International Anarchist Online Radio Broadcast: Voices of Anarchism

  • Posted on: 5 April 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Sunday, the 5th of April 2015 // 14:00 – 18:00 (CE)

On Sunday, the 5th of April 2015, the participants of the International Gathering of Anarchist Radios that is taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2-5 April), will do a 4 hour live radio broadcast that can be listen to through an online stream.

The broadcast will be done from Ljubljana based independent Radio Student. The broadcast will be multilingual, mainly with English language content, but also with parts in other languages.

You can tune in and listen to the broadcast through the links:

* Radio Student: Voices of Anarchism (
* Direct link to the live stream player (

There will be a range of topics covered during the broadcast. The participants from Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Italy, Germany and France will present their radio projects, the gathering itself and the activities of the anarchist, antiauthoritarian and wider social movements on the local level. They will talk about current issues such as the hunger strike in prisons and a struggle against the state and capital in Greece, police raids on social centers and repression in Spain, experiences with the Blockupy protests and mobilization against the G7 meeting in Germany etc. They will announce some of the future events of the international anarchist movement: bookfairs, protests, workshops and meetings. During the broadcast also people from other parts of Europe and the Americas that couldn’t attend the meeting itself will join us through the radio frequencies to share their ideas, proposals and informations. The broadcast is still in the preparation (mainly it will be prepared during the gathering) but you can expect interesting discussions and a lot of first-hand informations.

Help us spread the information about the online radio broadcast that will be done this Sunday. Please share this informations with your comrades and all those interested through your channels of communication!

If you want to share some of the informations through the broadcast on Sunday or ask or propose anything else, please contact us:

* E-mail: crnaluknja[at]

The process is opened, so feel free to join us!



This is a real anarchist radio project ya'll. One that is connected to anarchist projects and not pontiffs. Though we are faced with a different context than Europe, I'm sure North America could pull off something like this.

I think we need to discuss how repressed we really are, what our permanent groups do and how real our solidarity with each other really is. It is my hypothesis that American anarchists lack permanent group cohesion and have been destabilized by state intervention through the use of identity politics, surveillance, targeted repression, anti-rioting technologies, tactics and strategies. This is on top of the already commonly used consumerist propaganda and other mass media strategies that keep normal people, not driven to find others in opposition to the existing order like those that identify as anarchists and leftists, from finding strength.

John Zerzan calls for being an anti-leftist, that the post-left critique has not drawn definitive lines between the left and anarchist and that anarchists should position themselves against the left. However, over and over, Zerzan has shown leftist sympathies and leftist morality. You can't keep the crusade against the right going while also rejecting the left.

Is there a difference between right and left as mechanisms of the dominant order? One must consider that both the left and right are tools that aid the system in maintaining control for the benefit of the powerful. I feel we should end the crusade against the right, but also not hold a crusade against the left. As some have pointed out, a critical position is wanted.

However, let us be realistic. In our own context, in our neighborhoods, towns, cities, farms, cabins, campers, tents and other places we might consider *home* the left threatens us by manipulating crowds of people to accept concessions for passivity to the political benefit of the left. The right also has this behavior, but culturally there is a difference.

This difference is patriarchy. While the left does exhibit patriarchal familiar relations, there is a strong drive to find a way around it. They fail to defeat patriarchy because they compromise with patriarchal relations. The left still keeps inheritance, property and traditional family relations intact while negotiating hierarchy within the family and justifying property/slavery/pet/consumer relations for children. But the right takes the opposite route. They defend patriarchy, even seeking to restore religious, ethnic, national or citizen traditions within society.

This means that even though anarchists may reject the left, the right is no friend of anarchists. This also exposes that the anarchists reject the left as critics and competitors in America because they simply don't offer the same potential for violence that the right does. The left in America is centered almost exclusively in mass society institutions and small clusters of weak political institutions that are commonly walked all over by churches, corporations and governments.

The left compromises struggle with law enforcement by attempting to reform law enforcement. By attempting to fix or reform law enforcement, it aids in legitimatizing law enforcement because they are seen as something that is broken and can be fixed rather than as an institution of control that must be destroyed. The right has no qualms in backing law enforcement to quash social movements simply because it aids them politically and weakens the left politically, but also because law enforcement creates order, which is more important to the right. If the right is revolutionary, it is because a new order must be enforced or restored, not because the right opposes order. The right sees no need for social welfare institutions for this reason.

Religion's typical hallmark is helping those in poverty. To the right, the government should yield mass society to religious control. A good citizen is a religious citizen that gives to charity, thus taxes for social welfare harm the role of religion and remove religion from one of their greatest propaganda tools.

The right in America is more powerful than the left. This is a complete turn from the 70s revolutionary era. Propaganda from the right and the incorporation of libertarian values into the right has absorbed a far stronger status quo centered on corporate power first. The libertarian right supports religious freedom, so even atheists who criticize religion from the libertarian right are criticizing as part of an uneasy but close relationship. The libertarian right fights to be seen as good citizens even though their libertarian values are clearly seen as signs of corruption on what constitutes a good citizen. This battle is winning and is seen in our mass media. But it is a friendly battle, one played out in magazines, on television, by comedians and priests, in blogs and on the internet.

It is this battle, between the libertarian right and the fundamentalist right, which we see all the time while the left is more often shunted off to the side, seen as an intelligent though ineffective moral voice more than a valid position in the American system.

For this reason, I must disagree with Zerzan. The left in America is not worth our time in many respects. But at the same time anarchists still *come from the left* and until anarchists start coming more from somewhere else, we can't afford a crusade against the left. To be anti-left will continue to confuse those new to anarchist identity when they come from the left. To be anti-left means either to find a new route to anarchist identity or to maintain this constant relationship as the fundamentalist and libertarian right has, of criticism and counter criticism, but never really splitting as the debate is not is never over.

I can sympathize, as I didn't come to anarchy as a leftist. But at the same time, through interacting with the left, I found reason to adopt many similar values to get along. While before I was just seeking out ways to gather fellow vandals into a crew after being uprooted from my old neighborhood, I found just to communicate on my hunt I either had to adopt some leftist values or be put at a distance. Anarchists aren't the type of people to be put out of the game of rebellion, but it is our mobility that forces us to compromise with the left.

The American family is commonly uprooted, more so than most any other people. Social mobility is an American value, so leaving behind old neighborhoods are encouraged. Staying tied to the land has no bearing for the American working class. There might be some vague defense against gentrification, but most of the time gentrification wins because the area wasn't really worth defending anyway. It was where the poor were moved to at one time, so moving them again, and again, and again is no real problem. There is no strong claim to ancestry in a spatial way, no hard feelings of a people that is part of the land.

Only the property owning classes who weren't tricked out of their land can hold this feeling, though in the more alienated condition of property and property inheritance. Rather than see property as part of a habitat, it is something that can become good or bad and if it becomes bad, it can be disposed of and new property can be found. Perhaps what anarchists need is a rebellion of the propertied classes against resource extraction and see what happens? This would certainly undermine the Marxist roots within the left as well as the anti-fascist crusade if we had to consider more popular methods of unity to overthrow patriarchy, property and inheritance.

TLDR- Dont say ya'll. It's condescending and comes off as fake. But yea, where's your radio station?

In fact, the proper spelling is y'all. I like it when I hear folks say it--it puts me at ease, as it's sort of a class marker. But yeah, I don't need any northern white folks who don't know how to spell it saying it to "connect with" me or whatever.

It isn't any more condescending to say y'all than it is to tell people not to say something that is common parlance.

"There is no strong claim to ancestry in a spatial way, no hard feelings of a people that is part of the land." YEs and no. The White supremacists are heavy into fake ancestry claims about this place being theirs.

Right... Left... Meh, they're both equally eating in the hands of high caste capitalist patriarchs like Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates who are way above those silly political paradigms. THese are our ultimate enemies, way more than those puppets and facades. And they are even more uprooted than the rest of the people, only making the planet as their place, with secondary residences and yatchs all over the globe.

A rebellion of the propertied class against resource extraction wut? You mean like radicalizing the British Royal family... whoa! Can you be that much a nutjob?

1. In Russia, there is no strong left opposition. Party Zyuganov - racist.
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Attend to that in the Nogai steppe (where are Neftekumsk and South Sukhokumsk) descendants of Russian colonialists (who Bole than indigenous Nogai) becomes smaller than Dargins
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Fascists from Russia sometimes like evrosoyusche power in the United States, a fascist Alexei Navalny in 2008 proposed to close the Chechens and Ingush in the ghetto

3. Let us promote the idea. Seychs almost everywhere in the world the state gives a person 100% set of civil rights upon reaching a certain age. It is necessary to demolish the medieval anachronism. The rights should be tied to the level of development and scholarship

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Озаботились что в ногайской степи (где и находятся Нефтекумск и Южно-Сухокумск) потомков русских колонизаторов (которых боле чем коренных ногайцев) становится меньше, чем даргинцев
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4.По имеющейся информации на территории Санкт-Пeтербурга,Брянской области принято антиконституционное постановление (далее АкП), согласно которому в ночное время запрещается находиться на улице лицам до 18(!) лет. Это противоречит основному Закону России - Конституции, статье 27 о свободе передвижения. Кроме того: 1. Согласно действующему законодательству люди имеют право начинать трудовую деятельность с 14 лет, иметь сексуальные отношения с 16 лет, пользоваться общественным транспортом с 7 лет. При детальном рассмотрении видим, что: - Закон не запрещает подработку частным образом, таким, как например помощь в сантехнических работах или в настройке компьютерного оборудования. АкП мешает реализации постоянной трудовой деятельности или подработке, так как возможно возвращение в место жительства с подработки в любое время суток - АкП мешает сексуальной и личной жизни граждан, так как законом не регламентируется, в какое время следует совершать акты интимной близости, акты близости допускается совершать в любое время в любом жилище, соответственно, не может регламентироваться время возвращения со свиданий - Граждане имеют право пользоваться общественным транспортом задолго до 18 летнего возраста, соответственно, АкП мешает возвращению в место жительства от остановок транспорта. А если поезд дальнего следования прибывает в город проживания гражданина в ночное время? 2. Многие граждане вынуждены помогать престарелым родственникам, для чего перемещаются по городу 3. Иногородние граждане часто возвращаются в ночное время в общежития в города учёбы из родных населённых пунктов 4. У граждан формируется негативный образ полицейских и Государства в целом (чревато тем, что молодёжь в знак протеста может пойти в экстремистские сообщества) 5. Дискриминация способствует росту психических заболеваний, обостряет социальные проблемы, может служить фактором депрессий преступлений и самоубийств 6. Гражданин не обязан носить с собой часы, иметь часы, и уметь пользоваться часами. Так что это грубое нарушение национального и международного. 7. Кроме того это нарушение принятого Российской Федерацией Международного пакта о гражданских и политических правах - статей пакта 2,7,9,10,12,17 (так как с 16 лет люди имеют право на личную жизнь),18,21,22,26 Просьба распространять, писать в организацию объединённых наций, в суд по правам человека, президенту России, в прокуратуру России, в следственный комитет России g

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