Interview and Documents from FBI Raid Show Feds are Targeting Anarchists

  • Posted on: 28 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Mercury blog</a>

<p>The first interview with any of the Portlanders who were <a href=" grand jury subpoenas as FBI agents searched their homes</a> on Wednesday, July 25, shines some light on what authorities may be hoping to achieve with the raids. </p>
<p>Dennison Williams was in bed at his house on NE 8th Avenue on Wednesday morning when he heard a bang and someone shout, "FBI!" Then came a loud crash, which turned out to be agents breaking down his front door, and Williams heard a bang and a saw a flash of light&#8212;the agents throwing flash grenades. Williams started yelling from his bed that he was upstairs and unarmed. </p>
<p>"I was scared," he said. "The police in this town have a history of shooting people, I was worried they would accidentally shoot me." </p></td><td><img title="Accident?" src=""></td></tr></...
<p>According to Williams, FBI officers entered his room with assault rifles and kept them aimed at him while they handcuffed him. They put him in a chair for about 30 minutes while they searched his house. Williams says there were about 15 FBI officers in the house, plus one Portland police officer on the street outside. According to the property receipt Williams received from the officers, the feds seized several items, including his computer, phone, hard-drive, two thumb drives, and various clothes (including black jeans, black t-shirt, and a black bandana). They then served him a subpoena to appear at a grand jury in Seattle next Thursday, August 2nd. </p>
<p>Williams is not sure exactly what the grand jury is meeting about, but that likely they want to ask him about other people. The FBI has said only that the raids are part of an ongoing "violent crime" investigation. </p>
<p>"It's related to political opposition, it's related to political dissent," says Williams. "They're trying to create a wedge within people who are resistors... They're specifically pursuing anarchists." </p>
<p>The FBI search warrant states that they are looking to seize items which may be evidence regarding the crimes of <strong>conspiracy to destroy government property, interstate travel with intent to riot</strong>, and conspiracy to travel interstate with intent to riot. Those items include: Clothing and related items work during commission of offenses; paint; sticks and flags similar to those used or carried during the commission of the offenses, and material for making flags; anti-government or anarchist literature, documentation or communications related to the offenses, flares, computers or electronic storage media of any kind. </p>
<p>On July 10th, Seattle police officers staged a similar raid on the house of <a href=" Occupy Mayday protesters in Seattle</a>. On the day Williams' house and two other houses in Portland were searched, the FBI served grand jury subpoenas to people in Olympia and Seattle, as well. Williams was not sure how many people were served subpoenas, but thinks it is somewhere around seven people, and says he "will not cooperate" with the grand jury. Anyone who refuses to testify when subpoenaed can potentially face jail time.</p>
<p>Political supporters calling themselves the "Committee Against Political Repression" have already set up a website to post information about the case and take donations to the legal fund: <a href="">NoPoliticalRepression.wordp.... There, they've posted a "solidarity statement" from numerous activist groups condemning the "series of coordinated raids."</p>


GVMINT DUDE 1: hey larry, who should we target today, using our nearly unlimited array of monies and resources?
GVMINT DUDE 2: well bill, maybe we should go after those who hate everything we stand for and who have openly vowed to destroy us!
GVMINT DUDE 1: jihadists? damn, we do them everyday...i'm up to my nose in going after jihadists.
GVMINT DUDE 2: no silly goose! I'm talking about anarchists, you know the ones who recently had a major upswell of popular support?
GVMINT DUDE 1: anarchists? isn't that a little retro...I mean my grandpa used to go after those guys in the olden days
GVMINT DUDE 2: no, these guys are back with a vengeance and they smell even worse now than they did in 1907!
GVMINT DUDE 1: oh I remember now... the best part about them is how surprised and indignant they act when we mess with them
GVMINT DUDE 2: yeah it's like "dude you just swore over the whole internet to destroy us, with dark magic if need be, like what do you want me to do, give you a box of crackerjacks?"
GVMINT DUDE 1: yeah ok, I'll go start up the white van...



^best @news troll ever

So if I have a bunch of zines laying around the house, they can be used against me as material evidence in "CONSPIRACY TO RIOT"?


They're building pretty solid cases against us based solely on internet trolling.

Ask yourself, how often have you joked about -

1. dead cops
2. bombings
3. bombing cops to death
4. making bombs from sufficiently decomposed dead cops
5. viciously assaulting helpless newspaper boxes

this is true. even reposting greek riots or protests, who hasnt done that.

fbi doesnt care if your a troll or not. this is why i took down my fb

Seriously, I think back to some of the shit that came out of my mouth back 12 years ago.

Also, we need to realize how bad it is when we are talking about straight up prison time for words.

I did a workshop with some rad folks from ontario about this.
A bunch of the conspiracy charges from the toronto G20 were recordings or transcripts from what was basically a little party, people drinking and joking around.

Stuff like *I'm going to burn 10 cop cars!* *Oh yeah? I'll burn 20!* etc

only an idiot makes jokes like that.

You can make bombs from sufficiently decomposed cops? I never saw that on Youtube, so you should be lying...

Yes, and this isn't new.

Two recent examples, and by no means are they the only ones; the RNC 8 had massive amounts of trolling in their discovery, and do I need to go on? Because I can if you want.

Lest I be misunderstood: this is not an argument to not have anarchist literature in your house. This is an argument to revolt.

Did you see person A carrying these items?

I don't remember.

You don't remember what?


You only need those two answers. Or if you're feeling brave just say you 'listen to hardcore music, everyone wears black, it's actually pretty patriotic'.

Talking to grand juries at all is a horrible idea, and perjury is a federal felony that will get you more time than contempt. Not worth it. You are actually safer with total refusal, and it helps with rumor control and inspiring others too.

Sorry, didn't mean to give bad advice. I was thinking they would pretty much be forced to testify, so they should just say they don't remember to any questions. Like the joke from The Wire. What are the outcomes of refusing trial or saying nothing at all in the trial?

Grand juries aren't trials.

how he know dat? he watch TV law and order shows.

Gata know dat. Mental Mentaligy. err1 know dat.

It's true that grand juries aren't trials, but that isn't a very helpful answer in and of itself. Grand juries are investigative bodies that are used to gather evidence to indict people for (charge people with) crimes; they hand down indictments and are also often used to gather intelligence for the government.

You don't get the same rights in a grand jury that you would get in a criminal trial; you aren't allowed to have a lawyer present, they can ask you anything they want, and if they impose immunity on you you aren't allowed to plead the Fifth Amendment, which isn't really a right to remain silent, it's a right against self-incrimination. If you continue to refuse to testify after that, you can be held in civil contempt of court, which is a coercive measure where they can hold you for up to the life of the grand jury (up to 18 months in the federal system) to try to get you to talk; they excuse this lack of due process by saying that you can get out anytime if you talk. There are still legal challenges that you can do to get yourself out after that, and many people in the past have found that strong support campaigns have made it too much of a pain in the ass for the government to continue harassing people, and have been let out early (or had their grand juries canceled entirely) as a result.

Grand juries are designed to force people to testify, but really they can't force you to do anything; the power always lies with you. Many people have resisted grand juries, gone to jail or not, and lived to tell the tale.

Here is a good resource about grand juries; it's a collection of essays and the formatting is a little weird on this site, but you can skip back and forth on the right. The piece that the link goes to, the one below it and "Harrassment by a Federal Grand Jury" are particularly useful.

--not a lawyer, but I probably ought to be


OMG! Pant!Perjury is a federal offence that would???,,,OH NO! Gasp! You mean I can be locked away for years for a simple lie? OH NO! What about a white lie? Surely saying you didn't actually see the shotgun being discharged, OOH GOD, it was fuckin dark, sure Jimmy had the,,,,OOH MYYY GOD, Jimmy discharged the ,,,,shotgun in the snitches face,,,,OMG NOOO I'm a witness they're coming to get me, OOHH NOO NOOO, they're goin to wack me good uuurrrgh sob! But I didn't actually see it, my pulse is like a vibrator, OH NO, ,,but they can't look through my eyes, please please PLEASE IM SHAKING NERVES oh shit, were there security cameras there,, nooowait, it was in the toilet cubicle,,,OOH NNOOO SSHIT the FBI are perverts with toilet cubicle camera tapes, NO NO NO ,,,,wait, GASP! I DIDNT SEE A FUCKING THING I WAS GIVING HEAD IN THE ADJACENT CUBICLEI'm going to the everglades with a crossbow, say it again, I DIDNT SEE AFUCKING THING WAS GIVING HEAD NEXT DOOR,,,everglades, shotguns,,OOHH NOO, FBI alligator drones with IEDs, NOO NNOOO, SoB, AArrGGhh,,Id rather be torn to pieces by an alligator than be a fucking snitch,,,OOHH NNOOO,,,quicksand,, aarghh, sob,,,

What the fuck is wrong with you? Go sober up somewhere else.

You know what us Anarchists do when they start to target us?

WE TARGET THEM! Duh! hahahahahahaha...

Few thoughts.

I hope our comrades in Tampa really have their shit together and are ready for whatever may come their way.

I would be interested to know how many longish term prison sentences say between 1-5 years were handed out at the height of the 60s/70s movements.

I would assume they can define a riot as pretty much anything that involes a group of people doing something illegal. If they can set a precedent for that than they can pretty much just arrest anyone for anything.

I hope it gets better.

It doesn't get better until we make it better.

Why such a delayed response from the Feds? Were they waiting for the popularity of Occupy to die down and give way to the spectacle of the Olympics?

Well thanks to the swell Obama admin passing the NDAA, they need no reason or law to detain you infinitely. ( I know you most of you guys are against reason and law, but I am not.) They can accuse you of bizarre things, confiscate your pink scarves, blue beanies, and black jeans and send you to the Siberian ice-fields for being less harmless than your average science industry Phd who never got laid in high school.

-Solidarity to the NW, from an occasional theoretical anarchist in Boston

so many trolls, well done worker.

I am more into the pix that are in the articles on anorchistnews. Hilarious! Where do they find these pictures!!! HAHAHAHA! A squirrel with a Plastic head on hahahahaha!!!! all these pictures are fantastic!!! Especially that dude standing on a bridge with all the colorful orb things around him a couple articles down. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! The F.B.I. is actually basketball jersey wearing vegan straightedge tuff guy Earth Crisis. The real anarchists should do more than sit around and be a cybergoth chit chattin about solidarity. Git da ferk out there and up da punnnkkkkksssssss

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