Interview with Mad Mike (the Wonder Dog)

  • Posted on: 20 March 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Anarchist and arsonist prisoner Miguel Balderos (Mad Mike) talks about his life and the Revolution. Content can be found here

Hey there- (A) here. How about we start this interview by you giving a little bit of background about yourself? Where are you from, what kind of cool stuff are you interested in, what kind of music and art are you into, are there any noteworthy events from your childhood, etc…?
How was it that you became pulled toward revolutionary thoughts and actions? Do you have any specific political ideology/worldview that you generally adhere to?
I understand that you were a homeless rights activist; can you talk about that experience?
What’s the reason for your incarceration, and how long have you been in? How much longer is your sentence?
What’s the day-to-day routine for you like in your prison? What’s the labor system in there like?
Are there fellow inmates of yours who are doing anything to better/resist prison conditions? If so, what?
Thanks for the interview, and is there anything else you want to say to me and the world wide web?
(Mad Mike)
I was born and partially raised on the South-side of Chicago and New York City (until I turned 17 years old then I joined the U.S. Navy as a gunnersmate missle tech). My family was very poor mainly because of my silly ass because I burnt down our first house that my father had just bought and had paid for in cash with no insurance when I was 5 years old. That cause a lot of problems for us and we ended up living in the Projects the notorious Cabrini Green on the West side and notorious Wallgreen Building on the South side of Chicago right in the middle of Black Stone Ranger turf-where I had no choice but to join at the age of 14 (or die.) A lot of shit happened while was a teenager living in the ghetto. I had to carry a gun with me everywhere I went and often had to shoot my way to school back until finally I had enough of that stupid shit and dropped out of high school. I can’t elaborate what I did when I was a stupid gang banger but lets just say that I was the gang’s main gunman mainly because I didn’t panic under fire and my aim was true… They called me The Scientist- mainly because I was into a lot of science and things and I was very smart and knew how to make crazy shit, like pipe bombs etc…
I am totally into all kinds of music- mainly rock and roll since I was old enough to crawl. But I love classical music, jazz, old school (mowtown stuff), punk rock, like Fear, Dead Kennedys etc, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, metallica, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd etc etc ACDC, also some Death Metal, like Six Feet Under and all sorts of heavy metal. I have a very eclectic taste in music. I even like some rap but I can’t stand some of the misogynist shit and the Nigger this, nigger that-shit its so stupid and crazy- it is part of the reason why young black men are killing each other worse than the KKK ever did!
When I was 12 years old, my mother had a Black Panther Party boyfriend who taught me all about the Revolution etc. While the other kids were playing cowboys and Indians, I was learning about Che, Mao, Uncle Ho, Zapata, and other revolutionaries. *May he rest in peace, he’s my mentor! We used to keep most of the party’s weapons underneath my bed and they taught me how to shoot and clean guns etc. I also use to burn down a lot of shit mainly just for shits and giggles…. (I was a firebug at an early age, Pyromaniac) In my life time I’ve must have caused millions of dollars in Damage to shit. … I am not bragging just stating facts of which I can’t elaborate. I’ve also shot people, I was not a nice kid, I used to be a punk ass thug and I am not proud of it. (In fact, I hate fucking gangs now and gang bangers; they killed two of my nephews in Chicago and Milwaukee. Fuck a banger! When the Revolution Comes, we will line them all up against a wall with the fascist and the Skinheads ……)
Anyway, I became enlightened about Revolution and had been basically a sleeper revolutionary while I was in the military. I ended up going AWOL from the Navy in 1980 when Ronald Reagan became president and I traveled all around the world, to places like Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy, Australia and other places… I’ve been around the world 3 ½ times and have sailed on private yachts around the south China seas and have had soo many women in my life, I must have kids from just about every race somewhere in the world, I was such a slut… But I digress. I KNEW the truth about the world all my life and I’ve tried in vain to wake people up as I traveled and wandered around life and people. But I was also and alcoholic and a junkie and a supersonic shit bird; I kept getting into trouble with the law. My first prison sentence was for armed robbery in Switzerland where I was on the lam from the military. I ranned into some Baader Meinhof gang members there and in Germany and in India (long story) aka Red Army Faction and Brigada Rosa (Red Brigade) I am not a nihilist or a Trotskite or a Maoist or anything like that, although I’ve been accused of being so I joined the Communist Party USA but got kicked out for being too radical and violent (they accused me of being an anarchist, ha, ha, ha) I believe that everyone has a right to do whatever they want to do with their body and their life and no one should be able to tell them what they can and cannot do, especially not some fucking government, king, queer or whoever. I believe in Self-Determination and autonomy and freedom.
I love to live out in the forest and mountains and deserts and sail on the ocean when I can be free– this is what got me into trouble with the pseudo-progressive liberals and new age Fascist in Santa Cruz, california. They believe that being houseless is a crime. If you are poor and/or homeless, they all just want you to die and get out of the way. You have no right to sleep in peace out on the streets or anywhere-according to them. They have effectively made sleep a crime in satan cruz. Since 1993, when I got out of prison in california for the first time I have been at a state of war with those assholes in santa Cruz. Whenever they fuck with the poor and the houseless, I would fuck with them right back and retaliate with Direct Action! I’ve caused a lot of Damage to their silly asses in more ways than one and not limited to just vandalizing police cars etc. I’ve caused big time Damage to their property and their way of life- which I cannot elaborate. But this is why they call me Damage Incorporated® ; I’ve earned that name and I am not through with my mission. They have won a major battle with me being locked up for 10 years, 8 months for arson of the City Attorney’s office at City Hall, but the fucking war is still on!!!! I use to protest and hold forums and meetings and participate in civil debate etc, but that shit got neither me nor the few so-called political activists, like HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom) and others satisfaction or results. The nazi assholes at city hall and the downtown association mall Merchants and Private Property owners of million dollar houses and landlords who are the clowns at city hall’s masters. They still, to this very day, are oppressing and repressing the poor and the homeless in Santa Cruz and elsewhere in California, like fucking Carmel where a fucking dog has more rights and privileges than a homeless man or woman. They can sit in an upscale restaurant , a homeless man cannot. Period!
They have wildlife sanctuaries and wilderness where animals can be left the fuck alone in peace but if you are poor and have nowhere to live, you cannot sleep anywhere, not even in the forest with the animals. They will send the nazi stormtroopers, the Police, to search and destroy your campsite and destroy your tents and sleeping bag, even in the middle of winter and in the rain. They don’t give a fuck whether you live or die, in fact they are directly responsible for killing the homeless-directly with MURDER and indirectly by forcing the homeless to camp way out in the back fortys where they are in danger of getting attacked by roaming bands of punk ass thugs called Troll Busters (mall merchant and police officers sons and other nazis and skinheads) or attacked by wild boar and mountain lions. Women have been raped brutally because way out there in the forest off the beaten path where you are forced to camp, no one can hear you scream for help…. Some have died from hypothermia and medical problems because they are too far away from town to get help. Thanks to these fuckwads. They have made the houseless basket cases- most of the homeless suffer from some sort of mental health problems brought on by chronic lack of sleep and from being shell shocked all the time because they are constantly being fucked with by fucking ‘Enforcer class': the pigs. Who only serve and protect the rich, the mall merchants and the private property owners, and no one else. This is why I fight the good fight against tyranny and oppression and capitalist exploitation. This is why they’ve made me into an *insurrectionist anarchist arsonist! Coup de tat! Gimmie a bomb, a molotov! Masterbate, and Smash the Fascist police state, Mates! It’s right to riot! When people are (all) asleep, we must (all) become alarm clocks life is my college – Dead Kennedys Jello Biafra). You gotta all stand up for something or you are all going to fall for any fucking thing that these nazi asshole force upon you. It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. They may get me today, but they are coming for you tomorrow all of you. You’re next! So fight the good fight and join the revolution because if you don’t they will kill you and send you to the ovens!
*This is what the police in Santa Cruz call me.
I have 2 ½ years left to do on my sentence-unless, I get some more time taken off my sentence this year, then I could get out of prison this year because they are kicking out a lot of us scumbags early to ease over-crowding they are ordered by the Feds to do it now who have had enough of their stonewalling and bullshit. Because they had us all packed in here like cordwood a few years ago stuck in places like the gym where we all had to live like animals in beds that were stack three bunks high- just barely enough room to get your ass in. You couldn’t even sit up! It was that bad. Also, inmates were dying like flies because of the horrible lack of medical care they had been not getting. They’ve shipped a lot of California inmates to other prisons across the United States, like Arizona, Mississippi etc private prisons and, they just keep on stacking mother fuckers in these human warehouses, “slaveships of time”, I call them. But things are slowly starting to get a little bit better- that’s because the Feds are stepping in to Force these asswipes to get with a more humane program. If they reduce the people who have to do 80% of their sentence to 50%, like me, the, Yahoo! I’ll be outta here soon, like June or July, so I hear from rumor Control. Anyway, 2 ½ years ain’t shit for me. I could do all of this time in solitary confinement if I had to so long as they still will allow me to have by books, typewriter and let me finish College. Fuck ‘em all in the necks and feed ‘em refried skunk shit. It could be worse; I could be in a Mexican prison where I would have to fight every day to keep my food and to keep me from getting raped by the booty bandits. My day-to-day routine in prison starts with brushing what few teeth I have left shit, shave, shower, pray, then chow and then get my skittles (psych-meds) then I spend every waking moment of the day studying and doing college courses and reading revolutionary shit, like the zines my comrades are sending me, and books like the Red Army Faction and writing my comrades, like you back and trying hard to stay out of trouble with Gestapo here and wake some of the brain dead inmates up. Most of them all just want to be entertained-this is why all they do is watch fucking TV all fucking day and night (I would rather read all days and study) they have no life… They don’t want to be enlightened or informed and gain wisdom and knowledge, they are wasting their time doing nothing rather having time do them. “I do time, I don’t let time do me”. I am getting prepared for when I get out of this shit hole gulag. I am getting ready for the fucking Revolution! : I advise everyone I come in contact with to do the same. Because what did the monkey said before he cut off his tail? … “Won’t be long, now!”
The shit is getting ready to hit the motherfucking proverbial fan, mate. There are going to be a lot of people totally unprepared and they will all be covered with shit and they will either end up in some concentration camp, that the government is building out in the desert and elsewhere or they will die. The Government is getting ready as I write this letter to you. They KNOW that Revolution is coming! They know that the shitty Little Chickens are all coming home to roost! What are you doing to get yourself and your loved ones and family and comrades ready? If I finally finish the Agent Orange Manifesto while I am in this place, I will tell you all what you ALL can do and why and when to do it. I figure that between 9 to 14 more months the shit will start-especially once Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities, or they drop an atomic bomb on them and wipe a lot of them out- like they promise that they will do. Time is rapidly running out. WE MUST GET READY TO ROCK AND ROLL! What we do in the next few years will determine the fate of all humankind. We will all become extinct if we don’t get this shit right and extinction is forever! Long Live The Revolution!



laughing out loud at "Uncle Ho"

Wow... I'm such a lazy ass wanker who always did little more than 1/4 of what he desires. I think I'd be a good comical relief for this guy. Or maybe a really bad depressant.

separate from the solidarity we must practice for this man, let's do better than spouting the bromides of antiblack victim-blaming. i mean really, our analysis is stillborn the moment we start blaming a few individuals with record deals (mostly exploited to the hilt by the studios) and stop looking for systemic causes and solutions.

others have explained why better than i could, but honestly you have to have a really fucked up perspective on a racial group to compare them in their entirety to the KKK. to put it nicely.

What, the gang banger hostility? Dude gives a lot of context for why he's hostile.

fwiw fellow worker, mad Mike is black-Latino-Cherokee. Also, anarchosyndicalism is the only pure anarchy.

"I believe that everyone has a right to do whatever they want to do with their body and their life and no one should be able to tell them what they can and cannot do, especially not some fucking government, king, queer or whoever."

" I could be in a Mexican prison where I would have to fight every day to keep my food and to keep me from getting raped by the booty bandits."

Miguel "Mad Mike" Balderos is such a bad ass. It isn't easy laying on the homophobia thick. You all picked a real winner with this one.

Is this a thinly-veiled accusation of homophobia? Wtf... now guys are forced should be positive about being ass-raped in jail or else that's homophobic?

I gotta have misread that sentence.

Has lost any concrete meaning at this point the way the usual suspects use the term.


Rape is rape, no matter who does it, and on which gender. There's lotsa rape among gay men, a lot between men and women, adults and children, and even between women. None of it is any more acceptable just be cause of the minority or "oppressed" status of the perpetrators.

Yeah but you know... identity politics...

I agree, I think we should all use the word "Booty Bandits" as a code word for homosexuals.
I'm glad everyone commenting on here learned about prisons by watching prison movies.

Nobody here said anything about pointing the finger at homosexuals for being more rapists than heteros. Even though there's a real case of sexually aggressive behavior among gay men in the mainstream gay communities, and that there IS a rampant problem of gay rape in prisons, none of this justifies generalizations on homo-oriented people.

...and yeah "PLEASE DON'T GENERALIZE", you fool.

Its a documented fact that even dolphins commit rape. Its not entirely a human tendency.

Way to go with the naturalist logic fallacies in order to make rape more acceptable.

"Yeah, uh... I raped that girl, so what? Dolphins do it!!!"

The "queer" thing is CLEARLY the result of someone mistyping "queen." If you had read the sentence before getting mad on the internet about it, you would have figured that out.

Why does the original website where it was posted also say "queer" ? That's a major mistyping of the word "queen."

Because it's mistyped on the original site. Look at the context: "especially not some fucking government, king, queer or whoever." "Queer" makes zero sense there, but "queen" does. How is mistyping one letter a "major mistyping?"

I actually thought the typo was funny... No matter how I respect the radical queers, this works as sarcasm on the hordes of liberal queer imperialists who like to impose their saucage while wearing trousers. Phalloracy is morphologically interchangeable.

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