Introducing a little Anoki

  • Posted on: 28 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Anoki</a>

Anoki, Anok Wiki, is now officially open for <strike>editing</strike> lulz. Started over an entire week ago, it was created as a reference for anarchist culture, and (mostly) to amuse ourselves. Read about your favorite anarchist celebrities, websites, or the infamous <a href="">Black Bloc Society</a>! Write articles on the shittiest memes of our cultural ghetto!

The wiki is still growing, and <s>(so far) has very little moderation</s> I suck cocks. If you want to write something on it, you can write it. If you think something is shit, <s>you can delete it</s> too fucking bad. New accounts technically must be approved, but they all are, and you don't have to have an account to edit (though it is important you use Tor and/or log into an account if you do edit, since edits made without an account have the edit publicly attributed to the IP).</td><td><img title="There is nothing good about this" src=""></td></tr></...


you really are sucking at html today worker

public account:
usename: dandies
password: FdYDuLj6J7xF8hSgCxmy

Who you callin dandy?

everyone who uses the public account, clearly

yeah well ... I'm dandier than half those posers

I guess that makes you an average dandy

Nu-uh, it's one notch about average! Who taught you math?!

STFU Yanky-doodle!

Archie is such a fucking manarchist. You can totally tell by the he's got Betty and Veronica around his finger. Probably some sort snitch entrapment deal. Fuck you Archie!!! Jughead was the true anarcho of Riverdale!

True, but it's much harder to fit "Jughead" into an "Anarchy" pun.



I miss PNAB more and more every day...

1. Go to a streaming porn website.
2. Have someone read Baudrillard to you, skipping every other sentence so it is more confusing.
3. Talk about how the black bloc is cool.
4. Look at posters.

Or just read Terra Incognita and pretend it is named PNAB.

Man, TI is written in a totally different style. Less references, more meticulous, somewhat more simplistic, but maybe more grounded.

But yeah, I guess they're both insurrectionish. Sort of.

PNAB #1 = Terra Incognita.

"We want this, do you?"

Plus alta fuoco or whatever who is credited with designing vortex is the name of PNAB. Go back like four years when was actually getting commented on and you can figure it all out.


Yall didn't know IEF + CWC were the same all along? Man, yall just showing up.

I love this song before I read this, now I only love this.

what song is that? hahahahahha

Dead Prez - Police State

This song reeks sheepish submission. Full of the "State is Almighty, submit, prole!"

Immortal Technique rulez!

It seems like the editorial notes so far would do better as discussions (the button with speech balloons).


"- An archist is an egoist who is so seriously badass that they scoff at anarchism."

why didn't i know about this before...

Given the tendency of U.S. anarchists online to gravitate to the trolliest websites available, how long until Anoki is our primary source of news?


When anarcho- memes are found in public restrooms at hipster taco joints...that's also when will surface

The shared bathroom of the complex housing Cosmic Cantina has a doodle of a kitten wearing a balaclava drawn on the ceiling.

All hail anoki? ALL HAIL ANOKI

you useless mother fuckers don't even have a random article link...what kind of internetz to you have over there?

Anyone else notice what the top hits are when you google Anoki?
Presumably you fuckers haven't paid off google for the top spot, but check it out!

Indian restaurants, textile manufacturers, and graphic design companies?

Google bases its searches on previous searches and cookies. It's intended to make the search more "personalized" but it ends up just being yet another creepy feature where you're reminded that Google probably knows you better than your friends and family. I find myself reminded of a story (bear with me):
Target (the store, not the place we're going to attack next [not that they couldn't be one in the same]) uses the store frequent buyer account thing (or whatever the fuck it is they always ask you if you have when you buy shit) to personalize ads for their customers. Based on what you've been buying, it uses statistical extrapolation to guess what you're going to buy in the future, and they send you coupons and shit for that, so you're more likely to buy it at Target than a competitor. Well using that system, Target began sending coupons for things like baby cribs, bottles, diapers, etc. to one girl. Problem was, she was still in high school, and Daddy was pretty fucking pissed when he started getting mail implying that his precious little girl had been knocked up. So he calls up Target and lets them have it. A few weeks later, the president of Target calls him back to personally apologize, and that they were looking into how such an egregious mistake could have been made. The father then sheepishly apologizes to the man on the phone, informing him that they just learned that his daughter is, in fact, recently pregnant.

And that's actually a true story.

... that doesn't explain why the top hit for me was this gay artist who does animal-themed porn

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