The ingredients of fascism.

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The ingredients of fascism.

1. Fascists gain control of governments by overthrowing the elite through elections or force. The new fascist regime is more oppressive than the elite they replaced.
2. Populism: a form of political discourse that says the majority is being exploited by a small, corrupt elite and that if we overthrow the elite then all our problems will be solved.
3. Conspiracy theories about the elite and the government. Claims that people in the US government were behind 9/11. Claims that secret societies control the government. Fake news that is based on conspiracy theories, posted on alternative media websites like Infowars, and distributed on social media.
4. Blaming our problems on people at the top and bottom of society: the elite, secret societies, intellectuals, immigrants, minorities, homosexuals, the disabled, Jews, Muslims, people who get welfare.
5. Claims that left-wing, socialist, anarchist, and progressive movements and protests are secretly funded by the elite. This is done to discredit protests against fascism.
6. Fascist movements like the alt-right use conspiracy theories to recruit leftists, progressives, and other people into right-wing politics. The conspiracy theories claim that the left and the right have a common enemy: the elite. First the conspiracy theories are presented without any political agenda then right-wing, fascist ideas are discussed. Once a person is recruited into fascism by conspiracy theories they drop their old political views. To hide their connection to fascism the recruitment is often done by separate people on separate websites. One person presents conspiracy theory while a different person presents fascist ideas.

Anonymous (not verified)
Not a bad list but I feel

Not a bad list but I feel like 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all sorta variations on the same point. Personally I tend to file all of it under an obsession with narrative (rather than analysis) which encompasses the conspiracy theories, the scapegoating and the mythical golden age they're always trying to return to ("palingenetic ultranationalism"). All are a product of the same basic problem, which is that fascists don't practice the same kind of analysis that liberals, socialists or anarchists do, but instead rely on various kinds of fanciful storytelling. That's why the actual theoretical underpinnings are so hard to pin down - they don't really exist - and why fascists with such radically divergent views on paper (christians, occultists, socialists, etc) have so little problem functioning in the same groups.

Anonymous (not verified)
I like to play pretend to. My

I like to play pretend to. My favorite thing is that 1. Fascist wear dumb clothing and dance to bad music nobody with any level of dance skill touch. 2. Fascist like to pee on ground where garbage can is but won't change diapers because to big of dick (not really, small penis, very sad, almost as small as left anarchist, like reader of nonsense I write, who is also poser.

Anonymous (not verified)
Little girls are made from

Little girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice.

Le Way (not verified)
Cut out all the

Cut out all the dross and you have ONE ingredient,,,,,,,,,,,,FEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Now all you over pedantic mind twisting politismos get that into your thich heads, its fear, simple old fear,,,,,,,,,,,so you know what to do, enjoy, that's the anartist way!

Anonymous (not verified)
"5. Claims that left-wing,

"5. Claims that left-wing, socialist, anarchist, and progressive movements and protests are secretly funded by the elite. This is done to discredit protests against fascism."

Cool... so now if anyone talks shit about nonprofits being funded by big establishment NGOs, then let's throw them in the "fascist" bin as well.

Who else? People who're in to football? Eating hamburgers?

Anonymous (not verified)
Uh … seriously? This is a

Uh … seriously? This is a specific reference to the "george soros" style of talking points and that's explained in the article.

Anonymous (not verified)
Anonymous (not verified)
It's kinda telling that your

It's kinda telling that your main concern here is that these people might be named as such, not whether or not they actually *are* fascists.

rebelll (not verified)
fascism/racism/Nazism are

fascism/racism/Nazism are just ideas to justify economic exploitation: all government are fascists, they always create benefits for domestic slaves, compared to foreign slaves. fascist exploit people on the basis of national differences, racists exploit people oin the basis of race, ethnic and religion differences. both fascism and racism are created from the top, by elites, to justify exploitation of people i.e. to get richer. it means the reasons for fascism and racism are economic ones, rich people want to be richer and they found one more idea to support their greediness. Mussolini and his fascism also propagated corporate fascism, elite (rich people) can be even from different nationalities, but they exploit society together. capital is in the center, not nationality, while at Nazis, exploitation is based on race and nationality (even poor Germans could get slaves from Hitler, not only rich Germans).

ingredients of fascism: the state, capitalists, police, military, spies, judicial system, media.

populism and conspiracy theories are part of media propaganda, although the CIA and military industry are so strong, they can create terrorist attacks and they can create wars and conflict, that's their business, they profit from the war. if terrorism and insecurity became business, I believe that conspiracy theories (connected with the CIA) are true. if they drug soldiers they sent to Vietnam, why they would not drug prisoners? it is the same about making business from terrorism.

blaming politicians and riches (by leftists) for problems of society is logical result of capitalist economy. on the other side, fascists work for the secret service and they can make propaganda against immigrants, etc.

there will be always conflict among "progressive" part of society, that's logical result of open mind discussions and self-critics. NGOs are funded by capitalists, they belong to the "reformist" part of the left stage. what means protest against fascism if it is done by spies? million Syrians came to Germany, you can imagine how many "groups for help to immigrants" are created by the secret service. if they want to spy million refugees, they must make crowd of groups and NGOs to "help to immigrants", i.e to work with them and get their trust and get information who is "extremist". spies work with immigrants, to spy them (NGOs, red cross, churches, etc).

people who drop old ideas make evolution in their mind or they are without character and they change opinion when they start to drink beer with some other people. I know anarchist-communist who became anarchist-feminist just because he started to be friend with different people. there are people without character, they change themselves very fast. some people are anarchists just because they spend time with anarchists, if you send them to drink beer with fascists, they will become fascists.

Le Way (not verified)
Also dear rebellll, if

Also dear rebellll, if one becomes a regular poster on @news, one becomes a fascist, no?

Anonymous (not verified)
If we look at the way the

If we look at the way the term functions, minimally, we would say that fascism implies a sort of Absolutism about views, as in: If you don't agree with me, I'll force you to, or else you'll be dead (ultimately). If we take this line, all Sovereignty (the capacity to decide on the State of Exception) will be seen as Absolute Nationalism and all group dynamics (which also decide on violence as justified thus and so) will be seen as the fascism of an idea. Thus, we can be fascists about whom is a fascist, or who is truly antifa, etc.,

a lesson from D&G, unlearned, it seems, with the new wave of sillies that don't know their radical theory: the term almost has no meaning.

Trump-a-holic (not verified)
Definition of Fascism

What a bunch of tripe; intellectual lazinness and shallow thinking (unless you are trying to re-define 'fascism' to become a buzzword you can throw around to whip people up in to a frenzy).

Trump is about to take on the 'Titans of Industry' (Silicon Valley), wanting to break up the cabal that cobbled together Obamacare (Pharmaceuticals, Large Insurance Companies), and start to devolve power to the States (away from the Federal structure).

Don't see how any of that can fit the classic definition of Fascism.

Hitler & Mussolini centralized power, killed smaller businesses, built a massive bureacracy, and filled the masses heads with illusions of grandeur.

Sounds more like Obama's reign than Trump's.

Anonymous (not verified)
"Trump is about to take on

"Trump is about to take on the 'Titans of Industry' (Silicon Valley), wanting to break up the cabal that cobbled together Obamacare (Pharmaceuticals, Large Insurance Companies), and start to devolve power to the States (away from the Federal structure)."

This^^^ IS filling the masses (you) with "illusions of grandeur"… you realize there's no Obama supporters here, right?

Anonymous (not verified)
"you realize there's no Obama

"you realize there's no Obama supporters here, right?"

Bahahaha. This straight up makes me want to pull a lamppost down.

Anonymous (not verified)
Making Muhrica Great Again

Making Muhrica Great Again and that Trump Wall sound like some major ideas of grandeur...

Anonymous (not verified)
When dragging newspaper boxes

a few feet, or pulling down a lampost, are considered major accomplishments, then yes, wall construction is an act of grandeur. Godlike, magical white people will somehow project flat vertical surfaces many, perhaps several, feet into the sky. "How they do that? Aliens? Animal sacrifice? Privilege? Is it cause they ain't never suffered fo real, like me?"

Anonymous (not verified)
A valiant attempt

at describing Trumps actual plans & policies, anon. But our dear liberals-by-another-name anarchists are too mentally castrated from their public education experiences to recieve any of your words. Sadly these doe-eyed spongy-brained street ninjas are racist to the core in the most acceptable & virtuous way possible. They equate dark skin with altruism and having it means you are somehow constantly channeling MLK Jr., Harriet Tubman & Maya Angelou. Because, oppression gave them wisdom, magical powers, rhythm, soul, & authenticity. Nevermind O'bomb dropper's actual deeds, he did that Selma street walk reenactment just like a Real Civil Rights Activist. Did the last eight years even happen? Was it all a dream?

Le Way (not verified)
"If you control the past,

"If you control the past, you control the future. If you control the present, you control the past." Its a vicious cycle which centres on the fascist state's use of historical re-enactment and ritual repetition to calcify the human narrative within a narrow experiencial corridor of knowledge (herd). Fear corrals by instinctual reflex most effectively, the fascist's favourite tool.

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