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Colectivo Subversión on Protest in Colombia and Global Battles for Dignity

This week on the show we are pleased to present an interview with María Kamila, who is a teacher and a popular journalist who works with the anarchist Colombian journalism and counter-information collective in Bogotá called Subversión. We originally reached out to talk about the current wave of protests and riots in Colombia, and this interview covers many topics, ranging from a historical contextualization of the current moment, who are on the front lines of the protests, Indigenous solidarity with anarchist accomplices via the Minga – which is a pre-colonial term for collaboration, meeting or communal action – , and many more topics.

Listen Here.

Much thanks to our comrades at Radio Kurruf, doing anarchist media in the Biobío bio-region of so-called Chile in occupied Wallmapu, for putting us into touch with Subversión.

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Instagram: @subversion_cc
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Further reading and research topics:

[00:20:00] min Mention of">Carlos Pizarro Leongómez of 19th April Movement, assassinated Guerrillero
[00:24:00] minutes Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla Barrera who was forced to resign
[00:28:00] minutes Guarda de Cauca, an ongoing struggle of Indigenous people fighting for land sovereignty
[00:40:00] minutes: Minga (or Minka), Indigenous, pre-colonial term for collaboration, meeting or communal action

Good articles in English:

“Colombia Has Lost It’s Fear” by CrimethInc (2021-10-5)
“National Strike in Colombia” by AMW (2021-10-17)
“Instead We Became Millions” by CrimethInc (2021-10-20)

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