Introducing Anarchy Bang Episode 41 – Social vs Antisocial Anarchism

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What is antisocial anarchism? Perhaps the better question is whether there should be a hard line drawn between social and antisocial anarchism. Is the difference just one of different goals? Is it just about Stirner? We assume most anarchists are social but what does that mean in the era of social media being comprised of everyone equally alone in darkened bedrooms and sad lives. This week we’ll discuss the goals of the antisocial, a bit about scale, and how technology has put its foot right into our daily lives and that absolutely means right in our desire to fuck shit up. What to do?

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Stirner was never about fucking shit up. He was about detaching oneself from the collective belief system and its institutions.

I'd have to agree that Aragorn should stop with the fish sex already #dontbangthefishes

you're mixing up people and memes

Derrick Jensen is the person known as the salmon fucker

no, it's about an unoriginal dull troll's bored heckles late on a friday night. don't you have channer highschoolers that will laugh at your jokes?

Stirner was also an edgy pioneer at ice cream parlors!

That's because Stirner's critique was asocial, looking from the outside of social institutions and not within any retaliatory binary framework. One could say that he was designing an asocial individual psychological independence from central authoritarian belief systems.
Escaping the social or anti-social were his interests.

Doesn't it just repeat, to a lesser extent, representative democracy? I have to side with, yes, I'm social within a band of others where I can represent myself face-to-face and those dynamics mean stuff can get done or left as it was. A small interdependent band of people is probably the healthiest in my opinion so it isn't anti-social anarchism as such.

Yeah its not anti-social and at the same time its not total collective uniformity to cosmic or State authority and their spooks.

the thing with language, it can mean many things to diff peeps in diff contexts, yada yada:

then you get distinctions like you can be against anarchism and for anarchy or vice-versa

against society, but you are still a sociable being who socializes, or vice-versa

some might say that they're pro a diff society, but against this one
or want anarchy to assert their individuality or to make possible the existence of their pet idea of society

i like anarchists in their orientation to questioning and challenging the existent, the active tension that's prominent in their lives, whether they do it together or by themselves, and me liking them makes me want to be with them or among them or counted among them. the beginning for me is not the label or any categorical prescription

different opinions around a topic, or sides in a conflict can be labeled in a manichean fashion after the fact

Flowerbombs rant is relevant to the critique of organized identity structures like nationality, identity and socialist/communist/capitalist masse movements.

Sorry, I thought this was the TOTW solidarity thread, it's very relevant for this topic, though not necessarily the best piece by Flower Bomb.
There's also that other piece by that other pseudonym the something something "no to your red revolution" that had an alternate title or something.

Its about heteronormatives being the new anarchists, and the gay revolutionaries being *doesn't finish sentence*

In the broadest sense, its global marketing and international media identity { IdPol } versus regional individual self-relience and uniqueness. You can still find and hold onto that stuff in a backyard, behind closed doors, or in the multifaceted inner imaginations and ideas of the mind with critical thought and humor. We are saved Now!

should we do a tally?

I identify as a deeply antisocial, reluctantly social anarchist!

aka the "cantankerous ancom": perks include interacting with other politically engaged people in real life, instead of through a screen and also this is obviously the major downside too...

i don't identify.
as a young spectator, around 3-5yo i used to identify with "the good guy" in movies.
i used to ask my parents "is that the good guy? cuz i'm the good guy"
now much older and much less naive, i don't identify with anything, yet it all often seems like a spectacle so far removed from my sphere of influence.
if i'm reunited with people, it seems at most all i can get is a half-way interesting conversation about the spectacle we're subjected to and marginally participate in behind the scenes each day.

remind me what does a "politically engaged people in real life" do so i don't have to put much effort into remembering or googling it. jk (avocado pit) i've done some sutff but it's all so few and far apart. how often and in a row and habitual does it have to be to count as engaged?

Imma 10year old anarchist who identifies with the young anti-hero Brandon Beyer in the movie Brightburn.


nice jab. not accurate tho.

i never watched that movie, it's supposed to be really lame. but what a psycho, twist, demented, and scary concept huh?
a simple reversal, but the timing it was made into a movie speaks of the era

i'm more like a cuddly Eeyore if ur up for humiliating comparisons

Urgh Imma gonna smash that furry fluffy flying puppy serpent thing in The Neverending Story against a cliff face at super sonic speed and all the goody-goody X-tian feelgood sheeple riding on its back!!

Serious though, anarchy needs freethinkers with Brandon Beyer type powers to succeed in fighting corruption. What did Superman ever do except protect capital, bourgeois values and the State, and all politicians were portrayed as honest and magnanimous!


Superman fought slumlords, racketeers, union-busters, and punched Hitler! Read a book sometime -- preferably one with pictures!


… sorry I asked, as usual?

Maybe start by identifying with something besides meaninglessness? Or don't. Whatevs.

lol oh come on! i only jumped in first in line to answer cuz it was you.
i promise i won't answer that particular question with that particular answer ever again.
there are funner questions to answer!

what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
what's your favorite season of the year?
how often do you wash your bedsheets? wait.....what?
I mean, many shooting stars have you ever seen?

This was my serious take:

But then others were shitposting! They started it!!! MOOOOOOOM!!

I appreciate the role of cantankerous ancoms, as well vantablack carbon nanotube metamarial colored self-style anarchists, as well as other denominational hyphenated and non-denominational adjective-less anarchists.
we'll all hold and hands and backstab each other with love and care and anarchy.
i dunno.

ok, so this blooper happened cuz i hit send, but then paused the browser when i noticed a typo ("metamarial") and then hit send again. but then both got sent, oh well. you can delete this one, my bad.

This was my serious take:

But then others were shitposting! They started it!!! MOOOOOOOM!!

I appreciate the role of cantankerous ancoms, as well vantablack carbon nanotube metamaterial colored self-style anarchists, as well as other denominational hyphenated and non-denominational adjective-less anarchists.
we'll all hold and hands and backstab each other with love and care and anarchy.
i dunno.

I'm late to this but I would repeat what someone else said that asocietal would be a better term to use then anti-social. Stirner could could socialize(all be it silently as the spooked would speak) but he was obviously societally detached. Anarchism isn't really meant to be a social form which is what society is. Social functionality is fine.

you peeps seem to be confusing antisocial with asocial and asocial lack a desire to participate in y'alls silliness.

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