Introducing Episode 42 – Anarchism and the Occult

This week we are going to discuss the relationship between Anarchism and the Occult. What is the Occult? Especially in the context of anarchism. We’ll discuss the recent book on anarchism and the occult. If things go well we’ll discuss spiritual practice prior to the Enlightenment and what will happen when the center no longer holds and we live beyond measure. Hopefully this week there will be special guests and it’ll be the spookiest episode yet!

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Oh well, at least its been made clear here, if I want to get into anarchism and kick the establishments ass and give them maximum opposition, follow Stirner and gain his fearful energy and power.

The "establishment" is just a gang like another. Or a loose network of gangs, who've consolidated a lot of power and wealth for themselves. But this society's filled with gangs of all sorts, mostly of those who're always looking for more power and privilege. It's potentially your own gang, if you're into one. Revolution is also often used to cover up for some people's thin moral fabric (or lack thereof), just like militancy. The problem's not as much their lack of morality than their pretense at having this objectified, depersonalized, projected one.

I think they are talking about my new book, which they can't actually link to because I wrote it under a different name. And on that note, here are some words for Gods and Radicals who stopped distributing and printing my book, just like AK Press did to Bob Black. Basically AK Press supports dams and the death of salmon with all the taxes they pay to California.

Read my AMA here:

- Dr. Bones

Yeah...what is “the occult”?

merely all non/pre-christian beliefs?

ghost, demons, spirits, “the paranormal”?

what is everything?

"The Occult" became a spiritual based binary alternative opposing X-tianity by grasping Manichaean clichès and adopting practices predominately being the inversion of X-tian moral values. Upside down crosses, lecherous old perverts, sadistic psychopaths gravitate towards the occult.
Dr Bones, Crowley and other inverted X-tian ideologues have a big following amongst nasty bitter old women and men clinging to someone to worship and enslave themselves to.

The "occult" is seldom accompanied semantically with "science". It is both non-Christian and also pre-modern science, that include even alchemy. It is a study of gaining knowledge and perhaps even some mastery of the order that is hidden to our basic physical senses, or in more contemporary terms a science of trans-dimensional insight and agency. Let's keep in mind that the being see as the avatar/spiritual guide of Aleister Crowley was very similar to what UFOlogists call "Greys". Or the "demons", or the "djin". These so-called "sky gods" exist but they are mostly beyond our realm, to a point where their occasional manifestation are not relevant to our daily businesses. But they do intersect with our realm on some level... which one, and at what level... this is the hidden part. The occult also involves getting into contact with these supra-human entities.

The Stirnerian Knights have exiled the occult world and contained it within their Nomadic Spook Condenser Accumulators, which they have concealed in the desert wildernesses, and will unleash them upon the population if it seeks any eschatological legacy to persist!!

yeah, i heard the audio of conference she gave at LSE.
so yeah, bakunin and who else were a bunch of misogynist masons... something something witch hunts federici...something something patriarchal secret societies establishing modern disciplinary society appropriating female “witchcraft” and turning it into science or modern medicine, locking up the crazies...and uh...then ouija boards, tarot decks hot topic aesthetics somehow ? spooky

I can presume that the Western Left would benefit from a supermassive new flux of creative and subversive energy if it would go left hand path instead of just constituting, literally or from the distance, the Left side of some Elizabethan legislative assembly. Dunno, tho, if the contemporary leftists would be into this... but maybe the zoomer wingnutty lefties are leaning in that direction. Would be quite an interesting development!

no u

lol just do your egoist church idea already

This is 100%.

Is the occult Kevin Tucker (you know that domineering cheatin' dude addicted to technology) who claims the owls have warned him of danger!!! Hahahahaha They didn't warn him of his impending doomed marriage and his addiction to the screen; should have looked out the window Kev, the owls were there perched on a tree but, alas, you were too busy staring into the screen telling others to get off their screens. You couldn't make this stuff up, so it could be of the occult, right?

And he comes from a wealthy family! Who knew!

So I see similar problems with this that you get with a word like "pagan".

Over a long time, a lot of wildly different shit has all been jammed in to this one bag by a framing that was originally extremely hostile. Like, isn't "the occult" basically just a catch-all term for a bunch of LARPing by disenfranchised white people? As they rediscovered spiritual teachings and practices that were a lot more complex than christianity? Because christianity (monotheism in general) is objectively pretty dumb? Like, the kindergarten level colouring book of beliefs systems?



SOT I'm not taking Lewank's side, but one must acknowledge the total war and slaughter that the Abrahamic religions are responsible for over the previous thousands of years, and that they are an occult force of significant global presence.


Maybe you're not taking his side but you do seen to be letting him skew your perception of what I said? When did I say they weren't a force for destruction? Hmm?

All I said was that the mythology is one of the least interesting ones on the market haha

Mostly it's all just hackneyed plagiarism from earlier stories. A lot seems to be borrowed from Zoroastrianism and Egyptian mythology blah blah blah look it up if you don't already know.

U mean like the Japanese, Romans, Akkadians and Ancient Greeks did not commit mass slaughters, while not being form "Abrahamic" backgrounds?

Gotta rewrite that History thing so that it suits my antisemite agenda, quick!

The Japanese, Romans, Akkadians and Ancient Greeks did not have such a dominant socio-religious occult institution in their mostly amoral societies, compared to the strict Abrahamic system. Certainly the Manichaean dichotomy influenced the early Semitic guilt, priesthood hierarchy and evil filth to emerge.

Lol ancient japan was "amoral"? We can see the rough edges of your pedantic bullshit. Get it together slackertroll!

I dunno in which part you're reading things I didn't write but you do are reading things I didn't write. First off, both ancient and more modern Japan is a very moral society, and then, yes, they're also responsible for several massacres not just limited to the Nanking massacre, which jsyk, still had 0% to do with any "Abrahamic faith".

Ahh yes, ancient japan, so amoral. No shame or guilt in sight, no cult of the emperor, no abrahamic filth like filial piety, just amoral people living in the moment.

You're confusing ethics with morals. You obviously haven't seen the medieval porn that existed legally in ancient Japan, stuff which was called witchcraft by the Catholics and for what women were burnt at the stake for as witches. The Japanese were predominantly sensuous and ethical, not moral and righteous.

That's just like, your opinion man...

"they had porn, which means they were ethical and sensuous"

I expected a weak answer but this is laughable

I'd rather Backdoor Babes of Nagasaki than the Abrahamic nuclear bombing of Hiroshima!!

A militaristic chain of command (strict hierarchy of obedient, disciplined combatants) is what allows for massacres, not some specific beliefs originating from some priest who lived thousands of years ago. Often, this chain of command becomes interwoven with religion or becomes its spine.

If you don't support LeWank, perhaps stop giving weight to his bullshit about Abrahamic faiths? This is an anarchist site, not an antisemitic site.

Yeah. A big piece of the puzzle clicked for me when I stopped allowing Christianity to loom so large in its presumed influences.

It's actually pretty new and pretty dumb. Only our relative position in the narrative of European history makes it seem like such a big deal because we're emerging from its era of hegemony. Grand scheme of things, it's just a wet fart noise of old fashioned authoritarian mind fuckery. Like I say, BORING!!!

So then you're a Abrahamic apologist, and since Hitler was very Christian and a vegan, you don't think he loomed large in the 20TH century? I can't work out your tendencies, the closest I can figure out is 60's Hippy/Jesus-freak, which do have a small niche carved out for them in the Bookchinist-esque social-anarchist category. Maybe too many acid-viagra cocktails. Sad ;(

You can't "work out" my tendencies because you're so far behind, you think you're first ;)

I think what you mean is, from my subjective perspective, is I'm so far ahead that I am last. ;)

just keep making up crazy bullshit that I didn't say and then arguing with yourself. Suppose it passes the time so ... Whatever. Have fun!

Hitler's 1000 years Reich ideal was to abolish Christianity and bring back a revival of old Nordic, German, and Vedic/Buddist spiritualism, as there was a claimed connection between those.

Thule Society? Vril? Yes, that was all officially mandated by the NSDAP.

Hitler was as much a Christian as Trump. As long as the ROC helped its regime, Nazi Germany would tolerate an "Aryan" version of Christianity, for a while.

Also I just forgot that detail... Quit spreading bullshit and lies in here.

The Abrahamic missionaries were the vanguard of the colonialist invaders and brought about the greatest death by slaughter, disease, famine and slavery upon the non-merchantile societies of the world in its entire history.

Just a hair's distance away from the point where you start whining about them Jews having oppressed the Germanic White race for centuries, then how it's time to free ourselves from their clutches.

The proto-Abrahamic Sumerians were the first people to make currency and introduced the abacus calculating device for computing interest rates on loans and debts.


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