International text call: anarcho-syndicalism and intersectionality

  • Posted on: 27 December 2017
  • By: thecollective


To all anarchists who read these lines,

If anarcho-syndicalism has your interest, you are invited to send us before March 15th 2018 a text of one page (two pages maximum) elaborating your anarcho-syndicalist perspectives on the fight against discrimination and on the intersectional struggles that affect women, racialized, migrants, LGBTQ, disabled, indigenous people, etc. We strongly encourage people who are discriminated to write a text.

The formula is very open. You don’t have to be an expert in this field. Your text can be a personal testimony, a personal reflection, an historical perspective on the scale of your area or the world, an editorial, a poem, etc. We are also open to texts that do not relate directly to the suggested theme. For example, you can talk about anarcho-syndicalist perspectives on gentrification and class struggle in general. On the other hand, we will keep the freedom not to publish the texts which correspond to a form of oppression / exploitation (like anarcho-capitalism, nationalism, racism, social democracy, marxism-leninism , etc.).

We encourage you to write so that your text is accessible to a large anarchist public, since our goal is popular education and theoretical development for all. Since we wish to operate in a bilingual manner, we will translate as much as possible the texts received before February 15th 2018.

This theme aims to highlight the practices and struggles of anarcho-syndicalists today to get rid of a certain image and cliché that we might have, that of a movement of white heterosexuals settlers men. Is it possible to focus on the struggles of the working class on an anarchist anti-oppressive basis today? How do you integrate the emancipation of oppressed groups in the struggles of the popular movements and more particularly in the anarcho-syndicalist struggles / groups? Can we develop a revolutionary anarcho-syndicalist perspective in specific struggles?

All the received texts will be published on Internet (and printed as much as possible) around April 2018 in a notebook of reflection on our blog. This will act as a common basis for participants in a discussion day called « Forum on Anarcho-Syndicalism » to be held at the beginning of May 2018 at the DIRA anarchist library in the territory of Tio’Tia:Ke (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) under the theme of the perspectives of anarcho-syndicalist struggles against discrimination and oppression (more information to come on this subject).

You can send your text to before March 15th 2018 and before February 15th 2018, if you wish to have the chance to get it translated in the other language.



I'm too busy leafletting the coal-stokers at my soon to be democratically self-managed local zeppelin factory as a part of Ye Olde IWW, where the past has never looked brighter!

Now if only the National Labor Relations Board will guarantee our right to stay there...

I dunno file a complaint to the Invisible Committee of the Party, bro.

Not me. I've never even been to UC Santa Cuz, let alone gotten a doctorate in weenie-hood there.

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