary.

Yesterday in Oakland was a good illustration of this, in which the blac bloc kids- besides busting up bank windows- also busted windows of parked cars and threw stuff at another car- to which the Black driver of
said vehicle got out looking to fight the crowd.

Similarly, the crowd of folks at Somar were there for the end of Matthew Africa's memorial- DJs and artists, and generally a group of folks who collectively probably know everybody in Oakland- I'm not exactly sure what or if anything happened before I saw the scene, but folks poured out of the club en masse to protect it, yelling at the march and telling folks to go home.

If "the job of the revolutionary is to make the revolution seem irresistible", the use of blac bloc has been making a revolutionary movement pretty damn resistible in Oakland, CA.

When almost every conversation I have with folks from Oakland about Occupy Oakland, has the smashing of windows brought up as a reason people don't like that grouping, scientifically it means the tactic is not working. It doesn't matter that technically it's only smashing corporate windows. It matters that people don't want to join because of that. It's not about violence/non-violence. The truth is that it's not always corporate windows. I'm for certain tactics that would be classified as violent- even ones that have to do with fighting human beings. But what it's about is a tactic that is detrimental in this situation. I would like to win, thank you. Not just lose with style. A style that the people around you don't understand.

Many folks bring up Greece when debating these things. I've been to Athens. What I witnessed there was that the movement was tied in with the people. Most of those involved grew up in Athens, they also are part of militant campaigns that happen throughout the year, which the people support, moreover, they just know the people of the city of Athens. And, perhaps due to this situation, there are way more of them.

It's not due to lack of outreach that Saturday's "West Coast Anti-Capitalist March"- meaning, one that not only reached out to the whole west coast- was only able to draw 150-300 people. It's because it's not what the people care about- not framed in that way- and because others are either bored with the tactic or scared of being arrested because some kid breaks the window of some used car that probably costs less than their own Honda Civic. But, that was in SF. Most of the folks doing this don't know anyone from Oakland, and- I believe- don't plan on doing any sort of base building to find out where the pulse of the people actually are.

If you ask most people in East or West Oakland what their problems are- they'll say being broke is there number one problem. Campaigns that use militant mass movement tactics to achieve changes in that situation are ones that have a revolutionary potential.

I've talked to many a person in Occupy Oakland and even in some anarchist collectives who agree with me on this, but the idea is that to criticize this publicly is to make the movement look divided. But, the public non-critique of this has the effect of making the movement look monolithic, hegemonic and uninviting. Instead, people talk shit about each other behind their backs, split and divide into smaller and smaller affinity groups. All the while, not critiquing the counter-revolutionary bullshit that's making them irrelevant in the minds of the people they ostensibly want to organize.

Let's get this shit right and win"

i think you got it right. the seemingly random quality of the smashy smash and the morbidly ritualistic way that it plays out ain't winning us any friends. i too am not a pacifist, and make a real distinction between breaking stuff and harming living beings, but acting out without any connection to the 99% just illustrates impotency. there will be times and places when the circumstances call for direct confrontation (i think we should have wrecked "whole foods" oakland back in october), but breaking windows of car models that are on your enemies list is solipsistic idiocy. i agree- "let's get this shit right and win"

I think you lost us all at "99%"

the masses, the working class, the proletariat,the people, la gente... you know, the dumb fuckers who are too stupid to rally behind your temper tantrums. sorry for being sooooo 2011. and you speak for for us all?

Don't forget the police. They are also part of the 99%.

and the small business owners are as well.

And the scientists, them too. They create all those wonderful life saving medications noone can afford.

"small business" capitalism is fertile soil for big business capitalism. Fuck capitalism!

Here, here.

The comment, "Here, here" was actually intended to applaud the following comment, which I agree with entirely:

"the masses, the working class, the proletariat,the people, la gente... you know, the dumb fuckers who are too stupid to rally behind your temper tantrums. sorry for being sooooo 2011. and you speak for for us all?"

well. at least the person says what they think. i'll take a hundred of him over ten wormy weasels who undermine anarchists at every turn without owning that shit publicly.

Property destruction is not a populist tactic. Why would you expect a populist result? People like Boots Riley SOMETIMES speak critically about it because it's meant to piss people off. Just own it.

There's nothing bad or wrong with lashing out against the things that make your life harder, or at least the things you perceive make your life harder (because, you know, downtown was hella tight before Rudy's. THEY'RE the problem). You can just let that out however and very few people, particularly anarchists will blame you. What I don't get is this weird chip on the shoulder worn by so many whenever others are displeased with broken windows.

News flash: TONS OF PEOPLE WILL NOT LIKE IT WHEN YOU BREAK THINGS. And, AND! that doesn't make it wrong. It just means you either consider the perspectives of others and adjust your actions or you don't.

At it's core, there is nothing political about property destruction per se. It is primarily a barometer measuring the collective anger of various groups directed at specific places for generally articulable reasons. It doesn't offer any answers or, to use buzzwords, prefigure horizontal social relationships. To a certain extent, many people can relate to the sentiment of the broken window, but it's pretty clear at this point that simply breaking stuff isn't catching on as a replicatable social revolt. Very few people cry when the windows at Chase get broken. Some people get mad when car windows are broken. All of this is as tired as it is predictable, but honestly whatever.

If people break windows, the state is still my enemy. Even when people break windows I'd prefer remain intact, the state is still my enemy. I'd prefer if "we" could just put the melodramatic outrage towards critics of property destruction to bed. In a way, it would be more profound and more provocative to respond with a simple "You're mad. So what?"

I just want to add that, personally, I think everyone at all of the weekend demonstrations are total fucking badasses.

Word. Mad love to our stolen comrades.

I love winning!

Thank you, Mr. Riley, for speaking truth to stupidity. "Occupy Oakland" has become a racist, destructive, very bad joke. "Ya! Ya! Let's go fuck shit up in Oakland!" because it's only Oakland, right? It's just a ghetto anyway, but man, when you've "occupied" Oakland, you've really made your bigtime Anarchist bones.

All these out-of-towner vandals have BECOME the reckless, careless, hateful colonialists they're pretending to protest against.

what, did your car get smashed or something? or is it really the banks, city hall or the cop shop that you are defending.

Not my car, no, but my neighbors' cars. And how about Rudy's, a locally owned chow place, which hires a lot of our local teenagers? You haven't established your Anarchist Utopia yet (as if you'd ever put it in Oakland...LOL!) and in the absence of any other reality, some of these kids really need those jobs. And they don't need to be terrified by a lot of cowards breaking glass and accusing them of being "the enemy."

And how about the local artists' community, having to defend their venue against the likes of YOU? During a memorial service, no less! Don't you fools check the local events calendar before you swarm down here with your moods and 'tudes and bricks and hammers and bats?

Occupy where YOU fucking live! Oakland is beyond tired of your asses. This city is not just some worthless trashcan for you to show up, piss all over, tear up, and then escape back to the safety of your dorms or suburbs. Stay the fuck out of here and, when the mood strikes you, have the REAL courage of your convictions, and shit in your own yards.

Five Axioms for the Black Bloc

Anything we cannot expropriate, we will destroy. This is the first assumption.

Any action against the State and Capital will either perpetuate and increase, or be repressed. This is the second assumption.

If an action is being criticized, it is either growing or being repressed. Third assumption.

If it is an action against the State and Capital, it must be encouraged to grow, and prevented from repression. Fourth Assumption.

Black Bloc and Property Destruction are actions against State and Capital. Fifth assumption.

"Love and dedication" my ass. You come to Oakland to make your messes because Oakland is NOTHING to you. The people of Oakland are nothing to you, their struggles are nothing to you, our city is just a slum to you, that you can pile on and tear up and then drive back to sleep safe and sound at your Mama's house in Hillsborough.

Ooooh, but you Occupied Oakland, right? Got your "street cred," busting some old lady's car windows, so now you're an official badass. And OAKLAND, of all cities...such a hotbed of capitalist greed!

You're only "occupying" Oakland because you haven't the balls to go where the real problems live. Go occupy Anaheim, you coward ass, or Santa Ana, or Palos Verdes, or Woodside, or Portola Valley.

Protesting "The Man" in Oakland makes as much sense as protesting "The Man" in Haiti or Mozambique. And guess what? You've worn out your welcome here. Those of us who once supported you are sick of the sight of your faces, so PLEASE, quit trying to "liberate" us with your hammers and your bricks.

When you show up here anymore, all Oakland sees is a lot of racist brats using our city for your personal ash tray because, what the hell, it's ONLY Oakland, and you're only here for the T-shirt, or to pat each other on the back at Mom's house when you see yourselves on the news.

Grow the fuck up, stay home, and quit USING hello? I said quit USING Oakland for your own fatass ego boost. Think up some way to make the world BETTER than it is. The last thing Oakland needs is another one of your inauthentic, self-indulgent crap festivals.

Awaiting all the white-boy death threats, blah blah blah.

"our city"

civic pride!!!

Erm, actually I think people should revolt (not "protest") in Haiti and Mozambique.

But anyway - your stereotypes about who participates in property destruction are wrong.

When rioting broke out all over England last summer, the international investing class got nervous. They said so. Breaking shit, fighting cops, etc. - done intelligently - sends a very clear message. You think we're going to change things by sitting around, being polite, voting, what? No. It's gonna take some disorder, unrest, and street confrontations. That's how things change, read a little bit of history, or even watch TV to see what's going on in other countries for christ's sake - and you quickly realize that.

But I wouldn't expect you to have any concept of social change. You're obviously just full of stupid stereotypes and resentment.

I am a 49 year old revalutioary fighter brown sister working poor (proletarian) born in oakland that needs to say to you go fuck yourself you indulgent fuck.

I am fighting a war of capitalism and U.S Imperlism and if that brings about some caliaral fucken damage like broken car window so the fuck what my whole life as the working fucken poor is capitalism caliaral damage.SO TO MY OTHER REVALUTOARY COMRADES THANK YOU FOR INVITEING ME TO THE BATTLE!

collateral, not "caliaral." OK?

Yes, of course it's OK (as long as you're a 49-year-old brown woman. If it's somebody else being snobby over the lady's spelling, and calling her out for it in public, you're a pathetic, useless asswipe.)

What I'm not finding OK, really really not OK, is that you feel obligated to thank a bunch of uncaring outsiders for "inviting" you to ANYTHING that goes on in the city where you were born and raised.

Ma'am, they should fuck be thanking YOU!

Actually, asswipes are very useful. Think of where you'd be without them!

OK, thanks for making me laugh.

But it would be beyond lame if this Oakland lady were on here defending all the slumming scenesters, and the only response one of them could think up was to berate her for her spelling. Come on now.

where are you getting this idea that the people who did the smashy smashy are 'uncaring outsiders'?

It's me again the 49 year old revalutorary fighter. thanks for the spelling update collateral My bad spelling is just another form of collateral damage oakland schools gave me. Oh and please women my age and most women of any age dont like when people tell them what they should think say or do. I ment to thank my revalutorary comrades. I did not plan the battle so dont you speak for me I did not call anyone uncaring outsiders.That is your take on shit in Oakland and it is just to small minded to comment on.

Most recently I read something that say's everything I feel inside but dont have the writing skills to write it myself. So I am going to share it

Already, in conversations with supposed comrades, our critiques have been met with concern that the "mainstream" won't get it, that the precious, delicate monentum will be stopped. Interventions into a whitewashed and patriarchal agenda (which is any agenda that denies the differential impact of capital on people of color and women) are always recived as interruptions, at best, they are conceded to with invitations, with "OUTREACH," AND WITH PROMISES of MORE INCLUSIVE. We say: inclusivity without an adequate analysis is just unstated exclusivity; this is not identity politics; this is the anti-identity politics. for it is capitalism that pushes us to rank facets of our identities, to select one group as the vanguard and press marginalized identities to choose which aspect of their oppression to make a priority.

A high ground of bourgeois morality is the secret platform of non-violence. Unchecked by analysis of lived, everyday violence, pacifism turns up its nose at direct confrontation as immature and ignorant, while painting passive resistance as dignified and spirtually pure.

We realize that we have the power to challenge patriarchy and capitaliam with our orgnized resistance, and that this resistance must embrace violence as an effective political,defensive tactic.

I did not write those words but I love them and I will spend my life being the revalutorary fighter.

49 year old in the house again just want to make clear to all that the only token I know is the president of these United States.

Is that what is wrong with you no emo white boy man every asked you to dinner well so the fuck what grow the fuck up. Ask them if you feel left out as far as who I eat with fuck it not even relavent. people like you want to tell us to be progmatic, to focus on piecmeal reforms and wait for our day in the revolt. fuck you that sounds like an old white man's way of thinking.

Rather than policing the radical voices taking anti-capitalist, revolutionary, and anti police positions, we should give these voices space to be heard and listened to seriously. The anarchist in-joke "Make Total Destory" is true: the real political agenda consists in destorying state power, capitalism, and all its forms of coercive social control. No unity can be claimed until every social relationship is no longer defined by capital but by us.

And again I say, break out all your own grandmother's windows. Charity begins at home.

And what's up with "Thank you for inviting me?" That is one telling comment. "Oh, thank you, thank you, emo white boys, for letting me join your aimless smashy-smash club. Now I have truly arrived." Unbelievable. They only want you there to make them look more "authentic" for the news cameras.

When's the last time any of them had you to THEIR place for supper?

The media has published photos of the arrestees the other night. They're mostly NOT white boys. But you are obviously getting too much pleasure out of being outraged at your silly stereotype that says that people in black bloc are rich white kids who break grandma's things and go home in some faraway suburb.

Maybe you should ask yourself why you're attached to this ridiculous image of black bloc, which has obviously been planted in your head by the media, pacifists, liberals, authoritarians, paranoid Alex Jones types etc.

Why would you rather get angry at what you imagine to be a bunch of "white kids" better off than you, from "out of town," instead of the politicians, landlords and capitalists who are actually making your life miserable? Maybe because it's easier to vent your pathetic rage on a bunch of imaginary "kids" rather than actually rebel yourself and confront the real enemy?

Do YOU live here? If not, stfu. Most of the tear-it-up scenesters are from out of town, and you know it.

There ought to be some rule of basic civility whereby you can only "occupy" the place where you lay your own head at night. Coming out here to smash up Oakland just so you can brag to your friends later that "Oh, man, I was at Occupy Oakland!" is pussy behavior, plain and simple.

that's right, continue to ignore others points and just keep asserting your delusional foolishness.

You seem to be projecting. Sorry to burst your bubble about yourself, but nobody in Oakland thinks of you guys as heroes or social warriors or whatever your personal ego myths are.

And Boots Riley made some excellent points around that fact, and about your dismissive attitude.

BTW, no, there are no mug shots of anyone arrested at the October 7 smash-it-up riot in Oakland, because none of the vandals were arrested.

Its pretty interesting that you an anonymous commenter on @ News speaks for all of Oakland. I'm not projecting, I mean you in response to every response to your comments has been the continual assertion that those who did the vandalism were uncaring outsiders and just telling people to shut up if they don't live in Oakland. People claim this shit all the time when people are using tactics they don't like, they always babble about how the people who do blac bloc or similar type vandalism or are confrontational with the police were a bunch of people from out of town to try to get people to not support those kind of tactics. I know that in response to this you will only continue to assert that those people were from out of town and/or I should shut up if I'm not from Oakland, but I don't really care if you continue to be delusional, so whatever.

Fine, but get off your missionary trip and vandalize your own city.

are assuming that I was one of those who vandalizing Oakland on the day in question? I'm afraid you are mistaken, I was half way across the country in the city I'm from. I was just taking issue with your assumptions you were making about those who did the vandalizing, which you are still doing. Its not as if people who live in Oakland don't vandalize Oakland on a daily basis, just like in every other city, so I don't see why you assume that those people in that march had to be people from other places, I mean the idea that people wouldn't vandalize a city because they are from there is ridiculous.

There were no arrests in Oakland the other night.

i like smashing. i think it's fucking great. and i want to see more of it -- every night, every week. in opposition to the "breaking windows doesn't do anything" crowd, i think property destruction affects property values, the confidence of the business class and when it occurs at riot levels can do a lot of damage to capital. but for smashing to have that effect, the tactic has to spread, get taken up by lots of people. smashing *can be* populist or relatively populist and, for a short period last year in oakland, that was happening.

at small levels, smashing is primarily communication, it's an attempt at generalization of antagonism, a signal of a potential riot. but if people want to generalize smashing they need to think strategically about what they attack, about the legibility of the attack to people beyond the anarchist world. is it possible to have this conversation? is it possible to suggest that taking out cars (even bmws) and restaurants with people in them is maybe not such a good idea?

I'm actually a little more interested in the most recent strategies of the OPD & SFPD and if or how that has changed over time. Anyone? They seem to want to discourage any generalizing contagion as quickly as possible in SF before it gets out of hand. What lessons can anarchist learn from this? Are smaller groups only good for quick nightly hit and run actions or does this confine anarchists to the ghettos and the margins of society?

Utopia is not the goal of any anarchist. Tearing down capitalism and government isn't even the goal of every anarchist. Only insurrectionists and people who have had enough want to tear it all down. Everyone agrees that nothing in life is perfect but that doesn't mean settle for the worst system imaginable. Anarchy is not synonymous with utopia. TROLL!

The only goals I'm seeing when you come around and trash stuff where OTHER people live are a huge, adolescent adrenaline buzz, a lot of high-fiving and backslapping, and then coming to websites like this one to write long, romantic narratives about how precious and significant you imagine yourselves to be.


You're only describing part of the revolution. A lot of that high fiving and back slapping and romantic narratives is self-therapy and regaining back dignity that has been stolen by the system for all those times that they have been ganged up on by the system and feel fighting is the only way to win knowing full well they've already lost to the system because the game is rigged.

When the workers get their check cashed and their masters take a cut from everyone's check, the wall street traders, stockholders, bankers, ceo's and bosses high five them selves and pat them selves on the back at what lovely capitalists they are and how great and good a job they do at fucking the world into accepting their system of greed and the lovely communiques roll on 24/7 in the mass media over how good the economy is doing. But that's perfectly okay with you because you have been conditioned to accept that kind of high fiving and back slapping and romantic communiques about global capitalism from capitalists. Ass kissing boot-licking IDIOT with out a conscience yes you are.

It's the same reason why the war drums never stop beating loudly by the republican party while the democrats drum them so lightly in public that the public don't even notice it. You're a dumbass sheep. Go on. Sheep condemning violence and telling everyone to conform is only an American phenomena that I'm aware of. Violence is justified.

The democrats who play the good cop just trying to help us do nothing but send us to war while taking all our money for their expensive campaigns and do nothing to improve our standard of living but give promises every 4 years and never deliver them. I want my money back and I've been robbed. Somebody call the police. Ap, I'm sorry I forgot who the police were working for. That's why we need a revolution because the police are only meant to protect people with money and their private property. FUCK THE POLICE!

The system isn't working not because is can't but because it doesn't want to. Because that was never the intention behind a republic built by white men who owned black slaves and didn't allow women the right to vote and a bunch of other dis-inclusions that contradict their own hand written constitution. Even the constitution is a flaw in and of it self once you discover that it is not even necessary to have once you get rid of the police and the government all together.

That whole idea of keeping the government in check was all a bunch of bull anyway. The government has always been a force for brutality, control and punishment and the only ones being pushed are the low level street criminals and not the big time gangsters who run this society and use all the workers as their slaves to hold their society of income inequality together.

The people who founded America were bankers and merchants better put it, capitalists. That is why the constitution had to be amended and still the thing is flawed as fuck. It has to go. It can go up in flames. I don't care. It must go either way. Society must go.

I would jump for joy after smashing a bank window. I'm not gona lie. I feels great. Like I'm alive and the power the bank has and my boss has over my actions and my temper is no longer there. I feel like I'm free to do what I feel like I should have done a long time ago because they have been wrong the whole time.

I feel free for the first time because no police can stop me when I'm protected by a massive black bloc. The police are nothing but hired security forces of the banks and corporations anyway. Smashing them and knowing the police who are intimately involved in protecting them cant protect them makes me feel good inside. I'm getting even by breaking my obedience because they can't make me obey anymore. They can't control me anymore with their laws and the limits of the constitution. I break window and set fire to the building. No. This is my stapler.

That bank cannot function with out a police station in the same city. The relationship is unconditional love between the 2. That is why they both must be destroyed. They both deserve to get hit and will have the sympathy of the general public so long as the system they promote stays in tact but what about the day when it falls apart? Why sympathy will be for the anarchist breaking and burning and looting the banks when the economy crashes and everyone finds them self on their front door step hauling their things into a UHAUL truck. The day of reckoning awaits us.

There are only 2 sides in this end game when the game is finally over. The RICH & the POOR! Which side are you on?

Whatever, dude. Just smash up shit and do your violence where YOU live. Oakland doesn't need you to save us; stay home and save yourself.

Stop protecting banks and businesses in your area. Unless you live in a Bank of America or inside the Oakland Police station, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Corporations and banks do their business out of town and where ever the protest goes the bloc follows. Either you're just another regionalist dipshit or maybe you work for the Monsanto corporation. Corporations and banks do business beyond imaginary city boarder lines so why can't revolutionaries who are affected by their policies follow them to areas where confrontation is likely to carry out the war against banks? You don't want to war against banks. Stay out of the way.

You're just a real fucking apologist for capitalists aren't you? Do you work for Well Fargo? Are you a cop? If businesses can globalize oppression beyond city limits why can't anarchists globalize resistance to their oppression beyond the city limits of where they live? Why do you equate property damage with violence and do nothing about the violence created by Banks? You think protecting people and business who destroy lives is act of peace. You are more violent than you think you're not. In fact you deserve an ass whoopin by someone bigger than you for trying to protect bullies by attacking their victims.

Why are you protecting banks who hurt families? What's wrong with you? Are you sick? You got to be some kind of a CEO if you're not another one of those dipshits who don't know the difference between right and wrong because the law tells them the difference and can't tell the difference. Where do you work asshole?

Blah blah, your feelings are hurt, you're an unwanted guest in Oakland, Stalinesque posturing, blah blah,

Fuck this troll! Don't know shit and plenty of people pushed out of the bay by gentrification. Yea right fool , like Oakland is "your town". Fuck off with that bulshit!

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